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Chapter 32 - Snap Back

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I heard a huge growl and turned to see my mate chasing the un-mated dragons away. I collapsed against his chest. I was sobbing hard, soaking his shirt in the process. I was scared and I told him so. I had never been afraid in my life and I didn’t like it.

Askook pulled me to him and teleported to his living room. My whole family was there, well, except my mother, Kaley, and Hailey. I knew they couldn’t see their mates until they walked into the ceremonial hut.

I sobbed my heart out, trying to stop the traitorous tears from falling down my face. I knew I was probably scaring everyone, including my mate. I knew I looked a complete mess, but I didn’t care. My heart was hurting. My twin was gone and I didn’t know what was going on with him. I was afraid he was going to be sacrificed like others had. I didn’t know what I would do if I lost him. He was apart of me and we were tied together through our twin bond.

Angels POV

My dad asked me a question when I finally quit crying hard. He didn’t know Constitine had grown up too and why I was scared. I was never scared, but this was scaring the shit out of me. I knew he was going to be scared when I told him what happened. I didn’t know what to do or how to help. “Constitine and I were walking as we listened to whispers in the wind. They were calling us to the border.” I gulped and sniffed, trying to keep the tears away. “He teleported so fast I couldn’t get a hand on him before he left. I was hoping someone was watching us. I wanted someone to come save us.” I couldn’t say anything else because I started sobbing harder, my face in Askook’s stomach.

“It’s okay, Angel, we will get to the bottom of this or we will go to war. I know we have a ceremony tonight but I need to let your mom know what has happened. We also need to spell us against another compound. We will find him and make sure he comes back home, okay?” My dad asked. I nodded my head, leaning against Askook’s stomach as he rubbed my shoulders.

“Wow, Angel, you are beautiful. You look like your grandmother when she was young. I’ll have to show you the pictures later,” my dad, Zane, told me. I nodded my head and smiled a little.

“Treat our daughter right, Askook, or you will answer to her mom,” my dad ordered as I shook my head at him, a growl slipping out before I could stop it.


I watched my dad shake his head and sit one the couch across from where we were standing. I knew my mom would freak as soon as she saw me, and I couldn’t wait to show her. I was very happy that Askook was taking my growth spurt in stride. I was happy I could be with him sooner. I knew he loved me. It was in the way he handled me, in the way he made sure I get plenty to eat and sleep, the loving way he kisses me on my forehead or head.

I watched as Sonny and Windy set up a dark screen for Kaley and Hailey. I felt bad they had to stop themselves from getting ready. I didn’t want to mess up anyone’s ceremony. I wanted my twin back and unharmed. I felt as if I was at fault somehow. Could I have stopped it if I would have tried to spell him, to tie him up, or to freeze him?

“You couldn’t have done any of those things to Constitine, Angel, he could have gotten out of anything you put on him. Only Sonny, the King, would have been able to stop him-” my mom told me before she was cut off.

“-I’m going to try and order him back through teleportation. I’m not sure if I can without looking at him but I should be able to do something. Have you tried to mind-link him, Angel?” Sonny asked me.

I shook my head and gasped. “No, I was too panicked. I’ll try really quick now,” I told him, feeling stupid for not thinking about the mind-link.

Constatine, can you hear me?” I asked, hoping he would answer me. I was praying to the Goddess’ to help him. I was scared he was lost to me forever.

Angel, help me. I think they are going to sacrifice me for my power. If they get my power they will wipe out every race and build back a bunch of cult like people,” he told me, his voice shaking.

“I’m going to hijack your mind-link with him, okay, Angel?” Sonny asked. I nodded and Sonny put his hands on my head, waiting on me to say something.

Constantine?” I hesitantly asked.

Yeah-” he said, but was cut off.

“-Teleport back to the living room of the dragons! Now!” Sonny boomed his order to my brother.

