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Chapter 40 - Dive Bombing Babies

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“Have you seen Kaiden and his mate in a while?” Sonny asked us through the mind-link. I looked at everyone and could tell no one had seen them. I called my mother to the living room. She would have seen them last.

“What’s going on?” My mom asked as my dad and her ran into the room.

“Have you seen Kaiden?” I asked my mother as she mind-linked my dads’ to ask them.

“They were at the hospital. She went into labor after the bombing, but I don’t know what’s going on with everything going crazy,” My dad, Zane, stated as he mind-linked Kaiden.

The woman started cackling, sounding as if she had lost her mind. Her eyeballs were dilated and they had a wild look in them. “He will never see his baby again. He’s going to be the next sacrifice,” she stated as she cackled some more.

Kaiden ran into the living room. “Have you seen my newborn son?” He yelled as he searched the whole cavern.

Kaley’s POV

Sonny put his hand on Kaiden’s shoulder. “We will get him back. These two were in on it, but they will be punished in front of the pack. We will get him back, Kaiden.” Kaiden broke down crying. His head was in his knees and tears were steadily falling down his face.

“I can’t lose my son. I won’t lose my son!” He yelled as he walked over and punched the man in the face. He slapped the woman when she started singing about sacrificing children. I had never seen him hit a woman, but I completely understood. I wanted to punch her too. I decided to help Kaiden with the bitch. I walked over and punched her in the jaw, dislocating it quickly. Kaiden nodded at me, as if to say thanks. I knew he wanted to shut up her song and craziness. I wasn’t sure how long it would take her to heal but I hoped it would be long enough for her to die. I didn’t think Kaden could take another song from this woman before he killed her.

I sighed and pinched my nose. “Is there any way to spell him to keep him safe from here?” I asked as I walked back over to Draco.

Draco hugged me and smiled. “Yes. Yes, there is. I have a new power that can help us. I’m considered a conduit, so if you want to spell anyone I can reach out to them over a great distance.”

Kaden gasped. “What?”

“Royal King Sonny, will be the strongest person to help me keep your son safe. Angel and Constatine, can you both help too?” Draco asked as they both nodded and walked over to him. Draco grabbed Kaden’s shoulder and hugged him. “I will need you to help us. I need to see what your son looks like, okay?” Kaden nodded and grabbed Draco’s hand. Ares, Windy, Angel, Constantine, and Sonny all grabbed hands and stood in a circle.

I kind of sat in the back of Draco’s mind. I knew he knew what I was doing. I wanted to see how his power would work. I was amazed at my mate. My grandmother never failed when giving us powers we would need.

When Kaden showed Draco my nephew I wanted to ooh and aw at him, but we didn't have the time. He was a miniature Kaden. He had Kadens eyes and facial shape. I knew immediately when Draco caught his trail and followed it. The black witches were holding him in a cage, chanting some kind of spell. Draco waved his hand and the witches fell to the ground. All of them surrounded my nephew and Draco spelled him against anything and everything, the others helping to solidify the spell.

My nephew opened his eyes and smiled. He teleported to his daddy and looked around. He smiled and cupped his daddy’s face and teleported all of us back to the castle. I shook my head totally amazed by my nephew. I knew he would be strong, but he completely floored me.

I made a double of myself, so they would think I was still there. Can I go see mommy?”” My nephew explained through the mind-link. He looked at his daddy with a pleading face.

“Go on. I know you can teleport there on your own, you little booger,” Kaden laughed as he kissed my nephew on the head. Is what a second later he was gone.

I started laughing, the others joining me. “Well, uh, okay. You’re going to hands full, Kaden. You do know he will be stronger than all of us?”

“Uh. Shit! I didn’t even need to worry about him being gone,” he said as he started laughing, a smirk on his face.

“Uh, nope. You are not setting your son on us, got it?” I asked as I leaned back against Draco. He put his arms around my stomach and laid his head on my shoulder, hugging me to him.

“I’m going to go see if my son is being mean to the doctor or nurses. I just have this feeling he’s being a prankster,” Kaden announced as he walked off.

