From Here to Love

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Chapter 4 - Oh My

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“Blaine, let the poor guy go. You have explained everything at least ten times. I think he’s got it, if not he will mind-link you, plus, you have everything written down. Sheesh, man,” I scolded Blaine, shaking my head and motioning with my head for Alec to take a seat on the couch as I took a seat in one of the chairs.

Blaine threw his hands in the air. “Okay.” He looked at our Beta. “You may go but please remember everything I said, okay?” Our beta nodded and almost ran out of the door. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest as I tapped my foot on the floor.

“Do you have anything else to do or can we go help our new friends?” I paused and sighed. “Kids, you can come out of hiding. Don’t worry you are going with us.” All the kids showed up, Serenity with them.

“How?” Chase asked me.

Summers POV

“Me, mom.” I pointed at them. “You, my kiddos.” Alec barked out a laugh, smiling warmly as a small smile pulled at my lips.”Do all of you have everything ready?” I got nods from all of them. “Do my mates have everything ready?”

Blaine rolled his eyes as our stuff showed up in our office, the kid's stuff following. “We are ready, Summer, we just need the location of where we are going.” I looked toward Alec as he stood.

“So, how do you find out the location?” He asked, nervously grasping his hands.

“All you need to do is think about the location. Give me permission to see the place and I will see only the place. I won’t go any further, okay?” I told him. I knew he was nervous about having anyone in his mind, hell, I would be too.

Alec nodded his head and grasped one of the kid's hand. I saw where he was talking about and shared the information with my family. I knew Kat had already protected all of my family’s packs, so I teleported to the location along with everyone else.

“Woah,” Alec commented as he went to one knee.

“Yeah, it’s a head rush the first time,” Trace informed Alec as I snorted and walked over to Alec, healing his spinning head instantly.

Alec’s head whipped around at me, shock written all over his face. “You-you healed all of m-me, including my old wounds.” He stood up. “Thank you, Alpha Summer. I’ve been in pain for a long time. If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.”

I nodded my head and walked over to my mates, leaning my back against Zane’s front and grabbing Blaine’s hand. I was tired and in need of some sleep. I needed to feed my babies before I rested though. I knew they must have been hungry. I also knew my mates would love to bond with their children. We were forced up and out of the hospital bed in a hurry and the twins didn’t get to bond with their daddy’s wolves. I always loved how they bonded. It was something special to see.

Alec cleared his throat. “Uh, let’s get you settled in for the night and I will introduce you to the dragons tomorrow morning, okay?” I nodded my head and followed him out of the room we were in.

As we followed Alec, I noticed the cave was built out of smooth stone, almost resembling the castle walls. There was a golden sheen to the walls. I could have sworn they were mixed with gold, not that I cared so much about gold. I knew dragons loved their treasures and were known to protect them fiercely.

Yeah, like, you will die if you touch it,” Athena, my wolf, sarcastically informed me. I rolled my eyes at her, not answering back and proving how tired I was. I needed energy and fast. I heard a noise and looked at my son Trace as he handed me some energy bars.


We followed Alec until we turned to the right into a huge cavern. It was set up as if we were in our own house, making me feel a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There were three couches, a few comfortable looking chairs, and a huge fireplace. I looked around and noticed a completely stocked kitchen. It was a cook’s paradise, not that I knew how to cook, well, not well anyway.

“I hope this is to your liking,” Alex commented as I smiled at him and nodded. “The bedrooms are down the hallway to your left. I’m going to leave you for now and let the dragons know you are here to help.” Alec smiled brightly, taking his leave immediately after.

All my kids ran to the refrigerator as if they were bottomless pits and hadn’t eaten in years. I decided to join them and fixed my mates and me a sandwich, making sure to grab high protein meats. As soon as the food was done, we cleaned up our mess and went to look at the bedrooms, my mates calling dibs on the biggest one, of course, it was also the one with the biggest bed.

After getting our children settled down for the night, we walked into our room and sank down on the bed, laying back and falling asleep instantly. I was dreaming of giants and dragons. The noise they made as their war-cries were nightmare material, but it gave me a sense of what the sound would be when they came. I made sure to note the witches who were trying to hide in the forest. I wasn’t sure why I could see them when others could not but I would take whatever I could. I realized I was having a premonition and woke up with a gasp, walking my mates.




Oh, my.

My mates shot up in bed and turned towards me. “You shared your dream or premonition with us. I could see what you could.” Zane canted his head to the side. “I wonder if the children could see it, too.”

“Yes,” all the kids said at the same time, showing themselves in our room.

“Good. I don’t need to repeat myself. How about we get up and get ready for the day, we will be meeting the dragons today.” I looked over at my two sons, Chase and Trace. “And, do not touch anything when we meet them. Also, act respectfully. No fighting, no name-calling, no weird noises. You are going to be Alpha’s the pack and need to represent the pack properly.” I narrowed my eyes at Trace, hoping he knew I wasn’t kidding.

Yes, Ma’am,” they both voiced as they hurried off to get ready for our meeting.

“Go take a shower, Summer, we will go and make breakfast for our troublemakers, okay?” Blaine asked as I smiled, grateful I had such caring mates.

I nodded my head, kissing my mates and hurrying off to the shower before they changed their minds. I grabbed some nice clothes and undergarments. I stripped and stepped into the shower taking my time with my hair and body. It didn’t take me long to smell the bacon my mates were cooking, making me hurry and finish my shower. I knew my kids would eat every piece if they had a chance to. I decided to magically get dressed and fix my hair, hearing my stomach growl louder than a bear.

I teleported to the kitchen, catching Trace’s hand as he was about to sneak a piece of my bacon. I smirked at him and crammed two pieces in my mouth at one time, giving him a cheeky wink as my mates put our omelets down on the table and showed me a plate of bacon he hid on the seat between us, causing me to almost smile.


It was a madhouse as it always was when we were eating, everybody talking over each other, silly comments being thrown back and forth. I noticed my babies were being quiet as we fed them their bottles. We would switch off, so one could eat some were’ baby food and the other drink their breast milk. It was an easy routine we had decided on before we had them and it seemed to work seamlessly.

I heard a knock on the wall of the kitchen and smiled at Alec, gesturing to the table and offering him some bacon and an omelet - which he quickly approved of. I watched as Zane got up and got Alec some coffee, setting it down in front of him and getting a grateful smile.

“Thanks for breakfast.” He smiled as he looked us in the eye. “I haven’t had bacon and eggs in a long time. The last time I tried to make my own food I almost burned the kitchen down.” He chucked as we joined him. “Needless to say, I’m not allowed to cook anymore, but hey, at least I’m not on kitchen duty any longer.”

“I sometimes burn everything I cook, too. My mates have decided they would be the ones cooking if Marylyn wasn’t around,” I told Alec as I widened my eyes innocently, causing everyone to break out in laughs. I shrugged my shoulders, a small smile on my face.

“On another note, did any of you have a weird dream about witches, giants, and dragons?” Alec asked as my face paled and my breath hitched.

“Sorry, I must have shared my premonition with you, too. I can’t usually do it unless it’s my family, but it looks as if my brain is telling me you are family to me. I guess-” I tried to say.

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