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Chapter 34 - The Memo

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My body was hijacked all of a sudden. “Because I told her to tell you. Do you question your Goddess’ words? You and Drago would be perfect together. He’s been looking for his mate for a century and you’ve hurt him. I’ve already talked to the Goddess of the Dragons and she agrees with me, plus, you would be a wolf and a dragon if you mated. So, think carefully before you tell me your decision.”

“I-,” she paused and thought hard about the gift she was being given. She had always wanted children and Dagon seemed sincere. “I accept him. Thank you, Goddess. I was scared I would lose another mate.”

Another Goddess showed up and quickly spoke with me about a dragon whose owner had been fighting against her. She wanted to bless me with her and for Drago. She explained why I would need a dragon when I mated with Draco. She informed me that he would treat me right and wait for me to be more comfortable. I thanked her, giving her a hug as I did. I wasn’t sure if I messed up or not, so I bowed my head until the Moon Goddess told me to stand.

Too many Goddess’

For one visit


Angels POV

“Treat him right, Renee. He will treat you as if you are spun glass but don’t let him,” she told me as she laughed and Angel slumped.

“I hate when she does that shit!” She said as she teleported a coke and energy bar.. “Let’s go meet your mate, Renee. He’s sweet, but as the Moon Goddess said, ’don’t let him treat you as if you were made of glass.” Renee laughed with me as we walked back to the kitchen where our men were sitting down.

“I’m sorry, Dagon, I was scared to lose another mate, but someone showed me I needed to give love another chance,” Renee softly told him as she walked over to him. Please give me a little time to understand having another mate. I promise it won’t be too long.”

Dagon smoothed the sides of Renee’s face. “I will give you time.” Dagon paused and I could tell he wasn’t sure if he could voice his thoughts. He sighed. “Will you do me the honor of going through with the mating ceremony with me tonight?”

“Renee, I can tell you all about it. It won’t matter if you don’t want to mate right away, but you need to mark him. It’s for your safety with everything going on. You will be able to mind-link with him if you do,” I told her as I pulled her into a hug.

“Okay. I would be honored to become your mate today, Dagon,” I heard Renee tell him. A huge smile graced Dagon’s face. He jumped up and spun Renee around, laughing in pure joy.

“I don’t have a dress,” Renee commented as Dagon smiled again and kissed her forehead.

“Every one of us has our mates’ dresses already. I’ll call the seamstress to fit it to you, but you will need to go to your room now. There are rituals you will need to go through. Angel, can you help her with everything?” I nodded my head and grabbed Renee, tugging her down the hallway.

“He doesn’t know what your face looks like.” Renee looked at me strangely. “His Goddess blocked out your face for the ceremony. The male mate cannot look at his intended before the ceremony.”

I watched as Renee walked over to her bed and slumped down. “Wow! Just wow.” There was a knock on the door and the attendants walked in when I opened the door. Renee grabbed my hand, begging me with her eyes to stay. I smiled and she let out a breath of relief.

“Miss Renee, we need to get you into a special bath. I hope you aren’t shy about your body, there are a lot of steps to cleanse you,” an attendant told Renee.

Renee looked over at me as I nodded my head. “Uh, okay.”

“We won’t see you completely naked, but we will have to bathe you,” I heard the woman say as she handed Renee a goblet of something.

Renee, don’t drink the goblet until I check it out, please,” I mind-linked her as I teleported over to the woman and grabbed the goblet, freezing the women at the same time. The woman’s eyes were huge and I could tell she was scared to death.

I sniffed the goblet and teleported it to our chemist at our pack. “Poison? You were going to poison your Beta female?” I growled at the lady and checked all of their minds, finding two of them who were traitors.

I unfroze the woman’s mouth, waiting on her to talk. I rolled my eyes and truth spelled her. “Talk! Now!”

“She’s not fit to be Dagon’s mate. We are so much better than her. She can’t even give him children,” the woman hastily said, her eyes huge.

