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Chapter 31 - Scared Little Girl

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I turned back to my security team and looked at them. No one spoke up and I quickly read their minds. “Good. Now, listen up or we will be here all day. Your Luna will be able to give me heirs. Our Goddess and hers told us. She can fly with us. Our Goddess gave her a dragon.” I paused, letting the information sink in. “Yes, she’s still a werewolf and a witch, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is my true mate. Any questions?”

I pointed to one of the men when he raised his arm. “Are we going to be okay with everything that’s going on? We haven’t seen you in quite a while and worried you had forgotten us.”

“I’m sorry if you thought I wasn’t with you or even trying to fix this situation, but if you have a mate then you understand the need to be with them for a little bit. But, she will be taking up her Luna duties and meeting all of you.” The guy nodded his head, a small smile on his face. He was one of our elders and I knew he asked the question to show everyone I was indeed looking for a solution.

Something caught my attention on the security screen, something that surprised me to my toes. Askook looked over my shoulder and shuddered. It wasn’t something we saw everyday and we were in shock.

Askook asked, “Is that…”

Askooks POV

There was a quick knock on my door. I walked over to my door and opened it as I adjusted my shirt. “Hey, what’s up, Blaine?”

“I need you to come with me. It’s very important and can’t wait,” Blaine stated as soon as the door opened. He grabbed a hold of my wrist and teleported us to the door of the security room where Draco was standing. He wasn’t moving and I realized he was trying to calm down for some reason.

I walked over to Drco and wrapped my arm around his big frame. His eyes were fuzzy and I thought he was sick for a second before I realized he was mind-linking with someone. I stepped back and looked at him before Blaine walked up to the door and opened it.

We all followed Blaine into the security room and I spaced out. I was wondering if Angel was doing okay and if she was still getting dressed. If momma Summer wasn’t with them I would have brought her to our room to dress in, but it wasn’t to be, plus I knew it what others would think. I didn’t think of her sexually, not yet. I was frustrated and cranky. I wanted Angel next to me. I wanted to protect her with all the craziness that was going on.

I tuned back in when Dillion screamed about him wanting to be King. What the hell was going on. Him King, I don’t think so. The kingdom would fall apart in a day. The fool only thought about women and his dick in women. He was disgusting. I wanted my mate and I was glad I was as pure as she was. I knew I would have to wait for her to mature, but it was killing me.

Draco;s roar sounded out through the castle, scaring the shit out of the security team - who I just realized was short a member. Corrine’s headless body was on the ground and Sadie was standing in front of Draco with fear in her eyes.


I missed a lot.

I noticed Sadie was screaming about Kaley not being a proper mate - whatever that meant. I looked at her mate and he was slightly cringing, but I was sure it was at her screechy tone of voice. He didn’t look upset about her wanting to be Draco’s mate. I knew Sadie was next to be gone, but I was surprised when Windy, the Royal Beta, and Griffith, the Royal King, was holding items and asking her about them. It didn’t take long for Sadie to be as dead as Corrine.

I looked up from the body and noticed Draco holding a bottle up and questioning Dillion about them. Dillion’s snarky replies were telling. He was scared of what was in the bottle. What could be so bad that he was scared? I was quickly teleported to Blaine’s side as were the rest of the security team. I was wondering what the hell was going on and what the hell did I miss as I stared at Sadie’s body.

I saw the werewolves throw their hand out right after Draco threw the bottle at Dillion, but I was shocked out of my stupor the second it hit him. It was if an explosion rocked through the security room. Pieces of Dillion were everywhere. I saw his hand, his spine, and his head to the left of me and chunks to the right of me. I knew my mouth was hanging open in disbelief. I noticed everyone else’s face was doing the same as mine, shock and horror, mouths agape and eyes wide.I schooled my features, noticing the rest of the men and Windy doing the same, but when I looked back over the room it was as clean as a whistle. Not one thing was out of place.

I heard Draco easing the fears of our people and my mind took a vacation again. I was always wondering what Angel would look like when she matured. I knew she would be beautiful. She was already beautiful, but I wouldn’t care if she was scared she would always be beautiful to me. I looked forward to seeing what she looked like, but I wasn’t going to push for her to grow up faster. She would grow at her own rate, plus, I would wait forever for her.

I heard a quiet gasp come from Draco. I knew it was something but when I looked at where he pointed, I quickly lost my breath. She was beautiful and men were walking around her and trying to get her attention.

I lost my breath once again. “Is that, Angel?” I asked, my heart pounding and my cock at attention more than it had ever been.

I quickly garnered the attention of her brother’s and dad’s. They walked over and gasped, pointing at the screen. “That’s Angel, our Angel!” Blaine exclaimed as he started to teleport.

