From Here to Love

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Chapter 43 - Family & Fights

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The Moon Goddess started laughing, the Goddess Timet joining her. ’For fucks sake, Timet, I think we broke an Elder.” She looked around. “Or, Elders..”

“I think you are right, Luna,” Timet agreed, chuckling with her. I looked around and saw the other Elder’s pale faces and the laughing faces of Alpha Summer’s family and mates.

I started laughing at the situation. “Way to shut me up, Goddess’. I will never doubt your families again.”

“Okay, our fun time is over. We will see you all after the battle.” The Moon Goddess looked at everyone. “Oh, and Elder’s you will be helping with this battle.”

“Uh-” I tried to say as they disappeared.

Kaley’s POV

“So, I think the Goddess’ broke our Elders, what do you think Hailey?” I asked, laughing my ass off at the Elder’s faces.

Hailey looked around and smiled. “Maybe we should take them back to the living room and get them some coffee and time.” I smiled and walked towards the living room, making sure coffee, creamer and sugar were sitting on the coffee table.

The Elders sat down and fixed their coffee, taking big breaths in. I was holding in my laugh but I was sure I had the same amused look on my face as Hailey did. No one said anything for a moment. We relaxed and waited for the Elders comments - I was positive was coming.

“I guess we are helping you in this war then,” Elder Maxwell finally said.

I nodded my head and crossed my legs into a more comfortable position. “I’m not sure why the Goddess’ want you to help, but there you go…” I trailed off.

“Uh, I had a vision not too long ago about helping, but I wasn’t sure what it pertained to until today,” another Elder, whose name i didn’t know, said.

“Can we know your name, Elder?” I asked as I looked at him.

He pulled his hood off his head and my mouth dropped open. I jumped to my feet and flew into his arms. “I thought you were dead, Grandpa!”

“You and your mom were supposed to. It kept you safer..Oof” he said as my mom jumped into his arms, knocking the air out of him.

“Sorry,” my mom told him as all my brothers and sisters walked over.

“We have a grandpa?” Angel asked as she stood there with her hands on her hips.

“A great grandpa. We thought he was dead but I recognized him from all the picture albums mom has and the ones you didn’t care to look at.” I stuck my tongue at my sister and walked back over to Draco.

“Y-you’re my great grandpa?” Angel asked quietly as she stood in front of him.

Our grandpa nodded his head and smiled. “Surprise.” Angel and Constantine ran into his arms, tears running down their faces.

“We always wanted grandparents,” I heard both siblings say.

I felt air displacement and threw my hand out in a claw, catching someone’s throat. “Woah, child,” an older female voice said softly.

“Grandma!” My mom yelled. I let go of the woman and got out of my moms way as she ran over.

She kissed our mom on the forehead and sighed. “I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reveal myself sooner, but we had to wait for this battle to start. I foresaw this battle and we made it look like we died. We didn’t mean to hurt you all, but this battle will be hard and you will need our help. We couldn’t leave you to battle this alone. Plus, we have powers, too - powers you may need soon.”

My great grandmother walked over to the couch my grandfather was at and pulled my mom down to sit beside her, Draco following. It was good seeing my grandma and my grandpa. I couldn’t believe they showed themselves, but I was very happy they did. I thought we didn’t have any grandparents and it was good to know we did. Their life must have been hard. I know hiding and not being around your family had to the worse feeling in the world. I don't know if I could have done it.

Draco reached over and stuck out his hand. “Hi, I’m Draco, Kaley’s mate.”

He bowed to Draco. “I know who you are, King Draco, but it’s a pleasure to meet you officially.”

I watched as they conversed and we all relaxed. The Elder’s were finally getting color in their cheeks. I sighed and rubbed my head. I had a headache that was slowly getting worse. I was worried because I never had headaches, at least not as bad as the one I have.

I saw Angel’s head snap up to me. She got up and walked over to me. “May I?” She asked. I nodded my head, thinking she was going to heal my headache, but she went into my mind. My headache was getting worse by each second.

“Ares, I need your help. Constantine, you, too,” Angel said.

I frowned. I just wanted my headache gone and they were playing with my mind. “No!” I yelled. “Leave me alone.” I growled at them but they didn’t move or allow me to move. "I will kill you all if you don't let me go!"

“What’s wrong with my mate?” Draco asked loudly. I winced and waited for an answer from someone. This wasn’t like me and I knew it, but how could someone change a person’s personality? It wasn’t as if I had an on and off switch.

“She was spelled by a witch - which I’m sure was the last witch standing. I’m not sure how she did it but she did. We break it now or it will consume her. She will turn to black magic if they have their way,” Angel explained. I could feel her trying to find the spell. I was still stuck on how someone spelled me. I was supposed to be protected from spells.

I saw Ares walk over, the rest of my family following. My mate was rubbing my shoulders and telling me to be strong. I was growling and hissing, wanting to throw them all away from me. My dragon wanted to kill them all, but I held her off. I was scared.

So scared

'Fight, Kaley, fight for your life," I heard in my mind. I looked around to see who it was, but no one paying attention to me but my mate. I started fighting as much I could against the spell.

I could feel my body shaking, but I couldn’t stop it. My stomach felt as if I was on the biggest rollercoaster. It was twisting and turning. My brain felt as if it was mis-firing, causing black and silver lights to go across my eyes. I didn’t want to feel this anymore. I wanted them to knock me out. I didn’t want to fight them for helping me, but it was something my whole being wanted to do. I didn’t know what to do with everything.

My mom came over and touched my forehead. I fell into sleep, sighing as I did. No more pain and no more fighting. I was ever so thankful.

’No killing,” I heard whispered in my mind. I wasn’t sure if it was my family or someone else giving me strength, but I would take anything I could get.

I woke up, smelling something foul. I jerked my head back from the foul smell and opened my eyes. Our pack doctor had an ammonia pack under my nose. “That shit is nasty, Doc.”

He laughed and shook his head. “Only you would gripe at me after being in a coma for two weeks.”

“What?” I yelled as I tried to sit up.

Notice I said tried

I looked over and saw my mate. I pulled him closer to me and kissed him all over his face. He had tears in his eyes and dark circles under his eyes. He looked as if he lost weight - weight he didn’t need to lose. “Why the hell do you look as if you haven’t slept in months? And, why do you look as if you haven’t eaten a decent meal in years?” I put my hands on my hips and glared at him.

Draco scratched his head. “Uh…”

The pack doctor started laughing. “I won the bet, so you owe me twenty. I told you she was going to be upset if you didn’t take care of yourself. But, no, you didn’t listen.” I started laughing at Doc’s sarcastic words. I laughed even more when Draco handed him a twenty.

“Never bet on your mate, Draco,” the Doc added. Draco shook his head and smiled.

I got out of the bed and pulled Draco into our room. “Go shower and I’ll have food waiting on you when you get out.”

“How about you shower with me? I need someone to wash my back, my front, my sides, and my hair,” he suggestively asked as he wiggled his eyebrows.

I laughed and nodded my head yes. “Sure, I need someone to wash me too, think you could handle that?” I asked as I walked into the bathroom, making sure I swayed my hips even more.

It didn’t take long before Draco scooped me up. He put me down on the counter and turned the water on in the bathtub or should I say his bath pool. I hadn’t been in the pool yet and I was excited to try it.

I stepped out of my clothes quickly and walked up beside Draco. He didn’t notice me until he turned around. He looked everywhere except beside him. I cleared my throat. “Looking for me?” I asked seductively as I stepped in the pool, Draco joining me after a second.

A/N: A filler chapter, so no cliffy. Hope you enjoyed it.

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