Renee stood up and walked over to the woman. ”Oh, really? Are you sure about your information? Are you sure I can’t give Dagon dragon children?”

“Yes.” She looked Renee up and down. “You are a werewolf, therefore unable to reproduce with him.”

I watched as Renee started laughing hysterically, holding her belly and all. “I can’t have dragon children?” Renee quit laughing and got right in the woman’s face. “Oh, honey, you must not have got the memo from your Goddess.”

“What memo?” She asked Renee.

“This one.” Renee opened her mouth and breathed fire, causing the woman to flinch back. But, she was already too late. Renee had breathed fire starting at her feet to her head, rendering her to ash.

“Ma’am, I wasn’t with them in this, I promise I wouldn’t do that to you,” I heard the woman tell Renee. I nodded and Renee nodded her head and smiled at her.

“You may stay,” Renee told her as she circled around the other woman. Renee turned towards me. “Was she spelled to kill me?” I shook my head no. “Oh, goody. I love to play with fire, but if you could teleport my sword to me I would be eternally grateful, Angel.” I teleported her sword to her and watched as she dragged in on the ground, sparks following her.

I watched as she circled around the woman three times before she reached into a drawer beside the woman. My eyebrows crinkled as I watched her, wondering what she was up to. She pulled out a bottle of 151 rum and took a swig of it, capping the bottle afterwards. Renee had her block up and I couldn’t read her unless I gave her a splitting headache.

I saw Renee spit the run on her blade and then she breathed on it, effectively setting the blade on fire. She turned towards the woman and smiled evilly, causing the woman to try to cry out. I released the woman’s mouth, waiting on her to beg for her life.

“You, bitch! You can’t kill me without Dagon’s permission! He won’t like you killing his mistress!” The woman screamed.

“Lie. Dagon’s pure. I read his mind, so who’s the whore?” I told her as she gaped at me. “That’s right, bitch, I can read minds.” I paused and listened to her thoughts. “Why thank you, I’ll take you calling me a bitch as a compliment, but I won’t have you calling my aunt a whore.” The woman gasped and she lost all color on her face as I smiled. Renee didn’t waste any time chopping off her head. I quickly cleaned up everything and walked over to the other woman.

“You are safe, Raven. Can you do the ritual yourself?” I asked her as I hugged her, checking her pockets as I did. Hey, I’m not an idiot. You never know if they are spelled within a second of time. I needed to keep Renee safe at all costs. She was very important to me and the dragon’s. I was satisfied when all I found was a comb, brush, and bobby-pins in her pockets.

“Yes, Ma’am, I can do it myself. We need to get started though,” I heard Raven say as she walked into the bathroom and turned on the faucets, adding the special herbs for Renee’s bath.

I saw Renee’s shoulders slump as she realized the danger she was in, but she had a special surprise. “Renee?” She looked up. “Hold on and don’t fight the gift of the Moon Goddess.” Renee was looking at me one second and she was on the floor the next. Raven ran out of the bathroom but I held up my hand. I squatted next to Renee, letting her know to breathe through the pain and to try not to tense up. It took her at least ten minutes to take a shuddering breath.

A/N: Wonder what her power or powers The elder walked back over to us and removed the silk scarfs, turning us to the ground. “It’s done. Long live, Queen Kaley, of the dragons. Long live, King Draco, of the dragons.”

I heard the audience scream and cheer, but there were a few who looked ready to combust. I didn’t have to say anything to Kaley before she had the man up in the air and across the room to the Royal King.

“It’s done. Long live princess, Renee, Beta of the dragons. Long live, prince Dagon, Beta of the dragons,” the elder loudly said. All the people who had cheered before were up on their feet again and clapping wildly.

Kaley turned to me and bowed to one knee, showing her support to her King. I gently picked her up off the floor and kissed her. “We did it!”


going to be.

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