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Chapter 45 - Oh, Hell No!

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“Uh, Kaley, your mom scares the shit out of me,” I heard Draco say.

I looked up at him in surprise.”You never show it though. She won’t touch you, okay?”

I know better to show her my fear. She would eat me up and spit me out,” Draco said, both of us laughing.

We finished our dinner and decided to go to the living room. I needed information about what happened to me. I was nervous and my hands were shaking. Draco turned me around and kissed me senseless. He looked me in the eyes and nodded. I didn’t know what he was looking for, but he grabbed my hand and walked to my parents.

“I see you found your mate awake, Draco,” said a dry voice next to us. I looked over at her and scowled.

Kaleys POV

She was trying to hide in the shadows - which I wouldn’t allow to happen. I opened my psalm and light appeared, chasing away the shadows. “Well, if it isn’t, miss bitch, herself.

“Why are you on my lands?” Draco roared, a scowl on his face. I titled my head to the side as I waited for her answer. If she even thought of moving to my mate she was a dead woman walking.

“I came for your mate. She’s to be our next sacrifice - her child with her.”

I felt a displacement of air from both sides of me. I teleported out of the way and watched them clash with each other. The men scowled at each other and looked for me, but Windy had put me under her veil of invisibility. We moved closer to one of the men, Windy picking his pockets as I did the same to the other man.

“I don’t think so, Glenda,” I whispered, my voice sounding as if it was coming from everywhere and nowhere, a power I had recently found I had.

“Where are you, bitch!” Glenda yelled as she twirled around.

“Behind you!” I roared as I pulled my witches blade to her throat. “Now, who has the upperhand?” I felt four more men in the room, all of them warlocks. “Uh-uh, stay where you are or I will slit her throat here and now.” I waved my free hand, showing the men in the room.

“We could kill you without even moving, so you are not in control,” one of the warlock’s boasted. I felt when their energy dampened and so did they. “What the hell?”

Kendra showed herself. “You have misused your powers for the last time. I was instructed to take your power as mine, never to return to you.” The man tried to swipe at her but Kendra only laughed as she dodged him. I was wondering where Ethan was, but I felt the energy lesson once more. The men fell to their knees as warriors came into the room and handcuffed them.

I was still holding the blade against the witch’s throat, when she started moving her hands around. “I wouldn’t try to reach for anything if I was you. One more move and I will slit your throat.” I nodded my head at Kendra. I wanted her to do what was needed, but I wasn’t sure if our grandmother told her to take her nasty power.

“I will not be taking your power, but I will be binding it. You will never be a functioning witch again. You should have stayed with white magic instead of following the false god. You were a good witch for years until you became power hungry,” Kendra explained and then sighed. “You need to show how much you want to change before you ever get your powers back. Go back home, ask for forgiveness, and do right. I will always know where you are and what you are doing.” Kendra teleported her out of my hands.

“What the heck, Kendra? You know she will return to the false god and tell him everything!” I exclaimed. What the hell was she thinking. This could get us killed in seconds and she just lets her go? I was mad at her, but I understood having a tender heart.

“I know where she will be at all times. I took her magic and it will tell if she messes up again. I can kill her without being near her now," Kendra explained. Wait! When did Kendra start talking out loud. “Since it was needed.” Kendra answered my unspoken words, smirking as she did.

I laughed at her words, sitting back on the couch. “Well, that was fun. Not. Can we please talk about what happened to me yesterday?” I asked as I sat down on the couch. I leaned my head on Draco’s shoulder, needing the comfort this discussion was not going to give me. I was uncomfortable with everything happening to me. It felt as if I was being targeted. Was it because I was pregnant with the next King or was it because I was powerful?

“You were spelled. I believe it was the witch Kendra took her powers from. I caught glimpses of her in your mind, but she didn’t look the same,” Angel said, a confused look on her face.

“Look at my memories and see if I met her before. We need to contain her if so,” I quickly said. I didn’t want anyone around me who was going to spell me. Angel walked over and placed her hand on my head, doing the same to Draco.

Angel gasped and pulled out of our quickly, causing both Draco and myself to wince. “You both saw her yesterday. It was the witches who were here poisoning the Elders-”

“-which one? What did she look like and, most importantly, is Draco spelled?” i asked, fire question after question at her, not taking a breath in between.

“This one, aunt Kaley,” I turned towards Kendra’s voice and saw she was holding onto the witch, the one who ran off crying

“Have you checked her mind for spells?” I asked, walking over to where the girl was, a blindfold over her eyes.

“Yes. She’s not miss innocence in all this. She thought if she could get rid of the other girls she would have a shot with your mate.”

Draco threw his head back, a bark of laughter releasing from his throat. “She would have never had a chance with me. Not. One. Single. Chance!”

“But, I could make a great mate. She’s nothing and will always be nothing. What is she, great in bed?” Draco growled while I slapped her face. Hard.

Oh, hell no!

“Speak of my mate again and you will die,” Draco growled, the girl holding her cheek and glaring at me.

I rolled my eyes. “You are stupid. You must have not met your mate.”

“I have too. I rejected him to be with King Draco, but you took him away from me!” The girl yelled as she showed her true self.



And, childish

Draco scoffed when he saw who it was. “Oh, yes, the famous Linda. You are the whore to our pack. Why would I want to touch you when you’ve been with thousands of my soldiers?”

“Who is your mate?” Sonny asked, pushing his power through his pores. It was suffocating if you weren’t strong enough, the girl obviously being someone who couldn’t handle power.

My mate is Warrior Bryant,” the girl whispered. Sonny shook his head and teleported Warrior Bryant to us, the said Warrior bowing to Sonny and Draco.

“Warrior Bryant, did you accept your mate’s rejection?” Sonny asked Bryant.

“No, sir, I didn’t and it’s killing me. She’s been with ten men and one woman since she rejected me this morning,” Bryant said confidently, a hint of sadness clinging to him.

“You shall have a new mate, but she will never have a second chance mate. She doesn’t deserve it, plus, she won’t be alive for much longer,” Sonny warmly said to Bryant and coldly to Linda.

“No!” She yelled, her eyes begging Sonny or her mates help, but none would be given.

I felt Sonny break the bond between Bryant and Linda. But, what I didn’t expect was him to turn towards someone and say, “Mate.” I turned to look at who he was claiming and I thrown into shock, utter shock. Black spots danced in my eyes, causing me to rub my eyes and look again at Warrior Bryant's mate.

A/N: A little shorter chapter so I leave on a cliffy. Sorry, not sorry. Lol. I hoped you enjoyed this chapter. Who's eager to see who Warrior Bryant's mate is?

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