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Chapter 30 - Treason & Worries

Dedicated to oddball, PenumbraMINE, Jo Jo Sprout, and N.Y.O.B. Thank you for the quick reads and the comments. Thank you for understand why I had to take a day off from writing for personal problems. Thank you again.


“Just to let you know, my mate was pure. She never liad within anyone before me. I saved myself for my mate and never touched any woman here or anywhere, so who’s the whore now?” I told them as they screamed in pain. I had to add the last part. I wanted them to know she was worthy of being my mate. I didn’t want my people to treat her any differently, but I knew I would have to have a meeting with everyone before the hatred went any further.

“Well, that was disgusting,” Blaine sarcastically commented, pulling me out of my mind.

Dracos POV

“Corinne, you have been a very naughty woman, haven’t you?” Blaine asked, my eyes catching his stone cold hard face. He wasn’t teasing her, he was being truthful. I knew they could read minds and it was something I was hoping it was something I could do soon.

I felt Sonny move and turned my body at an angle to see what was going on. I watched as Sonny titled his head to the side and smiled widely. I watched as Windy bled back into the darkness. I could still see her and what she was doing. She teleported behind Sonny, still in the shadows. “So, were you supposed to kill King Draco or his mate, Corrine?” Sonny asked as he looked down at her. I saw her hands reach into her pockets. She moved slowly but I was sure Sonny and Windy knew what she was doing.

“Looking for these?” I heard Windy ask her as she held up a blade and gun. Windy let the bullets drop from her hand and pocketed the blade.

“I wasn’t trying to kill anyone, that was for my protection!” Corrine yelled, a pissed off look on her face as she reached into her other pocket.

“What are these for?” I heard Sonny ask as my eyes widened. Everything she had on her was prohibited by us and she knew it. I wasn’t sure how I was staying calm but I was glad I was. “And, these, what are they for?”

Corrine’s face paled even more. She knew what she carried was a death sentence. I couldn’t understand why she hated Kaley so much. Kaley had done nothing to her and yet she still wanted to kill her.

I teleported my sword to me and stepped forward. “If I may, Royal King?” Sonny nodded and took a step back as Windy pulled her from the lasso. I looked at Corrine as she trembled, but she decided to have a backbone after a few seconds.

“Do you think you can kill me, little nephew?” She asked as she took a step closer. “You are too weak and so is your mate,” she whispered.

“Corrine, you have been sentenced to death for your crimes, Goddess have mercy on your soul,” I announced as the rest of the group looked on. “I’m glad you never found your mate. I would hate for him to feel what you have done.”

I took a step back and swung my sword, hearing someone tell me to swing low. As soon as my sword took off her head I knew why I had to swing low. Corrine had ducked, thinking I would swing high. I stabbed her in the heart and looked up at the rest of the group in the lasso.

I heard Conner, Dillion, Marko, and Sadie speak, but their lips weren’t moving. I realized I could hear every word they thought or spoke - even if it was in whispers. I could read Dillion and Marko minds.


They were wondering why they ever listened to Tess and Corrine. They were confused when she told them their Luna wasn’t the true Luna, but she was convincing. I looked at Sadie and Dillion, reading their hate filled minds. Sadie was happy Tess was dead. She thought she had a chance with me after they were dead. She was going to play off her part as she was brainwashed and Dillion was going to do the same.

I smiled at both Sadie and Dillion, a smirk appearing right after. “So, you were going to tell me you were brainwashed, huh? Oh, and, Sadie, I would never be with you. I have my mate, my true mate, and you aren’t her.” I turned to Dillion. “Hey, Cuz, tell me why you would do this to me. I’ve always been fair to you and your mom.”

“Because, I should be King not you! You had to call for help from the werewolves-”

“-And witches,” I added, a full blown smirk on my face.

Dillion roared at me. “Guys, hold your ears.” When they nodded I let loose my roar. The ground rumbled and the fool covered his head and stepped back. He couldn’t move. I quickly turned face towards the men, seeing a satisfied look on Blaine’s face. I was about to laugh when I heard a screech.

“I’m not afraid of you!” Sadie roared, spitting at my feet.

