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Chapter 35 - Cookie Monster

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“You are safe, Raven. Can you do the ritual yourself?” I asked her as I hugged her, checking her pockets as I did. Hey, I’m not an idiot. You never know if they are spelled within a second of time.

“Yes, Ma’am, I can do it myself. We need to get started though,” I heard Raven say as she walked into the bathroom and turned on the faucets, adding the special herbs for Renee’s bath.

I saw Renee’s shoulders slump as she realized the danger she was in, but she had a special surprise. “Renee?” She looked up. “Hold on and don’t fight the gift of the Moon Goddess.” Renee was looking at me as if to say ‘what the hell?’ In one second she was on the bed and the next second she was on the floor. Raven ran out of the bathroom but I held up my hand. I squatted next to Renee, letting her know to breathe through the pain and to try not to tense up. It took her at least ten minutes to take a shuddering breath.

Angels POV

“What the fuck was that, Angel?” Renee screamed at me.

I rolled my eyes and helped her up.. “I told you the Moon Goddess had a special gift for you.” Renee rolled her eyes this time. “I want you to think fire and not from your dragon.” Renee thought of fire and a fire ball showed up in her hand, making her jump and try to fan her hand to get rid of the fireball. I closed her hand into a fist and the fireball disapated. “You are now a witch/werewolf and dragon hybrid. You can read minds and use the elements to help you fight. You should be able to teleport soon. Not only that, Dagon will be one, too.”

“What?” Renee asked, her mouth almost to the ground. She tilted her head and looked at me. “Cool.” I busted out laughing at her words, Renee joining me. “Thank you, Moon Goddess.”

“She says ‘’you are welcome and get your ass to the bath to start your ritual.’”

Renee shook her head and headed to the bathroom. I made sure to stay with her. I knew she wasn’t shy about her body since we were both werewolves. She was shy when people she didn’t know saw her body. I couldn’t wait to hear how shy she would be with Dagon.

“Uh-uh, girl. You are going to stay out of my mind when it comes to my mate. I might be a sex freak and I don’t want you to know,” Renee told me as she chuckled at my red face.

“Aunt Renee,” I voiced in embarrassment. She knew I was a child a day ago. I would get her back somehow. She shook her head and stepped into the bath, Raven helping her.

“Relax, Miss Renee. Breathe in the herbs and this will by quickly, okay?” Raven asked as she fanned the herbs around Renee. Raven cupped her hands and scooped up the steam, pushing it to Renee from her feet to her head. I knew Renee was relaxed. Hell, I was relaxed, but I was protected from the herbs. I wanted to make sure I kept a watch over her.

I heard a knock on the door and I teleported to the door, quickly opening it and stepping back. I teleported back to Renee and waited for the older woman to come into the bathroom. I read her mind and searched her for spells and weapons. I breathed a sigh of relief when she was true.

The woman hung a beautiful dress on the door and waited on a stool in the corner of the huge bathroom. The dress was a beautiful gold color with black piping. There were jewels everywhere on the bottom of the dress. I realized they were gold and diamond nuggets and I shook my head in disbelief. The front of the dress was draped, almost looking like a Goddess’ dress from the old days. I couldn’t wait to see the back of it. Our dragons knew how to spoil us and I knew they would continue to do so.

About two hours into the bath Renee was allowed to stand and put on a robe. I was sitting on the counter with food all around me, trying to eat as fast as I could. “French fries,” Renee said as she eyed my fries. I handed her one fry and ate the rest quickly. I took a cookie out of my box of goodies and crammed the whole thing in my mouth, trying not to choke.

Yum, yum

“You are so mean, Angel. I'm going to start calling you the Cookie Monster," Renee said, a pout on her face.

“The seamstress, Miss Petra, is here. I know you want to fit into your dress,” I told her as I pointed at her dress.

She walked over to her dress and gasped. “This is my dress?” Petra nodded her head. “Wow. Thank you, Angel, for saving me of the embarrassment of not fitting in my dress.”

I started laughing, Raven and Petra joining me. Renee looked totally confused as we laughed. I knew she would have been able to eat three big Macs, ten orders of fries, and two apple pies and she still would have fit in her dress, but I wasn’t stupid enough to tell her that. What? I love me some fries, taco, burgers, and shakes, well, all food.

I sat on her bed and watched her try on her dress, the seamstress, Petra, pinning her dress in the places it needed to be taken in at. The dress was even more beautiful when Rennee tried it on. It brought out the shine in her golden hair. The gold in the dress made Renee’s green eyes pop. I had always thought her eyes were pretty and made sure to tell her often. I could tell she thought she didn’t have a mate because she thought she was ugly. But, her high cheekbones, her full pink lips, her long lashes, and, most importantly, her personality made her beautiful inside and out.

“How do I look, Angel?” Renee nervously asked as she nervously twisted her fingers together.

“You always look beautiful, but the dress even makes it more so. You should wear gold more often, it brings out your beautiful green eyes,” I told her truthfully. She looked at me and I know she could see I was sincere.

“Thank you, Angel.” I nodded and went back to my thoughts as Renee took the dress off and the seamstress got to work on taking her dress in. I was excited to see Dagon’s face when he saw her in the dress he had made. It was weird how our mates knew what color would look well on us before we ever met them, but I wasn’t complaining.

