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Chapter 37 - Of Hell, Maybe

Dedicated to oddball, PenumbraMINE, Jo Jo Sprout, and N.Y.O.B. I don't know what else to say but thank you, but you have heard that on every chapter, so I will say y'all are my rock.


The Elder walked back over to us and removed the silk scarfs, turning us to our people. “It’s done. Long live Queen Kaley of the dragons. Long live King Draco of the dragons.”

I heard the audience scream and cheer, but there were a few who looked ready to combust. I didn’t have to say anything to Kaley before she had the man up in the air and across the room to the Royal King.

“It’s done. Long live princess Renee Beta of the dragons. Long live prince Dagon Beta of the dragons,” the Elder loudly said. All the people who had cheered before were up on their feet again and clapping wildly.

Kaley turned to me and bowed to one knee, showing her support to her King and Queen. I gently picked her up off the floor and kissed her cheek. “We did it!”

“Down!” My mother screamed.

Kaley’s POV

The world went upside down on me. A bomb had gone off and I was frantically searching for my mate, the King. He was right beside when the bomb went off, but when the light exploded outward I lost my hold on him. My eyes were wonky for a little bit and I had a hard time hearing anything. I knew I was okay but I wasn’t sure if my mate was. I searched through all the rubble, my family was helping search.

Draco! Where are you?” I screamed through the mind-link, getting nothing back. I had been calling for him for the last hour.

Kaley,” I heard him say.

I dropped down to my knees trying to hold the joy of hearing voice in. I was rocking back and forth wondering if I had really heard him. “I’m here, Draco, where are you?” I questioned. I could feel him closer than he was before.

I fell into the basement of the building, but I’m covered in debris. I must have blacked out for a while,” his big beautiful voice told me.

“He’s in the basement, but he’s covered in debris. I’m teleporting to him now, anyone else wants to help me?” I explained as I looked from person to person. They all nodded their heads and we teleported to the basement.

I gasped when I saw all the debris we would need to move to get to my mate. I didn’t care if I had to move all of it myself to get to him. The floor where we had been standing for the ceremony was on top of my mate. The basement had beams that had fallen over, but there were a few of them holding up the floors above us. I couldn’t go into the debris and tear everything up, we needed a plan first.

“Move, please,” Angel voiced as she walked up and checked all the problems I had thought of. She moved me back away from the debris. She nodded her head and I saw the beams move back into place. The broken ones stood back up at her command and were safely put back into place. I knew my mouth was open in shock, but my sister was awesome and powerful.

I noticed Constatine making his way to his twin. They each did some kind of hand signal and the debris was gone. I wasn’t sure where it went and I didn’t care. I walked over to the small hole in the floor to see my mate laying on his back, his arms behind his head and eyes closed.

I rolled my eyes. “Are you done taking your nap?”

“A nap?” He innocently asked, a big grin on his face. I shook my head and levitated him out of the whole. He let out a huff and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Wait! Everyone thinks you’re dead. I know of two people who would be ecstatic if you were. How about we let them show their hand?” I told them.

“That’s a great plan, but how are you going to convince them that I’m dead?” Draco asked.

I felt movement coming fast towards me. I stepped away and grabbed the person and pulled them close, bringing a blade up to their neck. “Shit, Kaley, your blade is silver! You could have killed me!”

I let go of her. “Nah, I knew it was you, just like I know my dads’ are about to show up behind me.” I turned around. “Right?” They showed up and laughed at me. I rolled my eyes and turned back around.

“Why are you standing here? Your people think you are dead, Draco,” My mother asked us. A huge grin graced her face. “Oh, let me assure you, Kaley can make it as if she thought you were dead. She’s about as good an actress as I am.”

A smiled and kissed Draco. “No! Not my mate! Please no!” I screamed, tears running down my face, my body hunched over. Draco nodded and teleported with my parents to somewhere else. “What am I going to do?” Hailey and Renee came running over, crying and hugging me.

I’ll set up the scene, Kaley, it will seem realistic,” Angel mind-linked me. I nodded my head.

“Come on, niece, we will stay with you,” Renee told me as she rubbed my back and helped me out of the building. I saw the two people smile at each other and look around. The rest of the dragons were crying, making me cry even more for their pain. I hated to do this to them but hopefully they would understand later.

I heard the two traitors speak to each other through their mind-link. They were happy Draco was dead and his brothers would be grieving for him. They thought it would make everything easier for them to take over. But, what got the most was when they talked about killing my child as soon as they were crowned King and Queen.