I,” was all he got out before he was back in the living room. He sank to his knees in front of me. I jumped off the couch and hugged him as he cried into my chest and shoulder. I didn’t care, he was my brother, my twin, and my partner in crime. I needed him to be okay. I was checking him all over and making sure they didn’t do anything to him. I knew Sonny, Windy, Ares, and me were going to have to check out his mind. We didn’t need him spelled. It would be as if a bomb went off if he was..

Sonny nodded his head at me and I sighed. I already had a headache from Sonny hijacking my mind. The more power used the more power the side effects would be. We entered his mind carefully. I didn’t want him to notice us to start with. If he was spelled to kill us it would trigger him to act. We checked his whole mind but didn’t see anything.

Let me,” I heard Ares say as I backed out slowly. Windy joined Ares and I wondered what they were looking for. We didn’t find anything when we searched before. But, I saw Windy shudder as she searched. She was furrowing her brows and I could hear her talking to Ares. Whatever they found they needed all the rest of us to help with.

My mom came around the corner of the dark screen and stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at Constantine and me. I was wondering when she would figure it out. She shook her head and walked over, laying her palms on Constatine’s head, the rest of my family and the dragon mates following.

I listened as my Ares explained where the spell was. He had us all surround the spell and go at it. I made sure everyone avoided the false god’s eyes and plugged our ears. This was going to be a fight to take the spell away, but we were ready and able to help my brother.

It was slow going but I found the part of the spell the old witch had put in his mind. I knew there was one in my mind too, but I didn’t let the old hag mess with me. I closed my ears and attacked her magic with my own, Sonny joining me. I knew if we were powerful enough the old bitch would die. I was counting on it. I wanted her out of the picture forever. I wasn’t cold blooded but I was angry. I made sure to get a check on my anger and treated the spell as if it was what it was, a mind bomb. The old bitch tried to pull out of the spell but I held onto her as tight as I could. It was as if we were playing tug-of-war. She would pull and Sonny and I would pull harder.

I attacked harder, Sonny doing the same. It felt as if a rubber band was about to snap. And, when it did it snapped back on her four times harder. I felt when she died and I knew Sonny did too. I could feel the spell in my mind leave when we broke Constatine’s spell the old hag had on him. I wanted to do a victory dance, but I knew we weren’t finished.

Sonny and I moved over to the spell the rest of them were fighting to break. I still had to help and I wanted to snap the spell back into the false god’s face. It would weaken him for a while, something I would love to see. I was sure my brother wouldn’t mind him being hurt either. We fought for a couple of hours. I could feel when my brother sagged into my lap. I knew it was taking a lot out of him too. I could tell he had been working on the spell himself.

I heard the false god scream ‘no!’ when the spell broke and snapped back on him full force. Everyone of us sank down on the ground, Kaley quickly teleporting food for us. I was starving and felt as if I had lost twenty pounds. It was hard work breaking both spells but we did it and I couldn’t be any happier. I knew Ares would check him out again after we ate.

I left my brother to sleep in my lap. I was tired enough to join him but I needed the energy - which is why I was guzzling two cokes before I ate. Askook was looking at me with an amused look on his face but he did the same thing I did, nodding his head as he did. I guess he figured out why I guzzled pure sugar and caffeine. I wanted to laugh at his actions but I was too tired.

“Okay,” my mom looked around. “Someone better tell me how my babies have grown in a span of hours?” She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot, making me want to roll my eyes.

“Mom, I told you we would within the month. Take it up with grandma,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. I laughed when a card fell down in front of my mom.

My mom read the card and sighed. “I guess I’m not allowed to complain or I will lose the baby I’m carrying now.”

“Baby? Try babies,” I quipped, not thinking of my words until after I said them. I scooted down, trying to hide my body under the table. It was hard to do when I had my brother in my lap.

“What?” My mom yelled as she narrowed her eyes on me. She had startled Constantine enough for him to wake up. I growled at my mom, again not realizing what I was doing. “Did you just growl at me?”

I shrugged my shoulder and narrowed my eyes. “You scared my brother enough for him to wake up, of course I did.”

“So, now you are older and you want to test me?” She asked as she crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes back on me.

A/N: Uh-oh, Angel is asserting herself and it's against her mom.

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