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Chapter 33 - Too Many Goddess'

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My mom read the card and sighed. “I guess I’m not allowed to complain or I will lose the baby I’m carrying now.”

“Baby? Try babies,” I quipped, not thinking of my words until after I said them. I scooted down, trying to hide my body under the table. It was hard to do when I had my brother in my lap.

“What?” My mom yelled as she narrowed her eyes on me. She had startled Constantine enough for him to wake up. I growled at my mom, again not realizing what I was doing. “Did you just growl at me?”

I shrugged my shoulder and narrowed my eyes. “You scared my brother enough for him to wake up, of course I did.”

“So, now you are older and you want to test me?” She asked as she crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes back on me.

Angels POV (for a bit)

“Yes, but I can do more than test you and you know it. I don’t want to fight. This is supposed to be a joyous occasion,” I explained as I shook my head at the stupidity of our fight.

I watched as my mom sat back on the couch and nodded her head. A smile graced her lips next and I didn’t understand her at times. Sometimes it was okay to test her and other times it wasn’t. She was as confusing as my sister Winter was. I didn’t understand either of them and I wasn’t going to try to.

My mom stood up and grabbed my hands, helping me to stand up too. She turned me around and smiled. “She looks like your grandmother when she was younger, Blaine.” My dad nodded his head and smiled. “You’re beautiful, Angel. And, Constantine is a mixture of your fathers.”

I hadn’t looked at myself yet and now I wanted to see a picture of my grandmother when she was younger. My dad, reading my mind, came over and showed me a photo he had in his wallet. I grabbed the picture and gasped. She was beautiful. She had long dark hair, perfect lips and a heart shaped face. There was no way I looked as beautiful as she did. I wasn’t sure what I looked like but I couldn’t look as perfect as she did.

My dad teleported a full length mirror to the living room and I walked over to it. I was curious about my looks. I wasn’t vain and I didn’t care what I looked like. I didn’t care if I was average.

And, it’s why our grandmother gave you an abundance of beauty. She knew you wouldn’t care one way or another. This was a gift to you and your grandmother on your dads’ side,” my wolf told me. I took a step and looked at myself in the mirror. I started at my feet and went up. When I got to my breasts I wanted to gasp and blush with embarrassment. I was larger than my mom and that’s saying something. I had to be a size double D. I looked at my face and gasped out loud. I looked almost exactly like the picture of my grandmother. The only difference was my eyes were ice blue and hers were blue.

“Is this mirror charmed or something?” I asked, not believing my grandmother had made me this beautiful. It was a good thing I wasn’t conceited or vain.

“No,” Askook shook his head. “You are this beautiful. But.” He paused. “I would have loved you no matter what you looked like, Angel.” I blushed and bit my lip, Askook’s eyes following my actions.

I walked over to him and hugged him, but it didn’t last long. “Can I see too,” Kaley asked me through our familia mind-link. I smiled softly at Askook and walked around the corner to see Kaley. ‘Wow’ she mouthed, knowing she couldn’t speak in front of Draco. I snickered and nodded my head, not believing everything myself.

“Hey, Askook, how many extra rooms do you have in your castle?” My mom asked, knowing the others couldn’t talk as well.

“Uh, enough for another two-hundred people, plus extra barracks outside. They have enough room for another thousand people. We also have room for tents, too,” I heard him answer as I walked back over to him and looked at my mom.

Can I bring over my people to help us with our little war?” My mom asked all three of the dragons in charge.

And, another thousand of my warrior’s?” I heard Sonny ask them. I saw all three of them nod their heads and smile. I knew it would take some of the worry from them. “Oh, and all the people have already been spelled for everything except our last encounter, but it can be done quickly.” I was wondering what happened earlier but I knew Askook would tell me evidently.

“Great! And thank you,” Askook answered. “Does anyone have the energy to spell us from mercury and silver?”

“What?” I asked as I looked at Askook. I guess this is the thing he wanted to tell me about later. I knew we all needed to be spelled for all of it. This false god and his people were experimenting with dangerous compounds and it scared me.

“I will, but someone will need to spell me too,” Sonny volunteered, a smile on his face. He knew it would take me and Constantine to do the spell, but I wasn’t sure if he was ready yet.

I squatted down and ran my fingers through his hair. I wanted to heal his heart and his psyche. He had never been unable to get away from anything and I knew he felt as if he was defective. “You can do this, brother. You are strong and you weren’t the only one spelled. My mind was spelled too and I couldn’t stop myself. If Askook hadn’t seen me I would have been with you and then we both would have been screwed. Come on, quit hanging your head and be that positive, butt-headed, prankster brother, and the strongest person other than Sonny,” I whispered as I hugged him and helped him up. He wanted to hang his head in shame but I wouldn’t let him. He was strong and he needed to believe it.

“Oh, good. I was afraid I would have to go with half of a spell if my strong brother hadn’t wanted to help,” Sonny said, a big smile on his face.