Of hell


Hell might not even want them. They were sick and power hungry. I never understood why people couldn’t be happy with what they were given. They weren’t owed anything. The Goddess gave what she thought we could handle and that was it. No more, no less. I wanted to growl at them but I had to hold it in. I couldn’t wait for these two to make their move. I couldn’t wait to tell Draco what they said about our child. If I was mad he would be furious. I was more than angry, so, yeah.

“Please give us time to grieve,” Hailey stated as she walked Alex to the castle. Renee was helping Dagon. Everyone was acting with every cell of their bodies. We had to give the two fuckers a show. I knew all of us would enjoy fileting their skin from their bones later.

We finally made it to the castle and I collapsed on the couch. I was tired. I was filthy from digging around and looking for Draco. My heart hurt for our people. I hated lying to them. I hated to see their tears. And, I hated two assholes who thought they could take our positions away. I knew they would show up eventually and I needed to talk to the elders but I wasn’t sure who I could trust. I wasn’t sure how high up n the food chain the corruption went .

I sighed and got up off the couch and started pacing. I made sure to hide Draco’s scent in both of his forms. I wanted to make sure the traitors weren’t aware of Draco being alive. I wouldn’t put it past them to have set up cameras or listening devices. I knew I needed to check but I decided I wanted a shower more.

My mom walked around the corner, her acting in the forefront. “Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how you are feeling but I’m here if you need to talk. Come on, you need to take a shower and lay down. Tomorrow you can talk to your people, okay?”

“Thanks, Mom.” I let out a loud sob as I laid my head on my mom’s shoulder. “What am I supposed to do now. I don’t know if any of us can do this right now.” My mom walked me to my bedroom, letting me know to take a shower and meet her in the kitchen afterward. I nodded and walked into my room, soundproofing the room as fast as I could.

I said a spell under my breath, one that would find any of the listening devices or cameras. Three cameras and four listening devices later., I spelled the devices so I could listen to what they discussed behind my back. I wanted to know why they were lying. I wanted to know how I could turn against us. Was it because I was a werewolf and a witch? I would hope not, but you could never tell with traitors. I knew the dragons valued strength, but I was going to need to act as if I were weak and I didn’t like it one bit.

I got in the shower and let the water fall down on my tired body. I wasn’t sure where they were keeping Draco, but I needed to know. My heart hurt with him being away from me. I know I was the one who suggested the fake death of my mate. I shook my head and washed myself quickly and dried off when I was done.

I hurried into my closet and grabbed some jeans and an old t-shirt. I didn’t want to dress up and look as if I wasn’t affected by my mates ‘passing’. I dressed quickly and walked to the kitchen, my face pointed at the ground. I made sure my eyes were puffy and red. I was trying to think if there was anything else I was forgetting to do. I hated the thought of having to act as if he was dead. It was killing me being away from Draco.

My mom walked over to me and helped me to sit down. “Come on, honey, I know this is hard on you. I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through, but you need to eat a little bit. I got your favorite chinese food. Angel, Renee, and Hailey will be here in a minute.” I nodded my head and picked up my chopsticks as the rest of my family showed up in the kitchen. My sisters hugged me and sat down to eat. I wondered where their mates were, but I didn’t ask them anything.

We didn’t want to bring our mates with us when you just ‘lost’ yours. This sucks! I hope the traitors hurry up and get here,” Hailey mind-linked me, a frown on her face. I watched as she picked at her food before turning to my plate and pushing it away. I knew I could get more food while in my room.

I smell the bitch traitors and the elder. Didn’t take them long to start running their mouths. Can I kill them, Kaley, please?” My wolf asked me. She almost had me laughing out loud. My wolf had always been a little crazy.

Hey, what about me. We could have a big barbeque, but I would be afraid I would choke on their nastiness, stupid little fuckers,” my dragon told me. I snorted a laugh out loud, but quickly covered it with a cough. I was sure my family knew exactly why I snorted if their faces were anything to go by.

I shook my head and turned around to the doorway I knew the bitches were coming into. They walked around the corner and stopped. I stood up and wiped my cheeks as if I was wiping tears away. “Can I help you, Elder?”

“I need to speak with you and your mates, uh, your sisters and aunt’s mates, please. This is important to our people,” he said as rubbed the back of his neck. I knew my sister’s and Renee were calling their mate to the living room.

I nodded my head. “This way, please.” I walked them to the living room and had them sit down. My mom was asking if they needed anything.

“You’re the Queen, why aren’t you asking your guests what they want?” The woman traitor asked.

I whipped my head up at her words. “Are you stupid or just insensitive? What the hell kind of question was that, you insensitive twat!”

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