From Here to Love

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Chapter 48 - Boy did I

You know the drill...Dedicated to oddball, N.Y.O.B., PenumbraMINE, and Jo Jo Sprout. Thanks is the only word I can think to say.


“It was my wolf,” I told her, a red tint to my face, one I could feel getting darker. I hid my face in Draco’s chest, not wanting anyone to see my red face or commenting on it. But, this was my family where everyone made fun of each other.

“Why are you so red? Did your wolf act up,” my twin, Hailey, asked me, a knowing look on her face.

“It’s not your business. Are we going to talk about what the false god up to now?” I asked, trying to deflect Hailey’s question. Yeah, as if that would happen.

Now I’m intrigued,” she said back.

And, here we go ladies and gentlemen, this was my family.

Always digging for information

Like, that was going to happen

I ignored her and looked the map over. The room was quiet but I didn’t care. I was not answering her question, so she could just let it go and all would be well. I was about to explode with anger. I wanted to beat her down for her disrespect. I wanted to kill her for questioning me.

Oh, shit!

I turned to Draco. “Help me, please. Somethings not right.”

Dracos POV

Kendra jumped up and teleported to my mate quickly. She put her hands on her head and looked for spells. She quickly called Sonny, Windy, Ares, and Ethan to her. I could feel her control slipping and I was scared.

“Get over here, Chase. You can help using your new power. Hurry, we don’t have much time,” Kendra ordered. I slipped into the circle of all them. I had to make sure my mate was okay. I could feel her control slipping and I wasn’t having my mate turn to black magic. I pulled her into my arms and felt her relax against me. I might have her sigh while she snuggled closer. I wanted to know how the hell my mate was getting spelled. I hated it. I knew she hated being spelled, too. I knew she was scared out of her mind. I should have noticed her mood changing. I knew she wanted to go after Kendra’s throat when she was growled at her, but I thought she was hurt and couldn’t figure out why.

I went through Kaley’s mind thoroughly. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anymore darkness lingering. I needed her to be well. She was pregnant and this couldn’t be easy on her. I never wanted to see her struggling with the darkness again. This false god had a lot of nerve and he would pay for it with his life. I was about to back out of her mind when something occurred to me. I wanted, no, needed to know who spelled her and when. I checked through her memories and was surprised. I backed out slowly and shook my head, almost falling on my face from my lack of energy. I was thankful when Kendra teleported food to each of us.

“When did you get those powers, Draco?” Sonny asked me as checked on Kaley - who was asleep on my lap, her nose in my neck.

“A few minutes after you started checking her mind. I was surprised and I still am. I was very happy I could help out. I did help out didn’t I?” I asked as I looked around me at the worried faces.

“Very much so. I was pleasantly surprised how you handled a powerful power for your first time,” Sonny answered.

“It was as if something or someone was guiding my hand, guiding my actions,” I confessed, a grimace on my face. “At least it didn’t hurt to get this one.” I laughed, the others laughing quietly with me.

“Did you find out who spelled her?” Ares asked as he sat down next to Windy.

Boy, did I


“Yes. King Sonny, would you like to see what they look like?” He nodded and walked over. “It’s not who you think it would be.” Sonny grimaced and nodded his head. I felt him look at the memory I had acquired from Kaley. I was very thankful he only looked at the certain memory.

“Son of a bitch!” Sonny yelled as he punched the wall next to us. “Sorry about the wall. I thought we killed the bitch off.”

“Who?” Windy questioned as she walked over to Sonny. “May I, brother?” Sonny nodded. I watched as Windy looked at the memory.

“Well, fuck,” Windy said dryly. “It’s not the same person we sentenced to death. This must be her twin, or the guards grabbed the wrong sister. This one works in laundry. I’ll be right back. Watch your back, guys.” Windy disappeared and Sonny collapsed on the couch.

“This is a cluster fuck,” I commented, causing everyone to laugh. It took a while to calm down, all of us needed to let out our stress.

I sat back and closed my eyes for a second. When I opened my eyes again Windy was standing in front of me with the woman in Kaley’s memory. I tilted my head to the side as I looked at her and shook my head.

“This is not the one from her memories,” I informed Windy.

“What is going on, Royal Beta?” The woman asked as she tried to stare into my eyes. I wasn't going to look at her and be spelled, too. If this was the right woman we didn't need to stare at her.

"No one look into her eyes," I ordered through the mind-link.

I sat up and put Kaley on the couch, covering her up with a blanket. “Ma’am, would you mind if I read your mind. We need to rule out if you are a traitor or not.”

She nodded her head. “Yes you can. I will not keep you out. Please let me help.”

I nodded and put my hands on her head, Windy checking her pockets for any weapons. I searched through her mind three times, but didn’t find anything. I called Kendra and Ethan to me. I needed help to make sure she was telling the truth.

All three of us checked her memories. We checked in any spot to make sure she wasn’t spelled. I backed out slowly, following the kids’ actions. “She didn’t do anything. Where is her sister?”

“She should be in No Man prison or dead. I ordered her death for trying to kill Windy and my mate,” Sonny answered. “Come on, Windy and Ares.”

“What’s your name, dear?” Summer asked softly. I was surprised that she could be soft when it was called for. I knew she was a tough she-wolf. I liked how she taught her children at an early age. I hoped Kaley and I could do the same with our children. I wanted them to be able to protect themselves.

“M-my name? Uh, it’s Meagan, Ma’am,” the woman answered, looking at her feet. “Do you know why I am here?” The woman asked as she kicked her feet up and down. It was distracting and a bad feeling hit my heart.

I teleported over to the woman and grabbed her neck, making sure my claws were close to her throat. I checked her pockets, making sure to check her waistband, legs, and boobs. I really didn’t want to touch her, but I had to be sure. I was glad I had. This crazy ass woman had mercury and silver on her.

I felt someone teleport at my back and I rolled with the woman in my arms, my claws still on her throat. “I guess he figured out she was lying, Wndy,” Sonny dryly said as he walked in front of the woman. I handed him the poisons I had confiscated from her body. “Which twin are you?”

I read her mind as quick and as silent as I could, knowing Sonny would do the same. I caught the name we were looking for. I also caught that she had traded places with her twin and the wrong twin was executed. This woman was beyond evil. She made me sick and instantly I felt dirty.

“Her name is Teagan. She traded places with Meagan and threatened Meagan with the same substance she had in her pockets," I told them. "This woman is beyond evil. She makes me sick." I moved away from her and started pacing.

“Meagan didn’t want to trade places with her, so Meagan was spelled to act out Teagan’s evil plans regarding you, your mate, Windy, and Ares,” I explained.

I shoved the woman forward and stood up. I wanted to take a bath and scrub my body with sandpaper. I didn’t want to smell anything like the woman. I shuddered and walked back over to the couch and pulled Kaley into my arms. I felt as if I was going to puke my toenails up. The woman was pure evil.

“You are sentenced to death. Stand up!” Sonny ordered. The woman stood up and spit in Sonny’s face, making me shudder and Sonny to detach her head from her shoulders. He wiped his face with a handkerchief.

“That was disgusting,” Kaley said from beside me as she sat up and looked around. “Am I okay now?”

I nodded and smiled at her. “You are, but we will check your mind several times during the day. Do you feel better now?”

A/N: No cliffhanger today. This is a filler chapter and this one will make a lot more sense at the end of this book, so remember their names. There will be no more traitors for a few chapters. Get ready for the ending because it's coming up very soon. I need to introduce you to a new character, but an old one from the first book. Can you figure out who it is?

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