From Here to Love

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Chapter 46 - More Like A Pain

A/N: Dedicated to N.Y.O.B., oddball, PenumbraMINE, and Jo Jo Sprout.

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“Warrior Bryant, did you accept your mate’s rejection?” Sonny asked Bryant.

“No, sir, I didn’t and it’s killing me. She’s been with ten men and one woman since she rejected me this morning,” Bryant said confidently, a hint of sadness clinging to him.

“You shall have a new mate, but she will never have a second chance mate. She doesn’t deserve it, plus, she won’t be alive for much longer,” Sonny warmly said to Bryant and coldly to Linda.

“No!” She yelled, her eyes begging Sonny or her mates help, but none would be given.

I felt Sonny break the bond between Bryant and Linda. But, what I didn’t expect was him to turn towards someone and say, “Mate.”

I turned around and saw...

Kaley’s POV

“What? No, she’s my baby. She’s not going to grow up quickly!” Kaiden exclaimed. He started pacing as Kendra and Bryant looked at each other.

I saw Angel stand up and walk over to Kaiden. “Look at me, grandson.” She paused, all of us knowing the Moon Goddess was present. “Your daughter will grow up, but your son will not grow as fast. You have no say in this matter. You know I would never do anything to hurt my grandchildren, but we need them in this war or we will not survive. Everything I have done so far was so you could live in peace. Do you understand why we need everyone’s mates and their healing? I know you don’t like it, but your next children will do everything normally, well, normal for a werewolf.” Our grandmother slipped out of Kailey’s mind. I could tell she was freaking out, but this whole situation was stressful.

I got up and walked over to Kaiden, hugging him when I reached him. I knew he was upset about his daughter growing up. I also knew Ethan would grow up faster than Kaiden thought. I knew if my child was to grow up as fast I would be down. “Kaiden, they will always be your babies, just like we are. Children never grow up enough to not need their mommy’s and daddy’s.”

Kaiden sighed. “I know, Kaley. I just wanted them to be babies for a little longer, but I understand why she needs to grow up fast. I know my son needs to grow up fast, too. I will get over it but I don’t know if Laci will.”

Laci walked around the corner into the main cavern. “I will get over it. They are still our babies. We need to beat this false god or our world as we know it will be gone. Our children will be gone. This false god wants to rule the whole world, the humans, too. We can’t let him win. They will be fine and we will have more babies in the future, okay?” Laci explained as she walked over and hugged Kaiden.

“So, what now?” I asked, making everyone laugh.

“Now it’s time to get something in our bellies, Kaley,” my mate told me. I teleported food for anyone who needed it. I wolfed my food down, or more like inhaled it. I was hungry and I needed energy quick. I didn't want to take too much energy from my child.

“Hey, where is Chase and Trace?” I questioned. I hadn’t seen my brother’s in a few days and was worried about them.

“Their mate is in heat, so…” my mom trailed off.

“Okay then.” I smiled at my mom and started eating more of the food I had teleported. I was starving and I knew Draco was, too. We both needed more sleep and a lot of food. I was upset with Draco not eating. He needed to keep his health up. I could see the dark crescents under his eyes. He had lost about ten to fifteen pounds and I didn’t like it. He needed to take better care of himself.

I finished my food and was ready for the biggest nap I could have, but I knew we had to deal with Linda first. We had frozen her from moving or being able to talk to the false god. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know.

“I’ll be right back,” Elder Maxwell stated. I watched as he teleported with Linda. I could hear her screaming as he teleported away.

“Uh, what just happened?” I asked, looking at the Elders.

“Honey, he’s taking her to No Man prison. We can’t have her giving away any of our plans, plus, we don’t have time to deal with a trial,” my grandfather told me. I thought about what he said and he was right. We didn’t have time for a trial, hell, we barely have time for ourselves.

I nodded my head and smiled at my grandfather. “Okay.”

Trace, Chase, and their mate walked into the room. They looked as if they were about to fall asleep, but were hungry for bears. I teleported food, a lot of food, to them. They ate like the hungry wolves they were. I shook my head at their terrible table manners, but I could understand how they were feeling.