After several hours of watching the seamstress work on Renee’s dress and a lot of food later it was time for Renee to have her hair and make up done. I knew she would complain if her hair was put up, so I suggested doing her hair half up and half down. I watched as Raven took part of her hair and clipped it top of her head. She curled Renee’s long hair in loose curls, giving Renee a beachy look. Raven took the rest of Renee’s hair and started braiding it. When she was done I couldn’t hold back my gasp. The top part of her hair was wound around her head loosely and looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Wow, Raven, you do great work. I wouldn’t have thought to do her hair as you have. I can’t wait for Renee to see herself,” I praised Raven as I walked over Renee and looked at her hair. It was seamless, as if her braid wasn’t pinned up.

“I want to see it,” Renee insisted as she got up and walked to the bathroom, Raven and I trailing behind her. “My hair is beautiful. Thank you, Raven. I wish I could keep you as my hairdresser.”

“Uh, you can. The only reason I can’t be with you all the time will be me doing the ritual preparations. I can do all of your hair. Please, Renee, Angel, let me have this position,” Raven said, hope in her eyes.

“If you don’t jump at the chance for her to do our hair I will throttle you,” I told Renee. She laughed and nodded her head as Raven jumped up and down in joy.

“Thanks, you will never know how much this means to me,” Raven said as she hugged us. “Now, on to make up.” Raven pulled Renee out of the bathroom and had her sit down in a chair. She got busy doing Renee’s make up while I sat quietly. I couldn’t wait to see what Renee looked like with makeup. She never used makeup. She didn’t like how heavy handed people were when they applied it to her face and I was the same.

It wasn’t fifteen minutes and I heard, ’All done.” I walked back over to Renee and looked at her makeup. Raven made sure to make her look natural. She brought out her cheekbones, her eyes, and her lips. She looked great.

“You need to see what Raven did, Renee,” I commented as I pulled her into the bathroom and pushed her towards the mirror.

“Wow!” Renee exclaimed. “It looks so natural.”

“I only brought what the Goddess gave you. You don’t need a lot of makeup to be beautiful, neither of you do,” Raven stated, a big smile on her face. Renee engulfed her into a hug. I knew I would have to save Raven or Renee would suffocate her.

“Uh, Renee, you might want to let her breathe,” I amusedly said. Renee gave me a dirty look but let go of Raven. At least I got a thankful look from Raven.

Raven looked at her watch and gasped. “Come on, Renee, your dress should be ready and we need to hurry.” We hustled out of the bathroom just as Petra finished her last stitch. She held up the dress and helped Renee get into her ball gown. Raven grabbed her gold shoes and then held out a box.

“What’s this?” Renee asked as she took the box.

“It’s a gift from your mate,” Raven answered.

Renee opened the box and we both gasped. She had pure gold earrings, a beautiful golden flower necklace and a beautiful golden tiara, The tiara was green with golden leaves. The green was in the design of flowers, but had a few blush flowers interwoven into it. The diamonds in the middle of the flowers were flawless. I didn’t notice the leaves went around the band until Raven placed it on Renee’s head.

“I feel like a princess,” Renee quietly said.

“Because you are a princess, Renee,” Raven told her as Renee’s eyes widened in shock. Shit! I forgot to tell her Dagon was a prince and his older brother was the King. I hoped she didn’t panic and chicken out.

“He is a prince but he’s laid back with you. Don’t worry about anything, girl, I will be a princess too,” I explained, realizing what I would be.

“Alright. I won’t panic, so how long until we leave?” Renee calmly asked, well, as calm as I had even seen her.

Raven looked at her watch, her widening. “Now, we must leave now. Dagon will be waiting on you in the living room. Askook will be waiting on Angel there, too.”

I nodded my head and grabbed Renee’s sweaty hand. I sent calmness through her and saw her shoulders relax in relief. Raven followed after us, making sure to stay a few steps behind us. I didn’t care if Raven walked beside us, but I knew it was protocol. I had checked out the ritual books, wanting to know more about it. It was a beautiful ceremony.

We walked around the corner to see our men waiting for us, a big smile on their faces. Petra had made sure I was dressed properly, but she made sure I could fight if needed. I was wearing a beautiful pant suit.

“You look beautiful, Angel,” Askook breathed out as he took my hands and twirled me around. “Very beautiful. I can’t wait to see you in the dress I have for you.” I nodded and noticed he was wearing a suit.

“You look beautiful as well,” I stated, my eyes looking him over. He laughed and shook his head.

I looked over to Dagon and Renee. Renee’s cheeks were red at something Dagon said. He was checking her out and I knew it wouldn’t be long until they completed the mate bond. I was wondering how it would be with Askook already.

“You and me both,” Askook whispered as he kissed my forehead. I blushed and hid my face in his chest, causing him to laugh at me.

Kaley and Hailey came around the corner and stopped. “Wow, Renee, you look beautiful. Doesn’t she look beautiful, Dagon?” Hailey asked as started walking to all of us.

Kaley stopped and looked at me. “Angel, is that you?” I nodded my head and her mouth dropped open

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