From Here to Love

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Chapter 47 - Adorable & Deadly

A/N: Just wanted to shout out to oddball, N.Y.O.B., PenumbraMINE, and Jo Jo Sprout.

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“Uh-oh, we have an ass chewing from my mom coming soon.” My mom looked at me and smiled. “I’ll be nice and quit reading your mind.” My dads nodded their heads.

I rolled my eyes and thought about how long it was going to last. “It will last, Kaley.” I turned my head slowly towards her, looking as if I was some creepy horror movie doll.

I cocked an eyebrow at my mom.“Really? So, after one second of saying you weren’t going to read my mind, you read my mind again?” My mom sputtered, not being able to come up with a promising reply. I nodded and shored up my mind-link even more. I couldn’t believe my mom, or my brothers. I thought we had a no-mind-reading policy in place unless it was emergency, but no, the policy was thrown out the window in a second. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

Draco got up, pulling me up with him. We started searching for bugs, cameras and bombs. Who knew what these idiots had put in our home. It took us a while to find all of them. In the long run we had to get Kendra to find the last one - a bomb. A damn bomb. What the hell is wrong with people? Evil bastards wanting to take us all down. Now I was mad.

“I’ll be right back.” Kendra was gone before I registered what she said. She came back chuckling. We waited for her to notice everyone had gone quiet. She looked up and waved, as if she was in a parade and we were her adoring fans.

Yeah right

More like a pain

Who I love

I rolled my eyes again. “Well?”

“I took a bomb and dropped it on them.” It was so quiet you could hear crickets twenty miles away.

Kaleys POV

“I took a bomb and dropped it on them.” It was so quiet you could hear crickets twenty miles away. I made sure to make myself invisible, but he was able to see me-”

“What?” Warrior Bryant asked as he walked over and checked her over.

She rolled her eyes. “Silly, I froze him and then dropped the bomb in the middle of his war table, but I did get a picture of it before he noticed me.”

I barked out a laugh, the other’s followed me. “You froze him but made sure to take a picture before bombing him?” I was wheezing out a laugh as were the others. “Way to go, niece. You did a great job.” I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

“And, whose phone did you use?” My mother questioned, knowing none of us had given our phone.

She blushed. “Uh, er, itwasmymatesphone.”

Huh? What kind of language was she speaking? The girl was crazy, but beautiful. I hoped she was okay.

Wow, you are really stupid, Kaley.” My wolf rolled her eyes, my dragon following her example. “She said, ’it was her mate’s phone.

“You borrowed your mate’s phone?” I asked her. She looked down and nodded, scuffing her shoes on the floor. I just noticed she had grown by two years.

What the hell?

Adorable and deadly

I heard her say, “Sorry, mate, but I had to be quick.”

Warrior Bryant picked her up and rubbed her back. “It’s okay, Kendra. You did great getting information we needed.” Kendra smiled and laid her palm on his face.

“Kendra, can you please put us in a protective and soundproofed bubble?” I asked her. It wasn’t a second later that we saw the protective bubble. It was clear, but we could hear what was going on outside of the bubble, too.

“We need a map of this territory,” my mom stated, looking at the dragons.

I rolled my eyes and snapped my fingers. “There, problem solved.”

Draco’s eyes widened. “Is this one of my oldest maps, Kaley?”

“Nope, it’s a copy of your oldest map,” I answered and smiled at his relieved face. “I wouldn’t mark an old map for anything, but I have a feeling he’s using this one.”

“He is, aunt Kaley.” Kendra teleported a laptop to us and plugged in her mates phone, hitting a few keys to bring up the picture. I was floored by my niece. How in the hell did she learn technology so quickly? “I learned by watching the nurses at the hospital, aunty.” Great, she's now reading my mind.

I rolled my eyes, once again. “Aww, come on. Can anyone go five minutes without reading my mind? You don’t want to be in there for long. My mind is a web of craziness.”

“Let’s get to work,” Kendra quickly said, causing me to sigh and let everything go. Everyone was marking the map closest to them. I was surprised to see all the places the false god was coming at us. It was unusual but it’s what made it fascinating and scary. He had plans on top of plans. I had to wonder how many people he had helping him. I shuddered but not from fear.