Draco turned his amused gaze on me. “Do they always eat as if they are starving?”

Before I could answer, Chase beat to it. “Pretty much,” he said with a mouthful of food. I shuddered at his manners. He was trying to goad Draco but Draco acted as if nothing had happened.

My mom got up and slapped the back of Chase’s head. “Mom, what was that for?” He asked as he rubbed the back of his head, a frown on his face.

“Quit being gross and use your manners. You are not a beast, so do not act like one.” My huffed and stared him down - which shocked the hell out of me. Chase was stronger than our mom.

I’m showing her respect, Kaley,” Chase sarcastically answered my unspoken question. I made sure to shore up my mind even more. He looked surprised when he couldn’t read my mind anymore. I ended up smirking and turning back to my food.

I had to shore up my mind from my brothers. They would have looked at every memory I had. I didn't want them to see certain things in my mind. I didn't want them to see my time with Draco.

Never going to happen

Draco chuckled. “Good job, Kaley, even I can’t read your mind as of right now.” I smiled up at him and kissed his chin.

“We need to get a battle plan ready, but first we need to check the place for bugs and then have Kendra put us in a protective bubble. Does anyone object?” My mom asked as she looked at all of us. Everyone shook their heads no.

I felt the air moving. It was coming from my left. I ducked down and grabbed the back of their shirt when they went over the top of me. I pulled the man to me and laid my blade on his neck. It took me two seconds to realize I was holding a blade to Elder Maxwell’s throat. I instantly dropped him and put my blade back into its hiding spot.

“You’re quick, Queen Kaley. I wanted to test you and you passed with flying colors. I knew Kendra and Ethan knew I was here, but you knew exactly where I was,” Elder Maxwell praised. “Where in the hell did the blade come from?”

I laughed and shook my head at him. “I always have a weapon on me, well, most of the time. I borrowed my mate’s blade this time.”

Draco’s head snapped to me as he searched his holsters. “How did I not feel you taking my blade out of my side holster?”

“Because I’m quick and smooth.” I smirked at him, watching an amused look cross his face. Everyone else laughed at us.

Not always. Sometimes you like to be quick and hard,” he said amusedly. I slapped his chest and hid my red face in his chest.


I heard a throat being cleared and looked at my grandfather. He was looking at Draco as if he was going to beat his ass, my dads doing the same. I rolled my eyes at all of them. “Get over yourselves. We are mates, whose minds you read as if you have a right to.” They ducked their heads as I looked up at the ceiling exacerbated. I was waiting on the Moon Goddess to get onto them and I wasn’t disappointed. A card dropped down in front of the three who thought they could do what they wanted.

“Uh-oh, we have an ass chewing from my mom coming soon.” My mom looked at me and smiled. “I’ll be nice and quit reading your mind.” My dads nodded their heads.

I rolled my eyes and thought about how long it was going to last. “It will last, Kaley.” I turned my head slowly towards her, looking as if I was some creepy horror movie doll. I cocked an eyebrow at my mom.

“Really? So, after one second of saying you weren’t going to read my mind, you read my mind again?” My mom sputtered, not being able to come up with a promising reply. I nodded and shored up my mind-link even more. I couldn't believe my mom, or my brothers. I thought we had a no-mind-reading policy in place unless it was emergency, but no, the policy was thrown out the window in a second. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

Draco got up, pulling me up with him. We started searching for bugs, cameras and bombs. Who knew what these idiots had put in our home. It took us a while to find all of them. In the long run we had to get Kendra to find the last one - a bomb. A damn bomb. What the hell is wrong with people? Evil bastards wanting to take us all down. Now, I was mad.

“I’ll be right back.” Kendra was gone before I registered what she said. She came back chuckling. We waited for her to notice everyone had gone quiet. She looked up and waved, as if she was in a parade and we were her adoring fans.

Yeah right

More like a pain

Who I love

I rolled my eyes again. “Well?”

“I took a bomb and dropped it on them.” It was so quiet you could hear crickets twenty miles away.

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