From Here to Love

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Chapter 3 - Warrior


“Alright, we need your help. There are still one-hundred dragons left. They have been hiding in caves from the very beginning. They have been hunted, killed, and made to fear - not something they are used to,” Alec said, a sad look on his face. “We haven’t seen this enemy in centuries and are not sure why we are now. This enemy affects everyone. We are all going to be under attack. We’ve killed some, but they are hard to kill. It’s as if someone has taken over their minds and put in an order to kill everyone except witches.”

“Has this enemy always been an enemy of your people?” I heard Sonny ask the warrior, catching the warrior’s attention and causing him to frown.

“A very good question, Royal Alpha King.” The warrior bowed his head to Sonny. “But, no, they have never been this way. We were once friends and protected them from harm. It’s why it’s so confusing to us.”

I nodded my head, noticing every one of my family was nodding, too. “They’ve been spelled. What is this enemy?”

Summers POV

I watched as Alec swallowed. “They are known as giants or a pain in our ass.”

I laughed at his description of the giants. “Hmm, sounds like someone I know. Oh, right. Myself.”

“Who else have they attacked other than the dragons?” I heard Blaine ask as he turned in his seat and laid his forearms on the table.

“The dragon, but they have started to attack the vampyres, too. It won’t be long until they move on to the werewolves. Can you now see why we need your help?” He paused. “This doesn’t just affect us but every supernatural creature there are, well, except for those evil witches.”

“Yeah, we just fought those evil bitches and their creation of monsters. But, I know we will be happy to help you. I just need to protect my people from harm,” Sonny confessed as he looked at Kat.

“I can help with all of our people. I will be happy to help. I was wondering why I had this new power. Yay! I get to kick ass again,” Kat happily said, a big grin covering her face as the rest of us laughed at her expression.

“When do you need us and where? We can teleport anywhere as long as we can see through your mind of the place you want us to stay. I just need to let my Delta know to take my place for now,” Sonny said as he laid his face in his palm.

“No. You need to get your kingdom back in order. When we need help you can teleport to us.” I nailed him with a look of ‘get your shit straight first’.

“She’s not wrong, mate. We haven’t put everything back together. We’ve been too busy and we can teleport to them when they need help. You know how powerful your family is, plus, they have the little ones. Who knows what powers they possess,” Kat told Sonny as she smirked at my children, knowing exactly where they were. I said it was because they went completely stealthy.

Sonny sighed. “Okay. Just call us when you need us, okay?”

I nodded my head and looked at Alec. “Sorry, we kind of steam rolled right over you. But, when we help we go overboard. We can’t stand to see someone in danger.”

“No problem, Alpha Summer. I’m happy you want to help. The dragons have set up a cave for you. The cave has everything you will need to be comfortable. There is a huge training cave, kitchens, bedrooms with bathrooms, nice living area and weapons. Anything else you will need can be provided.”

I laughed and teleported a chicken sandwich from Wendy’s in my hand. “I don’t think we will need anything else. We can teleport what we need, but thank you, Alec. When do you need us?”

He sighed. “Now?”

I heard Kat and Blaine say, ’Well, we better get busy.” I looked at both of them and snorted.

“I need to get things in order so our Beta can take over for now. I’m going to see if Joel will help him out, too.” Blaine looked at Kat. “I take it you are going to put an extremely potent protection circle around our pack?”

“Oh yes, an extremely potent spell. I will need to do the same for every pack, but I can do that from here.” We all gaped at her. “What? I told you I have some freaky powers. Blame your son, or better yet your mother, Alpha Summer.” I laughed along with her, knowing her words were true. My mother did give out some freaky powers, powers we needed. I nodded and finished up my coffee.

“There’s plenty of more food if you are still hungry, Alec. You need to try Marylyn’s desserts. I swear she makes them just for me to gain weight.” I shook my head at my thoughts as Marylyn walked over and handed each of a piece of blueberry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream. “See, more weight from these delicious treats.”

My mates finished their desserts quickly and stood up, nodding their head to me. I knew they were going to get things in order. “So, am I going with you?” Marlyn asked, a sly grin on her face.

