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Chapter 42 - Visitors

A/N: This is dedicated to my friends oddball, PenumbraMINE, N.Y.O.B., and Jo Jo Sprout. Thank you for all your comments, for making me laugh, and for making me do better.


“Uh, well, we weren’t going to kill her, right Stacy? The shy girl asked, a look of confusion on her face. Oh, these idiots had lied to her.

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I sighed and shook my head at her. “They lied to you, honey. They were going to kill us and make you take the fall for it, right bitch club?” I asked as the one girl tried to step back, her hands covering her mouth, her eyes wide and accusing. She had tears falling down her face and was visibly shaking.

“You were going to murder our Queen and blame it on me! You told me we were going to have a little fun and make our childhood friend a little goofy.” She pulled her hair. “And, the Queen is pregnant. Did you not think what could happen to her child? Did you not think about what would have happened to our next King?” She yelled, stepping back.

“You may leave,” I told the one girl, but the other two tried to walk off. They had forgotten they were frozen and I had only released the shy girl.

“I’m truly sorry,” the girl said before she ran off, tears falling down her face.

Elder Contis POV

I had watched the King and Queen of dragons’ interactions with their people. They were smart and fair, not doing anything out of anger. I had hoped the daughter of Alpha Summer would have control over her powers. I could say with all honesty that Kaley and Haley were remarkable. They were down to earth kinds of people.

We were invited to stay for dinner after the sentencing of Deanna and Michael. I, again, was happy with the arrangements. We were seated on the floor with all kinds of food around us. It was comfortable and relaxing - a stark contrast to all the other Kings and Queens. Even the Royal King joined us after being called out by Kaley for hiding under a veil of invisibility. I was shocked someone could be so close to us and we didn’t know. I knew they were powerful but to use a veil of invisibility. And, then for Kaley to be able to see through it was amazing. These kids were strong in their own right.

We were just about finished eating when I noticed everyone yawning. I was sleepy and I was worried someone had poisoned our food. I noticed Kaley waving her hands around. The air got fresher and our sleepiness went away, but so did Kaley. I followed her scent down a hallway and noticed she had three people in front of her. It was then I noticed the gas masks thrown to the ground - no doubt taken off by Kaley. I could tell she was angry but she didn't let her anger out on the girls. She asked questions first.

When the girls accused Kaley of using magic to snare King Draco, telling her she wasn’t pregnant with his child I almost stepped in, but I wanted to see what Kaely would do. I noticed the rest of the Elder’s had followed us into the room. I didn't think she would use her magic in the manner the girls were saying, but it was possible.

I was asked by Kaley to check her memories. She wanted to insure everyone she hadn’t used her magic to become Queen. I knew she was fuming at the accusation, I could see it in her mind. I went quickly through her memories and watched the scene over and over of her meeting Draco the second time. The first time she didn’t pay attention to him other than to tell him thank you. I watched as she threw her ex-mate out of the house of the girl he was fucking,, the girl following. When the Moon Goddess sentenced him to death Kaley had come back to help her parents, laughing at her ex-mates’ antics. You could tell she was a little sad, but she decided not to dwell on her situation but to help the dragons with their problems. But, she didn’t get a chance to say anything before Draco yelled mine and had Kaley in his arms.

I sped up and watched when she was throwing up and thought she was just sick, even though she knew better. She knew the exact moment she had gotten pregnant with her child. Her memories had shown that she had been pure before she met Draco, that she had wanted her mate to prove to her he could be faithful. She didn't want to be with someone who cheated, so she stayed pure. Not only was she telling the truth but the Moon Goddess had made sure to communicate with me - which was unnerving. I found out Alpha Summer’s children were the Moon Goddess’ grandchildren, making Alpha Summer the Moon Goddess’ daughter.

I quickly shook off the amazement and let the girls know Kaley had not lied. I also let Kaley know about the girl’s plans to kill her and Angel. But, she surprised me by letting the one naive girl know they were setting her up to take the fall for everything. The girl ran out of the room telling Kaley sorry, tears running down her face.

“I’m going to step back in punishing these girls. I’m too close to the situation and I think you all should be the one to set their punishment. I know they were going to try and kill me but they are good friends of my mate-” Kaley tried to say.

“-No! I have never been friends with them. I don’t even know who they are!” Draco yelled.

Kaley slowly turned around and looked at the girls, really looked at them, a cruel smile on her face. ’Guess I was right to start with. I just asked my mate to make sure, but when you tried to spell me I knew you were witches." She walked closer to them and stopped. "So, the black witches have made an appearance, right?” She sarcastically asked as my eyes widened. I understood her cruel smile so much better.

“What gave us away, bitch? We were so close to killing you and ending your mates in one go. Our God would have taken his rightful place on the throne. ” One of the witches asked sarcastically as she tried to walk closer to Kaley and Draco.

Kaley cracked her neck and knuckles, chuckling. “Your false god has never been in line to the throne. All he has done is sacrificed good people to take their power. He will start on the witches soon too." The two witches tried to move towards Kaley and Draco. "Having a problem moving, ladies?”


“-Yes,” they almost said in tandem.

“What do you want to do with them, Elder Maxwell?” Kaley asked. I wasn’t surprised she knew he was in charge of the witches. I didn’t think she could ever surprise me again.

We watched as the Elder walked over to the witches. The witch’s eyes widened as he moved in front of them. One second he was here and the next second he disappeared with them. I wouldn't want to go where they were going. I shook my head and laughed. “Now I know why we were told to be here. You are having problems with witches, vampyres, dragons, wolves, and giants, are you not?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir, we have been trying to handle it quietly, but some of our people have been caught up in this mess. The giants have been spelled and we have been slowly taking the spells away and sending them to Alpha Summer’s pack. The Ascended Man, or the false god, as we call him, is taking our people as sacrifices. As you can tell we have been having problems with traitors, so much so that our Goddess Timet has helped us a few times. We-”

“-the Goddess of dragons has showed up personally to help you with these traitorous people?” I asked incredulously, looking in between King Draco, Queen Kaley, Prince Askook , and Princess Angel.

“He tells the truth. I was here helping her pin-point the traitors,” Alpha Summer stated as she walked in, giving each of us a nod in greeting.

“I wasn’t really questioning him, I was completely caught off guard. I don’t remember a Goddess ever coming to earth and helping-”

A beautiful lady was standing in front of me in a second. I heard a crash and some cussing right after. I looked around wide-eyed, staring at two beautiful women who had smirks on their faces. I was sure my mouth was hanging open. It took me a minute to realize that I was standing in front of two Goddess’. I hit my knees as quickly as I could, bowing my head at the same time.

“You may rise,” they said at the same time, the Moon Goddess helping me stand. My legs were shaking, but I was trying hard to stiffen them up and not fall over.

The Moon Goddess started laughing, the Goddess Timet joining her. ’For fucks sake, Timet, I think we broke an Elder.” She looked around. “Or, Elders..”

“I think you are right, Luna,” Timet agreed, chuckling with her. I looked around and saw the other Elder’s pale faces and the laughing faces of Alpha Summer’s family and mates.

I started laughing at the situation. “Way to shut me up, Goddess’. I will never doubt your families again.”

“Okay, our fun time is over. We will see you all after the battle.” The Moon Goddess looked at everyone. “Oh, and Elder’s you will be helping with this battle.”

“Uh-” I tried to say as they disappeared.

“So…” Royal King Sonny said, trailing off as he looked at us and laughing.

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