I took a good look at my brother and was surprised enough to gasp. He turned and looked at me with a scared look on his face. I shook my head at him and pulled him to the mirror. “Look.” He looked at himself and gasped. “There’s a mixture of our dads’. You are handsome and strong. You are more powerful than our parents and you know it, so kick yourself and help us, okay?”

“I’ll help. Thank you, Angel, you’ve helped me with my mind, healing everything within seconds. I was embarrassed because I couldn’t get out of anything.”

“But, we all help each other. We all depend on each other in some form or another. Don’t you remember?” I asked, knowing he would think about what I said. A big smile graced his face and he nodded his head, hugging the breath out of me. “C-can’t b-breath.” He let go of me and laughed.

He flexed his muscles and looked at Trace and Chase. “Looks as if I can give you two a run for your money.” We laughed and walked over to everyone.

We first spelled Sonny, wanting to help him with energy. He would need it to spell everyone around us and then the rest of the people who showed up. After we were done spelling him he spelled the rest of us, Windy and Ares helping him. It was a beautiful thing watching our family work together in everything we did. We were close and it showed. After we were all spelled we teleported everyone we wanted here, making sure to tell them about the fight to come. Sonny’s warriors and army were ready as was our pack. I was glad to hear about Marylyn coming to us. The only person who was staying at the pack was Joel and a few warrior’s. I knew he would be okay because of the spell but we could teleport him in seconds if something happened.

Askook and I were getting people situated in rooms, making sure Marylyn and Renee were in a room close to the kitchen. I was worried about Renee. Her mate had died suddenly and she had been losing a lot of weight. She was still a young woman and I hoped she could find someone who’s mate had died she liked.

The soldiers wanted to set up tents outside. It was their way and they weren’t used to barracks. They came loaded for bear and I wanted to laugh at Draco’s warriors’ faces. They had surprised looks on their faces. I guess they had never seen any wolf with a weapon other than claws.

“Do we have everyone in their rooms, barracks, bunkers, or in the castle?” Askook asked me as we were checking people in.

“Yep, all done. Finally," I answered, a tired smile on my face. We walked back in to see Dagon going crazy.

“What’s the matter, Dagon,” I asked as I looked at him sniffing around the kitchen, an angry look on his face.

“Why do I smell blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream? I can’t find the pie or the ice cream and it’s driving me crazy,” Dagon answered as he continued to sniff around and look in the cabinets.

I was about to answer him when Renee walked around the corner and stopped. “Am I interrupting anything?” She asked as she looked around, her eyes widening.

Drago moved over to her and sniffed her head. “Yum, you are what I was smelling, little mate.” He lifted her head to look into her eyes, his eyes dilating when he looked at her. Her smile fell off of her face and she ran.

“Give me a second with her. She recently lost her werewolf mate and I think she’s scared,” I said as I ran out the door, teleporting to her room before she got there. I sat on her bed and waited for her.

She ran into the room and locked the door, sinking to her knees. “Rough day?” I asked as she let out a loud screech and jumped up off the floor.

“Damnit, who are you and why are you in my room?” She asked, a scared look on her face.

I rolled my eyes and changed back into a baby, changing back quickly. “Does that answer your question?” I sarcastically asked as I crossed my arms over my chest. ’Now, why in the hell did you make my brother sad? He’s a great guy, Renee.”

“I already had a mate and you see how that worked out,” she bit out as she crossed her arms over her chest, one eyebrow raised in challenge.

“Yeah.” I paused, making sure I used my words wisely. “But, the Moon Goddess decided you deserve another mate, a dragon mate, and a strong one. She wants to bless you with children, too,” I softly said.

“How do you know?” She asked, anger on her face.

My body was hijacked all of a sudden. “Because I told her to tell you. Do you question your Goddess’ words? You and Dagon would be perfect together. He’s been looking for his mate for a century and you’ve hurt him. I’ve already talked to the Goddess of the Dragons and she agrees with me, plus, you would be a wolf and a dragon if you mated. So, think carefully before you tell me your decision.”

“I-,” she paused and thought hard about the gift she was being given. She had always wanted children and Dagon seemed sincere. “I accept him. Thank you, Goddess. I was scared I would lose another mate.” I let out a soft breath and backed out of her mind carefully. I wanted to make sure she was okay and I could see why she was hesitant. I could see why she was ready to give Dagon a chance, she wanted children.

The Goddess, of the dragons, showed up and quickly spoke with Renee about a dragon whose owner had been fighting against her. She wanted to bless Renee with her and for Dagon. She explained why Renee would need a dragon when she mated with Dagon. She informed her that he would treat her right and wait for her to be more comfortable. Renee thanked the Goddess, giving her a hug as I did. I wasn’t sure if I messed up or not, so I bowed my head, Renee following my actions, until the Goddess told us to stand, then she disappeared as if she were a puff of smoke floating on the wind.

Too many Goddess'

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