I saw her hands go to her pockets and quickly brought what was in hands in front of me, watching as Sadie gasped. “What do we have here? A gun with nastiness for bullets, a blade, another blade with nastiness on it and a bottle of nastiness.” I rolled my eyes at the stupid girl.

Her mate, Mako, spoke, “Dragon King, don’t worry about hurting me with her death.” He pointed at Sadie. “She broke our bond a few months ago. I knew she was doing something but not what she was doing. I’m very sorry I didn’t come to terms with my suspicions.”

I patted his back as he hung his head. I quickly read his mind, knowing everyone else was too. I could tell Ares was looking for any hidden spell. I pulled out of his mind slowly, remembering what Kaley said about giving the person a headache. All of us nodded our heads. “Don’t worry, Mako, I know you are true to your word, but your mate has to die.”

“I know, my King, and I don’t blame you for it,” I heard Mako say as he sighed and turned his back on his mate.

“You aren’t going to fight for me, Mako? What’s wrong with you?” Sadie yelled as loud as she could, her voice high pitched and obnoxious. I saw the werewolves with a wince on their face. It had to hurt their sensitive ears for them to wince, considering their facial expressions were stoic before.

“What’s wrong with me?” Mako scoffed. “What’s wrong with you. You were going to kill our Luna and make us all weak, all because you wanted to be something you aren’t, a true mate and Luna! I was happy you broke our bond. And, I’m even happier you are going to be put to death for your crimes. You should have been happy being with me, not trying to scheme your way into thinking you could be Luna, you idiotic bitch!” Mako walked off, shaking his head.

“To the death it is,” I said as I swung my blade, angling it at the last minute. Her head went one way and her heart another by the time I was done with her. “Anyone else have a death wish for our Luna?”

“Yeah, I want her and I want to be King, so you need to die,” Dillion spat as he reached towards his pocket, looking me in the eye.

I smirked and held up the items he had in his pocket before Windy got to them. “Looking for these?” I looked at them and noticed pure silver. “Hmm, I wonder what this bottle will do?”

Back up and please erect a barrier as soon as I throw this. Oops, grab the others too, please,” I mind-linked my new family. They gave a short nod as they teleported the others to us. “Three. Two. One,” I counted through the mind-link as I threw the bottle of silver and mercury. It hit Dillion with an explosion. His body parts went in every other direction as I stared on in shock and awe, but mostly horror. I looked up at the men, my mouth still age. I blinked my eyes stupidly and snapped my mouth closed.

“Did you know that.” He pointed at the body parts. “Would happen to him?” The King, Griffith, asked, a look of horror on his face.

I shook my head. “No, I had no idea it would happen. I’m just as shocked as you.” I looked at Marko and his eyes were wide with shock.

“Okay, we need to get everyone together again, Draco. We will figure out a way to keep you from looking at Kaley, but this is important to do before your ceremony. One of us will need to be by you at all times to keep you safe.

I shook my head again. “Uh, I can read minds now, as if I have done it all my life,” I told them through the mind-link. The look of awe and shock was on their faces for a half of a second.

When I turned back to the security room, wondering how the hell I was going to clean this mess up, my jaw dropped again. I quickly schooled my features and shook my head.

I turned back to my security team and looked at them. No one spoke up and I quickly read their minds. “Good. Now, listen up or we will be here all day. Your Luna will be able to give me heirs. Our Goddess and hers told us. She can fly with us. Our Goddess gave her a dragon.” I paused, letting the information sink in. “Yes, she’s still a werewolf and a witch, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is my true mate. Any questions?”

I pointed to one of the men when he raised his arm. “Are we going to be okay with everything that’s going on? We haven’t seen you in quite a while and worried you had forgotten us.”

“I’m sorry if you thought I wasn’t with you or even trying to fix this situation, but if you have a mate then you understand the need to be with them for a little bit. But, she will be taking up her Luna duties and meeting all of you.” The guy nodded his head, a small smile on his face. He was one of our elders and I knew he asked the question to show everyone I was indeed looking for a solution.

Something caught my attention on the security screen, something that surprised me to my toes. Askook looked over my shoulder and shuddered. It wasn’t something we saw everyday and we were in shock.

Askook asked, “Is that…”

A/N: I'm so mean to keep you hanging.

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