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Chapter 41 - Naive Little Girl

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A man in the back walked forward. “And, what names do the traitors go by?”

Draco knocked on the podium and two guards came out with them. They were strung up in large links of chains and tied to a pole. “These two planned to take the crown and work with a false god. They do not pray to our Goddess Timet.”

All we heard was growls. The traitors backed up as far as they could, not that they could back up anymore than they were. Draco raised his hand to silence the room. “They went against our Goddess. They planned to kill the rest of, including our mates.” He paused and looked around. “I need to hear what you think would be their punishment, but I will not oust them until this false god is brought down.”

“I do believe we should let the Elder, who was spelled, decide their fate!” A woman yelled out, almost making me chuckle. I could see the fire in the Elders eyes. I knew he was still upset but he calmly walked up to the side of the podium.

Kaleys POV

“That won’t be a problem,” the Elder said from behind us. He wasn’t alone and I was wondering who the others were. “Let me introduce you to the Elder council. They have seen what these two have done in my mind and are here to pass judgement on them.”

I was wondering what kind of judgement they would have passed on them. I didn’t listen to their minds because I didn’t want to invade their privacy. “Thank you, Queen Kaley.”

My eyes widened in surprise, a chuckle leaving the Elders lips as I shook my head and smiled. I knew who they were immediately after he chuckled but I kept my mouth from flapping open and spilling secrets that weren’t my own. I got a nod from the Elder in thanks.

The Elder’s talked quietly amongst themselves as we waited on their decision. It seemed to take forever but only took about five minutes. The traitors were yelling out insults to everyone. They were telling everyone we would cause their destruction. They were only growled at.

“We are ready to pass judgment,” the Elder, who had been spelled, stated as he stepped back from the podium.

“Deanna and Micheal, you have been sentenced to life in the No Man prison. You will be seperated and placed in isolation. You will never be able to cause problems again,” one of the Elder counsel stated as he waited for an argument. I shuddered from the name of the prison. I had heard about it before but I had never seen it up close and didn’t want to. From all the horror stories I had heard, I learned no one comes back right in the head if they are let out. They go crazy from the isolation. And, mates being in isolation was a hell in itself.

“You can’t do that to us. I bet that bitch.” She pointed at me. “Put you up to this!”

He looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. I had nothing to do with their decision. Hell, I could even remember the name of the prison until he said it. “Check if you want to. I didn’t remember the prison’s name until you said it.” I walked over to the Elders and stood in front of them. I bowed my head. One of the Elders put their hands on my head and checked my memories. They didn’t get too far into my memories, just enough to know I had nothing to do with the sentence.

“What she said is true,” an Elder stated as I walked back over to Draco, making sure no one spelled me when I wasn’t paying attention. I was clear of spells. Ares and Sonny had made sure to check with me. Hey, I didn’t trust too many people. I was always checking my mind and Draco’s. I didn’t know all the Elders and it would have been easy for someone to plant something in my mind.

“Sentence has been given. Guards, if you would please escort them to the prison,” one of the Elder’s said, the guards showing up behind the two traitors. I was so shocked they could teleport that I gasped out of surprise. The Elder chuckled and winked.

I shook my head and watched as they disappeared. “Does anyone else have anything to add?” Draco asked, pulling me closer to his body.

“Long live, Queen Kaley. Long live, King Draco,” they all yelled, bowing low. I wanted to cry at their understanding. It meant the world to me. They didn’t have to trust me or treat me as if I did nothing wrong but they did. I was forever thankful.

“You may rise. Thank you for trusting us and giving us the chance to explain,” I said, a lump in my throat as I looked them over. I was proud of them and so happy to see they were not mad at us.

“Come on, Kaley. Elder’s, would you like to eat with us?” Draco asked, a small smile on his face. I knew he was happy about our people not being mad at us too.

“Of course, King Draco, we would love to,” an Elder answered. We walked into the living room and I swear the Elder’s eyes widened to take in all the food I had teleported into the room as we were walking here.

“I thought we could get comfortable and not eat in a stuffy dining hall,” I told them as we waited for them to take a seat on the cushions.

“Thank you. We hate sitting in a stuffy room with stuffy people. This is quite refreshing,” another elder commented as he sat.

I nodded and laughed. “Oh, and Mom, Dads’, Windy, Ares, and Royal King Sonny, y’all can show yourselves,” I said, a small smile on my face as I faced in their direction. The Elder’s heads whipped around about the time they came out of Windy’s veil.

“We were testing you, Kaley. We need you to keep your skills sharp,” my mom teased. I rolled my eyes and introduced everyone. We sat down to eat and talk about everything, except the prison. I didn’t want to talk about the prison and they knew it.