“Uh, no. I need you to help Joel with the pack. We need all the help we can get while we are gone, okay?” I explained as her face fell.

“Well, damn,” she said, a small smile on her face. “Just let me know if you need help. You know my son has been blessed by the Moon Goddess and helped in our last battle, okay?”

I nodded as she walked away. I must have missed something while I was in dreamland. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, cleaning it instantly, and causing Alec to jerk in his seat. “Wow. I’m really curious about what else you can do.” I decided to change clothes to my warrior clothes. I wanted to mess with him a little. All my weapons showed up in the respective spots on my chest or hips.

I laughed at his face and ate the rest of my dessert, seriously wanting to lick the bowl clean. I looked over at Alec, noticing he was licking his bowl clean. Yay! I won’t freak anyone out licking mine clean, too.

I heard Alec laugh as I shrugged my shoulders. “Told you her desserts were great. I wasn’t going to lick my bowl clean but I saw you do it, giving me permission to follow.”

“I like you. I was worried you wouldn’t know what and who I was and would try to kill me. I don’t like a lot of people but your family is lovely. Thank you for all your help, Alpha Summer,” Alec confessed, bowing to me.

I raised him up from the ground. “Get up, Alec. I don’t like it when people bow to me. I’m just me and I’m not used to all this bowing shit.”

As Alec stood he started laughing. He grabbed his gut and let out a hearty laugh, wiping a few tears from his eyes. “I thought you would be this stuck up bitch who always got her way. I am so happy you are a great person with a wicked sense of humor. You’re down to earth, not at all what I expected.”

The whole dining hall broke out in laughter as one of our warrior’s stood up. “She can’t stand when people bow to her.” He paused. “And, she can be a bitch but it’s only when someone tries to kill her. Just wait for all her witty and sarcastic comebacks, then you will see her true personality.” My warrior bowed with his fist over his chest and sat back down.

“I like you even more. Your warriors respect you and seem to know you very well.” He looked confused for a moment. “But, who is your mate?”

“Both of the men who were sitting next to me. We are all Alpha’s over our pack. It makes us stronger than most packs.”

“You have two mates, mates that don’t seem to mind you being around an unmated male? I thought males were very protective over their mates, even more so if they are an Alpha,” Alec questioned, seemingly confused as to why my mates were lenient with me.

“They are very possessive, but they know I won’t give another man the time of day. If a man tries to turn my head from my mates then they find out my bark is worse than my mates could ever be,” I confessed as I smiled wickedly at him.

“She’s not lying to you. I’ve seen her put a blade across several Alpha’s throats who thought they had a right to change her mind. It wasn’t pretty,” Marylyn told Alec, her whole face lit up from the tales she wanted to talk about.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head at her. I looked over at Alec and motioned with my head for him to follow me. I watched as he stood up and whispered something to Marylyn, causing her to blush and walk away. I knew he told her that her mate was lucky to have a wonderful person such as her. He seemed as if he were a good guy and was kind to people, something I was all for.

We walked into my office, seeing Blaine and Zane explaining things to our Beta. Joel was standing off to the side, a kid on his hip. His littlest boy followed his daddy’s train of sight, looking at me and pinning me in my spot. I had seen eyes the same color of his. My mom had blessed Joel’s child with the gift of sight and knowledge. This little boy was a force to be reckoned with.

“Blaine, let the poor guy go. You have explained everything at least ten times. I think he’s got it, if not he will mind-link you, plus, you have everything written down. Sheesh, man,” I scolded Blaine, shaking my head and motioning with my head for Alec to take a seat on the couch as I took a seat in one of the chairs.

Blaine threw his hands in the air. “Okay.” He looked at our Beta. “You may go but please remember everything I said, okay?” Our beta nodded and almost ran out of the door. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest as I tapped my foot on the floor.

“Do you have anything else to do or can we go help our new friends?” I paused and sighed. “Kids, you can come out of hiding. Don’t worry you are going with us.” All the kids showed up, Serenity with them.

“How?” Chase asked me.

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