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Chapter 38 - Crazy Town

Dedicated to oddball, PenumbraMINE, Jo Jo Sprout, and N.Y.O.B. You guys rock!


“I need to speak with you and your mates, uh, your sisters and your aunt’s mate, please. This is important to our people,” he said as rubbed the back of his neck. I knew my sister’s and Renee were calling their mate to the living room.

I nodded my head. “This way, please.” I walked them to the living room and had them sit down. My mom was asking if they needed anything.

“You’re the Queen, why aren’t you asking your guests what they want?” The woman traitor asked.

I whipped my head up at her words. “Are you stupid or just insensitive? What the hell kind of question was that, you insensitive twat?” I yelled.

Kaley’s POV

The woman looked at her partner in crime before she said anything. “See, Elder, this is what I was talking about. She can’t do her job when she can’t even handle herself.” I rolled my eyes and sat back to watch. I knew she had already told the Elder a bunch of shit. She was a liar and she knew I knew about her game, but she was still going to play her hand.

But, I had a full house

The men came walking into the living room. Their shoulders were slumped and they looked as if they had been crying the whole day. I was sure I looked the same way. I couldn’t wait until they opened their mouth to speak. I saw Windy, Ares and Sonny show up. Windy had them under a veil of invisibility as they waited to hear what was said.

“Is there a reason we were called? Can’t you let us grieve in peace?” Dagon asked as he held his chest and walked over to Renee.

“Yes, Prince Dagon, we know you are grieving and need time to get back to work. Your cousins have come up with a great plan to help as the rest of you heal. They will do the work, leaving you all to take your time in getting back to work. The pack needs to feel as if they matter. They are grieving, too,” the Elder explained his cousin’s plan.

Ares, can you check him for any spells?” I asked. He was repeating, verbatim, the thoughts Draco’s cousins were thinking. I swear they were trying to take us for a fool.

“And, how long would they be in charge for? Do they need to take up the crown to work?” I asked as I looked over more of Draco’s cousins. They were weasels and plain nasty.

“Of course.” He paused. “But, it would only be until you can pick the crown back up.”

“Are you serious? You come to me hours after my mates death and present this shit to me? I shook my head and started pacing. I was mad as hell and I wanted to make an example out of them. I knew they were the people who set bombs up all over the place. I knew it without a doubt.

He’s spelled. Give me another second and he won’t be spelled,” Ares stated as I continued pacing.

The Elder shook his head and looked around, noticing he was sitting with all of us. “How did I get here?” He asked, a scared look on his face.

“You were spelled and used as a plot for my cousins to take my crown,” Draco explained as he walked over to me. He looked at his cousins, a smirk on his face. “Surprise!” He sarcastically said. The fuckers tried to run off, but Angel threw two blades into their calves. They fell screaming and crying as Windy and Ares tied them up. They brought them back and sat them down on two chairs.

“If I may, Elder,” Sonny said as he walked over. “I can show you exactly what they have done to our kingdom, if you will allow me.”

“Please, King Sonny, I need to see what they have done to you and me,” he answered. Sonny walked over and laid his hands on the woman’s head, then laid his other hand on the Elders head. I could tell when he saw the bombs being talked about, the bombs being set, and all the planning these shits did.

Sonny moved his hand over to the man’s head and showed the Elder what his actions were in the treasoneness moves he had done. The Elder gasped as well as Sonny. I was trying to read Sonny’s mind but he learned how to block all of us. I knew Sonny would share later on, but I needed to know now.

Sonny showed us what he showed the Elder. I stood up with Draco. “You treasonous whore! You are both snakes and will be held in the dungeons. Why would you do this to your cousin?”

The woman tried to stand up but the rope they were tied with wouldn’t allow them. “He doesn’t deserve the crown, not when he’s not mated to his own kind! You are a werewolf and a whore!” She yelled.

I chuckled darkly and walked over to her, letting her see my dragon in my eyes. She came forward, my eyes changing into reptilian eyes and not my wolf’s. She tried to scoot back but I wasn’t having any of it. “Do you see a wolf looking at you right now? Do you see someone weak enough to not set you up - which we did beautifully? Do you not see what kind of position you put yourselves into?”

“What?” She started laughing, a laugh that said she was bat shit crazy. I got up and walked back over to Draco as I looked at the crazy woman. I was trying to figure her out, but was it was an impossible task.

Can anyone say crazy town?

Have you seen Kaiden and his mate in a while?” Sonny asked us through the mind-link. I looked at everyone and could tell no one had seen them. I called my mother to the living room. She would have seen them last.

“What’s going on?” My mom asked as she ran into the room.

“Have you seen Kaiden?” I asked my mother as she mind-linked my dads’ to ask them.

“They were at the hospital. She went into labor after the bombing, but I don’t know what’s going on with everything going crazy,” My dad, Zane, stated as he mind-linked Kaiden.

The woman started cackling, sounding as if she had lost her mind. Her eyeballs were dilated and they had a wild look in them. “He will never see his baby again. He’s going to be the next sacrifice,” she stated as she cackled some more.

Kaiden ran into the living room. “Have you seen my newborn son?” He yelled as he searched the whole cavern, his face showing how scared he was.

“Kaiden,” I said quietly stopping him from moving. He looked into my eyes and saw what was going on with his son.

Sonny put his hand on Kaiden’s shoulder. “We will get him back. These two were in on it, but they will be punished in front of the pack. We will get him back, Kaiden.” Kaiden broke down crying. His head was in his knees and tears were steadily falling down his face.

"Your baby will be the ultimate sacrifice. He will give his life. Give his life so I god can be reborn. He will be the one true god of every supernatural creature ever born," the woman sang over and over.

“I can’t lose my son. I won’t lose my son!” He yelled as he walked over and punched the man in the face. He slapped the woman when she started singing about sacrificing children again. I had never seen him hit a woman, but I completely understood. I wanted to punch her too. I decided to help Kaiden with the bitch and shut her up. Her song was getting to me and I knew Kaiden wasn't going to do anymore to her.

I walked over and punched her in the jaw, dislocating it quickly. Kaiden nodded to me. I knew he wanted to shut up her song and craziness. I wasn’t sure how long it would take her to heal but I hoped it would be long enough for her to die. I didn’t think Kaden could take another song from this woman before he killed her in anger. I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.

"So, how are we going to get my nephew back?" I asked, leaning my back against the wall and trying to think of a way to save him. I hadn't met him yet and I didn't have the connection to him like Angel had with my brother. “Is there any way to spell him to keep him safe from here?” I asked as I walked back over to Draco and leaned against him. I was sick and tired of all the traitors. I was sure Draco was tired of his family members acting as if it were there right to take his crown.

"Well..." Draco trailed off as everyone gave him our full attention.

A/N: A little shorter this time. I was having a little problem with writers block. I knew it was coming sooner than later, but I didn't expect all the problems I had with it today.

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