I felt the displacement of air and snatched my niece and nephew out of the air. “What are you two up to? I asked them.

We are hiding from our daddy. He’s upset with us for giving him a tattoo," Kendra whispered.

Kaiden walked in and I noticed the kids had disappeared. “Do you see what my angels to did to me?” He asked as he turned around and showed his back to us.

I snatched my niece and nephew out of the air, giving my best glare. “No more tricks on anyone. It’s okay to joke around but not to this point. You have a lot of power in you and you need to think about how you could hurt someone. You won’t do it on purpose, but if you hurt someone and like it, you will turn into a dark witch hybrid, is this what you want?”

The kids shook their heads, their tears running down their faces. They both launched their bodies at their daddy, apologizing to him profusely. They needed to apologize to their daddy. They couldn’t be allowed to think they did something right. They needed to learn.

The Elder’s started laughing. I chuckled a little too, but I could tell Kaiden was getting mad and I didn’t want a mad Kaiden on my hands.

“Quit laughing and help me. I tried to take it off but I can’t,” Kaiden scolded. Angel walked over to him and waved her hand down his back, the tattoo disappearing instantly.

The babies teleported to their daddy and apologized again. They had tears in their eyes, but I could tell Kaiden didn’t believe their tears anymore than I did.

“Grandchildren,” my mom said, getting their attention. “It’s late. Go to bed and stay there. Let your mommy and daddy have peace this night.” They nodded and left, my mom following them.

“Why is it that your mom and Kaely can get them to do something and you can’t, Kaiden?” Askook asked.

“Because they don’t know if they will spank them or not. I think they know I don’t want to spank them,” he muttered as he scuffed his shoe on the floor.

“Then spank them. I know you don’t want to but you can’t let them cause havoc, Kaiden. If they think you are going to go easy on them they will continue to test you to your limits,” an Elder suggested.

Kaiden sighed and pinched in the bridge of his nose, a sad chuckle falling from his lips. “I guess I am going to need to. I hate it but I can’t let them run loose.” He turned and walked off, with a slight wave of his hand.

We continued to eat and talk until everyone was yawning. “I’ve already had rooms prepared for you, Elder’s.” I stood up and cleaned up our mess.

“Thank you. I’m not sure I could have made it to our home,” an Elder, John, confessed. I felt weird and I could tell the rest of us did too. I stopped everyone and cleared the air out of the room. It took us about ten minutes to feel normal again. I immediately took off to the supply closet, Askook running the other way to our families rooms.

I opened the door to see three people with gas masks on. They were squatted down over a tank that was connected to the air conditioner. I growled and pulled them out of the closet, freezing them as soon as I did. I pulled their masks off and growled even louder. I should have known and it pissed me the fuck off that it took me some time to figure out someone was messing with us.

“What the hell were you thinking? You poisoned us and the Elder council!” I yelled and took a breath in to calm down.

“We were thinking you had used your magic to snare our man. We have always been in his life and you show up and take him away from us,” the ringleader of the bitch club whined.

“Yeah, you aren’t even his true mate!” Another girl screamed.

“You mean I got pregnant by someone other than my mate? You know it’s impossible to get pregnant by someone other than your mate. You are imbeciles,” I asked sarcastically.

“You’re pregnant?” One of the lackeys asked me in a small voice.

“You are lying!” The leader yelled.

I rolled my eyes and looked at the Elder’s. “Can someone please prove I’m not lying about being Draco’s mate and I'm carrying his child."

One of the Elder's came to me and sifted through my memories quickly. He stopped at the one of me meeting Draco and also on the one of me being pregnant. He asked both my wolf and my dragon if I was pregnant by my mate.

“She does not lie. You three have lied to everyone. You were going to kill her, Hailey, and Angel after you knocked them out. You had a deal going on to see who would be mates and with whom, did you not?”

“Uh, well, we weren’t going to kill her, right Stacy? The shy girl asked, a look of confusion on her face. Oh, these idiots had lied to her.

Naive little girl for sale

Buy one, get two bitche’s for free

I sighed and shook my head at her. “They lied to you, honey. They were going to kill us and make you take the fall for it, right bitch club?” I asked as the one girls tried to step back, her hands covering her mouth, her eyes wide and accusing. She had tears falling down her face and was visibly shaking.

“You were going to murder out Queen and blame it on me! You told me we were going to have a little fun and make our childhood friend a little goofy.” She pulled her hair. “And, the Queen is pregnant. Did you not think what could happen to her child? Did you not think about what would have happened to our next King?” She yelled, stepping back.

“You may leave,” I told the one girl, but the other two tried to walk off. They had forgotten they were frozen and I had only released the shy girl.

“I’m truly sorry,” the girl said before she ran off, tears falling down her face.

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