“Stop!” The Royal King commanded as he turned his body towards Blaine. “Leave her. You can teleport Askook for her protection, but you can’t interfere with the mate bond. Do you get me? Do you feel what I’m saying?” I damn sure did. I was stuck between turning towards the door or facing a pissed off Blaine. Uh, easy decision ever. I quickly teleported to my mates’ side.


I pulled Angel into my arms and kissed her cheek, quickly looking at the other men, my face was the one I used when I had my Beta meetings and they knew to fuck off. I might have added a growl or two also, but they were thinking about kidnapping my mate and fucking her.

Not on my watch

“Why were you taking a walk, Angel?” I asked as I grabbed her hand and kissed her palm.

“I’m not sure.” She looked at me confused. “I kept hearing a voice telling me to go to the border. I’m scared, Askook.”

I didn’t question her being scared I could feel her body shaking from fright. I teleported to the living room, knowing the men would be in there. They all stopped talking when we appeared and they looked at Angel’s frightened face.

“What did you do to her?” I heard Blaine ask as the other men and Windy were walking up.

“I didn’t do anything! She’s scared, but not of me.” I frowned at the men, knowing they knew I would never hurt Angel.

“What are you afraid of, Angel? You are never scared,” Blaine asked my angel. Angel started crying, her face in my chest. It took her a while to calm down, but when she did she wiped off her tears and growled.

“I was walking with Constatine because we heard someone whispering to us. It was telling us to go to the border. He teleported to the border but I walked, hoping someone would help us. I tried to make him stay but he was gone so fast.” Traitorous tears were falling down her face as fast as she was wiping them off.

Angelelikis POV

I decided to go on a walk and Constantine joined me, but I was hearing whispers in the wind, leering me towards the border. “Constantine, do you hear our name in the winds?” I asked as I turned to look at him.

“Yeah,” was all he said as he walked faster.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him back to me, berating him about going to the border without knowing what was waiting for us. He was throwing a fit, wanting to go to the border to see what was going on. I didn’t want to listen to the whispers. And, I sure in the hell didn’t want him to leave me and be taken. I felt as if this was a trap. But, how in the fuck did they have enough power to call us without us breaking the spell?

I shook my head and threw every spell at my brother, trying to keep him by my side. I was hoping someone would see us out here, but I wasn’t sure if Askook would know it was me since I was a grown woman now. I started panicking. I was happy I was now grown to the age I should have been. My mind had always been way older than my little body. But, I couldn't enjoy my growth spurt as the moment. I felt as if I was losing something dear to me.

I was scared

A scared little girl

I went to pull my brother back to my side when he teleported away from me. He was so fast that I didn’t get a chance to hold him here beside me. I had a bunch of guys around me but I only wanted one. I didn’t want these children who can’t control their hormones.

I growled and spit at them, my wolf pissed they would try to grab me and try to take me with them. I had come-ons by so many of them. They wanted me to go with them to their home and have sex with them. I was disgusted and sick at my stomach from their nasty words and actions. If one more guy slapped my ass they were going to be hopping around and looking stupid at Easter.

I heard a huge growl and turned to see my mate chasing the un-mated dragons away. I collapsed against his chest. I was sobbing hard, soaking his shirt in the process. I was scared and I told him so. I had never been afraid in my life and I didn’t like it.

Askook pulled me to him and teleported to his living room. My whole family was there, well, except my mother, Kaley, and Hailey. I knew they couldn’t see their mates until they walked into the ceremonial hut.

I sobbed my heart out, trying to stop the traitorous tears from falling down my face. I knew I was probably scaring everyone, including my mate. I knew I looked a complete mess, but I didn’t care. My heart was hurting. My twin was gone and I didn’t know what was going on with him. I was afraid he was going to be sacrificed like others had. I didn’t know what I would do if I lost him. He was apart of me and we were tied together through our twin bond.

My dad asked me a question when I finally quit crying hard. He didn’t know Constantine had grown up too and why I was scared. I was never scared but this was scaring the shit out of me. I knew he was going to be scared when I told him what happened. I didn’t know what to do or how to help.

“Constantine and I were walking as we listened to whispers in the wind. They were calling us to the border.” I gulped and sniffed, trying to keep the tears away. “He teleported so fast I couldn’t get a hand on him before he left. I was hoping someone was watching us. I wanted someone to come save us.” I couldn’t say anything else because I started sobbing harder, my face in Askook’s stomach.

“It’s okay, Angel, we will get to the bottom of this or we will go to war. I know we have a ceremony tonight but I need to let your mom know what has happened. We also need to spell us against another compound. We will find him and make sure he comes back was me since I grew up as soon as I started panicking. I was happy I was now grown to the age I should have been. My mind had always been way older than my little body.

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