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Chapter 36 - My Horses?

Dedicated to oddball, Jo Jo Sprout, Aron, PenumbraMINE, and N.Y.O.B. I love all your crazy comments and can’t wait to read each one. Thank you.


We walked around the corner to see our men waiting for us, a big smile on their faces. Petra had made sure I was dressed properly, but she made sure I could fight if needed. I was wearing a beautiful pant suit.

“You look beautiful, Angel,” Askook breathed out as he took my hands and twirled me around. “Very beautiful. I can’t wait to see you in the dress I have for you.” I nodded and noticed he was wearing a suit.

“You look beautiful as well,” I stated, my eyes looking him over. He laughed and shook his head.

I looked over to Dagon and Renee. Renee’s cheeks were red at something Dagon said. He was checking her out and I knew it wouldn’t be long until they completed the mate bond. I was wondering how it would be with Askook already.

“You and me both,” Askook whispered as he kissed my forehead. I blushed and hid my face in his chest, causing him to laugh at me.

Kaley and Hailey came around the corner and stopped. “Wow, Renee, you look beautiful. Doesn’t she look beautiful, Dagon?” Hailey asked as started walking to all of us.

Kaley stopped and looked at me. “Angel, is that you?” I nodded my head and her mouth dropped open.

Angels POV

Kaley stopped and looked at me. “Angel, is that you?” I nodded my head and her mouth dropped open. “You are absolutely gorgeous.” I shook my head and smiled at her.

Draco and Alex walked around the corner next and stopped as they checked out their mates. I noticed Draco couldn’t keep his eyes off of Kaley. Kaley’s dress had gold piping throughout but was a royal blue color. It brought out her eyes even more and made her hair shine like spun gold. Her tiara was bigger than Renee’s, but was just as beautiful. It had the gold throughout the tiara, blue flowers made into an intricate knot of some kind, and went around her head.

Hailey was dressed the same way I was, in a pantsuit. Both of ours were black with gold piping made into the lapels. They were classy, but with room to move around in. I had already tried some kicks and punches, so I knew without a doubt they worked well for us.

Dracos POV

I hadn’t been able to see Kaley all day and I was going crazy. I couldn’t believe how much I loved her and my child. She was the perfect mate for me. Our Goddess’ knew we would be. I couldn’t wait to see her in the dress I had more for her. When I found out she was my mate I was surprised how much our truthsayer had gotten right with her. She was a natural born fighter. She was a beauty, and she had brains to go along with her sexy body.. She complimented me perfectly.

“Come on, lover boy,” Alex sang out as he grabbed my arm. “Let’s go see our mates.” I laughed and agreed quickly.

We walked down the corridor, joking with each other. But, when we walked around the corner all our banter stopped as did my feet. I was checking out my beautiful mate in her dress. I felt as if I talked I would be a stuttering mess.

I decided to man up and go to Kaley. I could tell she wanted to laugh at my stunned face. I twirled her around, checking out her dress from all angels. I couldn’t have picked a better style dress if I had read her mind. She looked as if she was already a Queen. I pulled her close to my chest and lightly skimmed my lips over hers. I knew we needed to get going.

We walked out to the carriage and Kaley stopped before she got to it. I couldn’t figure out why she wanted us to wait away from the carriage. But, when she pulled out the first bomb I had my answer. I watched as she pulled bomb after bomb out the carriage and the horses.

My horses

They were going to blow us up and my horses. I knew we were protected but my horses were not. My parents gave me my horses on my tenth birthday. I knew I shouldn't have been worried about my horses, but it was the last thing I had done with my parents. We had rode horses all over our kingdom and I didn't want my memory tainted.

I put my mind back into action, leaving the past alone. I watched as Kailey set up the scene to look as if we had been blown apart. It was horrific and something that could have happened to us, well, if we hadn’t been spelled.