“This I have to see,” I stated as I pulled Draco with me to follow Kaden, the rest of them following me. “We do need to let our people know you are alive soon, Draco. I hated lying to them. I didn’t want to see their faces so upset.”

“I know, honey, we will let them know right after we see what Kaden’s son is up to,”Draco told me as he kissed our joined hands. My heart fluttered at his romantic side. I blushed and hid behind my hair, Draco chuckling quietly. He loved when I blushed. The only time I didn’t blush was when we made love - which was weird. I loved him so much and I didn’t care what others thought about me.

All of us walked into the hospital room and stopped dead in our tracks. I heard Kaden screaming but my mind wasn’t processing what was going on. I knew my mouth was hanging open. I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. My eyes were wide open, taking everything in around me. But, I still couldn’t process what I was seeing.

I took another step into the room and looked around me. I wanted to help in some way but I didn’t know how. There was now two babies, one boy and one girl. They were flying around their parents heads, dive bombing them at every opportunity they had. I finally laughed at the scene, causing the children to dive bomb me.

Dive bombing babies

What was next?

Fairies raining from the sky?

“Down, kids,” they landed in my arms and grinned up at me. “Why are you two making your parents crazy?” I asked.

We were having fun, but I didn’t think they wouldn’t like us playing.. Daddy’s face is all red from screaming at us,” the girl whispered through our mind-link. I shook my head and handed them back to their parents, a look of ‘don’t you dare’ on my face. They gulped and nodded their little heads.

“So, what are you naming my niece and nephew?” I asked as I looked at them, a smirk on my face. I could tell Kaiden was wondering how I got the kids to behave, but he wasn’t going to ask.

“Uh, we will need to get back to you on their names,” Kaiden said as he scratched the back of his neck.

We already know our names, daddy.” She looked around at us, a smile on her face. “My name is Kendra. It means bold power.”

My name is Ethan. My name means strong or strength,” baby Ethen told us as he cuddled up to his mom.

“Well, okay then.” Kaiden blew out a breath of air. “I love your names and I’m sure your mommy does too.” Laci nodded her head and laid her head down on the bed.

“Well, we will leave you to your family. Congratulations.” I turned to look at Ethan and Kendra. “You two need to behave and let your mommy and daddy rest, okay?” They nodded quickly and closed their eyes.

We walked out of the hospital and went our separate ways. “Is that what we have to look forward to when we have our child?” Draco asked as I stopped and smiled.

“Yes. They will be more powerful than us. But, we will need to make sure they don’t turn to dark magic. I have had great teachers and I know we can do the same.”

“We need to let our people know you are okay.” I stopped him and leaned up to kiss him. I never wanted to go through what could have happened to him. My heart hurt just thinking about losing him.”

“Come on, Kaley, I’ve already called a meeting,” Draco stated as he teleported us to the back of a stage.

“I know it has been a hectic day, but I do have good news,” Dagon spoke and I could hear the dragons’ minds asking how it could be a good day. They were upset and had a right to be. I blew out a breath and stepped on the stage with Draco. The room went quiet, not one word spoken. I was worried they would be mad at us and would start shouting, but they were waiting for us to explain before they passed judgement.

“I’m very sorry for making everyone think I was dead, but I had to weed out a couple of traitors. I had to make everyone believe I was dead so they could put their plan of action in play. They didn’t take but an hour before they spelled one of our elders and entered our home. They wanted to take up the crown and rule over you,” Draco explained as everyone stayed quiet.

A man in the back walked forward. “And, what names do the traitors go by?”

Draco knocked on the podium and two guards came out with them. They were strung up in large links of chains and tied to a pole. “These two planned to take the crown and work with a false god. They do not pray to our Goddess Timet.”

All we heard was growls. The traitors backed up as far as they could, not that they could back up anymore than they were. Draco raised his hand to silence the room. “They went against our Goddess. They planned to kill the rest of us, including our mates.” He paused and looked around. “I need to hear what you think would be their punishment, but I will not oust them until this false god is brought down.”

“I do believe we should let the Elder, who was spelled, decide their fate!” A woman yelled out, almost making me chuckle. I could see the fire in the Elders eyes. I knew he was still upset but he calmly walked up to the side of the podium.

He knocked on the podium and took a huge breath...

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