We finished and looked at the marks. “Isn’t that the door we blocked and spelled?” I asked, turning my head to Draco and pointing at the map.

He looked to where I was pointing and nodded. “It is. We will probably need to check if the spell is still holding.” I nodded and thought about how the witches had gotten onto our land. I knew some witches could teleport, but what I felt of the witches we did see there was only one witch who could have teleported.

“We need to check it now. I think the witches entered through there. There was only one witch who was strong enough to teleport, well, maybe two,” I explained, knowing my mom would know who I was talking about.

All of a sudden we were all at the wall. I looked wideyed at my nephew - who had a big smile on his face. I snorted at his antics and looked at everyone. I shrugged my shoulders and turned towards the wall. I noticed the rocks were rolled away and the blue light from our spell was gone. I took a step back when I felt power coming from the other side of the door.

Quick. Hold hands and let’s get this wall spelled again. The false god is getting closer to the other side of the wall,” Kendra mind-linked us. We held hands and started our spell as quickly as we could.

Spell this portal

Don't let it fall

Kill all who enter with malice

Protect those with a pure soul

Letting them glow like an opal

Let all who enter with bad intention not be able to see

So mote it be!

The light dimmed from the other side drastically and lit up drastically on our side. Damn, the kids were what we needed to enforce the spell more. I was ever so thankful they were born on time. The little boogers were smart and very powerful.

“No!” We heard from the other side of the wall. It was loud and painful - causing all of us to duck down and hold our ears. I felt something dripping from my ears and couldn't figure out what it was. I reached up and noticed it was blood, and I wasn’t the only person with dripping from their ears.

Freaking false god

I stood up first and almost fell back over but before I could step my ears were healed. Kandra smiled at me and nodded her head. I followed her example and healed everyone I could, which wasn’t that many. I healed Draco and was headed to heal Warrior Bryant, but Kendra growled at me, stopping me in my tracks. I turned around and grabbed Draco’s hand and headed back into the main cavern.

I wasn’t going to hurt her mate and she knew it. I didn’t understand why she would get mad at me for helping her mate. I would never growl at her for making sure someone was alright. But, I had to think of it her way. She didn’t heal Draco, she saved him for me to heal, so she didn’t want anyone to touch her mate.

Oh, I was stupid.

“Are you just now figuring that out? She was territorial of her mate. You should have understood this, but you weren’t thinking. Again. I’m living inside a fucking dumb human half the time,” My wolf sarcastically said, my dragon happy with her words.

I’m not fucking dumb.” I huffed. “It didn’t come to me until now. Kendra is so young I didn’t she would be territorial yet.” I blocked my other halves and noticed I was seated next to Draco with everyone sitting down and looking at the map.

Maybe I am dumb

“What do you think, Kaley?” My mate asked me, causing me to jump like a scalded cat.

“Uh, erm.” I looked at him. “Can you repeat the question?”

They all laughed as I looked confused and hurt. “He didn’t ask you a question. We could tell you were in your head or talking to your wolf and dragon.”

“It was my wolf,” I told her, a red tint to my face, one I could feel getting darker. I hid my face in Draco’s chest, not wanting anyone to see my red face or commenting on it. But, this was my family where everyone made fun of each other.

“Why are you so red? Did your wolf act up,” my twin, Hailey, asked me, a knowing look on her face.

“It’s not your business. Are we going to talk about what the false god up to now?” I asked, trying to deflect Hailey’s question. Yeah, as if that would happen.

Now I’m intrigued,” she said back.

And, here we go ladies and gentlemen, this was my family.

Always digging for information

Like, that was going to happen

I ignored her and looked the map over. The room was quiet but I didn’t care. I was not answering her question, so she could just let it go and all would be well. I was about to explode with anger. I wanted to beat her down for her disrespect. I wanted to kill her for questioning me.

Oh, shit

I turned to Draco. “Help me, please. Somethings not right.”

A/N: So Kendra took the information from the false god and they had to spell the wall again. What do you think is happening with Kaley and why? There's always a reason, but you will find out soon.

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