"Don't worry, Draco, I spelled your horses. I didn't want you to lose them, okay?" Kaley mind-linked me. I nodded and smiled.

“Does anyone feel like teleporting to the venue?” Kaley asked out loud, knowing we would be a little nervous to ride in anything else. They all shook their heads and we teleported to the venue, showing up in front of the elder and scaring the shit out of him.

“Are you okay?” I asked him as the Elder grasped his chest.

“Yeah.” He took a huge breath in and settled his heart rate. “It’s still a little freaky to see you teleport.”

I laughed. “It’s freaky for me too, but someone put bombs all over our carriage and my horses.” His smile fell away.

“Is everyone okay?” He asked as he looked us all over.

“We are fine.” I looked at my watch and motioned for everyone to get into position. I felt the protection spell all around us. It felt as if we were in a bubble, but one where we could still everyone.

I nodded my head at the ushers to open the doors and allow my pack in. I noticed the Royal King, his Beta couple, Alpha Summer and her Alpha mates were situated at intervals. I knew they were already checking everyone out. I couldn’t see Windy for a second until my eyes flickered across her figure a few feet away. I could tell she was shocked I could see her, but I could for some reason. I made sure to look around and not stare at her.

As soon as the room was filled, the doors were shut and my guards stood in front of them. They knew the ceremony was important to them just as much as it was to me. I heard the ceremonial bell ring and turned my body back around to our elder, Kaley doing the same thing.

The ceremony was underway now and I was a nervous wreck. I was positive Dagon and Alex were nervous too. I listened intently to our elders’ words, intertwining my hands with Kaley’s when I was told to do so. The Elder went on about the dragons beliefs and the importance of mates. When he told Kaley it was her duty to give me an heir I almost lost it, but my mate laughed and whispered ‘no problem, it’s already done’. I calmed down instantly at her words, chuckling with the Elder.

The Elder took our intertwined hands and wrapped a silk scarf around our wrists. I heard a commotion, making the Elder pause. “Finish this, please. We are protected.” He nodded his head and tied a knot in the scarf, pulling our wrists closer together. He did the same for Alex and Hailey. He turned and tied the scarf tight on Dagon and Renee’s wrists.

I’m going to ask the first questions to our Queen and then the rest of you,” the Elder explained as he picked up a book of rituals. The book had all the names of the Kings and their mates inscribed in the book as if it were magic. In a way I guess it was.

I nodded for him to continue. “Do you, Kaley, agree to put the dragon pack first? To be a helpmate to your mate, Draco? Do you agree to be the Queen and rule with a pure heart?”

“I do. I will faithfully uphold all the laws of our species. I will be a fair and just ruler, taking my mates words to heart,” Kaley answered.

I smiled at her words and waited for the Elder to be finished with Dagon and Alex. When he was finished with their loyalty vows, he walked back over to the middle of us, standing in front of Dagon. He said the spell to bind us and I felt a tingle start in my wrist. The pain came a second later. Kaley and I didn’t cry out in pain, but held it in. I heard Renee whimper, but she stopped a second later and stood tall in front of our Elder.

The Elder walked back over to us and removed the silk scarfs, turning us to our people. He showed everyone our wrists. The tatto was of a dragon protecting it's half werewolf and dragon. The large dragon was wrapped around the smaller image. It was beautiful. “It’s done. Long live, Queen Kaley, of the dragons. Long live, King Draco, of the dragons.”

I heard the audience scream and cheer, but there were a few who looked ready to combust. I didn’t have to say anything to Kaley before she had the man up in the air and across the room to the Royal King.

“It’s done. Long live princess, Renee, Beta of the dragons. Long live, prince Dagon, Beta of the dragons,” the Elder loudly said. All the people who had cheered before were up on their feet again and clapping wildly.

Kaley turned to me and bowed to one knee, showing her support to her King. I gently picked her up off the floor and kissed her. “We did it!”

“Down!” Kaley's mother screamed.

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