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Chapter 49 - Hot Damn

Dedicated to oddball, PenumbraMINE, N.Y.O.B., and Jo Jo Sprout. Thank you for all your support. I'm honored you have stuck with me through out my writing.


“Her name is Teagan. She traded places with Meagan and threatened Meagan with a painful death if she didn’t go along with her plans. But, Meagan didn’t want to, so she was spelled to act out Teagan’s evil plans regarding you, your mate, Windy, and Ares,” I explained.

I shoved the woman forward and stood up. I wanted to take a bath and scrub my body with sandpaper. I didn’t want to smell anything like the woman. I shuddered and walked back over to the couch and pulled Kaley into my arms. I felt as if I was going to puke my toenails up. The woman was pure evil.

“You are sentenced to death. Stand up!” Sonny ordered. The woman stood up and spit in Sonny’s face, making me shudder and Sonny to detach her head from her shoulders. He wiped his face with a handkerchief.

“That was disgusting,” Kaley said from beside me as she sat up and looked around. “Am I okay now?”

I nodded and smiled at her. “You are, but we will check your mind several times during the day. Do you feel better now?”

Draco’s POV

I could tell she was checking her mind. “I think so, but please get me to my family as fast as possible before I succumb to the darkness.” I nodded my head, a small smile across my lips.

I teleported us to our room and checked the whole room to make sure there were no bombs or surveillance measures in our room. I didn’t want Kaley to be uncomfortable. And, I damn sure didn’t want our room to blow up. I knew Kaley was feeling very fragile at the moment and any one thing could set her off.

“Sorry for reading your mind, Draco, but when have I ever been fragile?” She asked, a big grin on her face.

“I get it. My mate is not fragile. Never has been and never will be," I joked with her, trying to get back into our routine. I was thankful for her teasing. She was strong. Stronger than any woman I had ever met - including my mother.

“Thank you, Draco.” She gave me a devilish grin and stripped our clothes off, only circling one figure around.

I laughed loudly, picking Kaley up and throwing her on our bed. “Ooh, someone wants to play rough,” she said, a teasing smile on her face. I didn’t give her time to say anything else before I attacked her in tickles. She hated it when I tickled her. She would tell me her stomach hurt too bad to love on me. I always knew the truth and she did, too.

I picked her up and walked towards our bathroom, but Kaley had other plans and teleported us to the bathing pool, making me laugh loudly and smile at her. She loved the bathing pool a lot. If I couldn’t find her in our room I knew she was floating in the bathing pool.

Kaley dunked me in the water, coming with me to the bottom, a grin on her face. We both pushed ourselves up to the surface and were laughing. I shook my head at her playfulness but I wouldn’t change it if I could. She always made me feel like a kid again. Oh, she knew when to be serious - of that I had no doubt. I had seen her playfulness turn off quickly when the situation called for it.

“What are you thinking about?” Kaley asked me as she smoothed my thinking lines away, something only she calls them.

“I was thinking I liked your playfulness. I haven’t been able to laugh or wanted to laugh until I met you. Sometimes I feel as if I’m a kid, but I know you can turn serious too. It’s a big turn on if you haven’t noticed.” I grabbed my cock in my hand and showed her, causing her to laugh.

“You are always turned on when I’m around and I love it,” she stated as she went to her knees in front of me. I moaned as soon as her mouth wrapped around my cock. She was still learning what made us both moan and groan. Well, we were both learning each other’s bodies. I was happy I waited for her as she did me. She was learning fast and I didn’t want to come in her mouth, but anything my mate wanted she got. If she thought I was going to pull away she would partially freeze me, but I was getting better about getting out of her spell.

I groaned when my cock popped out of Kaley’s mouth. “Come on and I will make feel a lot better. I’m feeling a little left out and I have an idea, well, both my dragon and wolf have an idea,” she told me, a blush coating her cheeks at her counterparts thoughts.

“Yours and mine, honey,” I whispered, forgetting her wolf hearting was better than my dragon hearing. Of course she laughed and led me to the rock with the bedding.

We toweled off quickly. “Okay, we are both going to pleasure each other at the same time,” she quietly said, a bigger blush staining hers and mine cheeks. She showed me how she wanted to lay on our bedding and I was all for it. I understood what she was talking about and quickly settled on the bed. “Eager much?”

“Yes,” was all I said, letting her slide underneath me. I was at her core and she was at my cock.

Position 69

We both leaned in and took the first lick in our new position. I loved it when we both moaned at the same time. I didn’t pay attention to what my mate was doing other than to moan and groan. We both started moving our hips and getting into the rhythm of what would be our mating moves had we been in a different position.

Kaley was rubbing her clit more and more on my chin stubble, her movements jerky and fast. She was swallowing more of my cock down than before and I was out of control myself. She didn't seem to mind about my jerky hips. She was deep throating me every time. I could feel her throat muscles working to accommodate more of my cock in her mouth, her hand playing with my balls.

“I’m very close, Kaley,” I stated, knowing she was too. She nodded and bit the inside of my thigh as I bit her clit. We both started screaming out our pleasure. We both went limp at the same time.

I turned over on my back next to my mate, breathing heavy. “Wow,” I commented after getting my breath back.

“Yep, but I’m not done with you yet, mate,” Kaley commented as she looked over at me and down my body. It didn’t take but a second for my cock to stand at attention again. She had me wrapped around her little finger.

We both got up and cleaned off the sweat from our bodies after Kaley fell asleep with a small smile on her lips. “Come on, mate, we need to get some sleep. I will take care of your needs later.”

“Are you sure?” She asked as I picked her up and walked into our room, laying her on the bed.

“I’m positive. You and our pup need to rest, okay? I won’t go anywhere until you wake up or I wake you up. Now, sleep, Kaley,” I assured her. She snuggled into my arms as soon as I laid down next to her. I held on to her ust as tightly. She was my world and nothing was going to harm her. I was getting stronger with my gifts and I knew Kaley was just as strong if not more.

I was awoken by pain. Severe pain radiating out from my body. I heard Kaley scream almost as loud as I did. I had never felt anything like the pain we had. It was bad enough but I knew we could feel each other’s pain, too. I tried to shield the pain I had. I didn’t want to overwhelm Kaley, but she was trying harder to take my pain away.

I halfway heard the door open and tried to shield Kaley from the intruders. “It’s okay, Draco, it’s just her family,” I heard Summer say. I relaxed at her words, feeling less pain from both of us. “My Goddess, how were they handling this much pain, Blaine?”

Blaine didn’t get a chance to say anything when Kendra, Ethen, Sonny, Windy, and Ares barged into the room, clothing us instantly. “We will take the pain from them.”

It wasn’t a second later and I felt the pain recede into acceptable limits. I didn’t know how much they had taken from us and who had taken it from us, but I nodded at Kaley’s whole family as they parted showing my brothers and their mates. My eyes widened when I noticed a woman standing in front of Veles. She was leaning against him and he was smiling.

Hot damn

A real smile

I walked over to Veles and patted him on the back. “Brother, you found your mate.” I stated. I smiled at her and stuck out my hand. “I’m Draco.” I gasped as she pulled me to her and hugged the hell out of me.

Kaley growled and gasped. “Sorry, sorry.” She bowed her head, a bright red stain on her cheeks. I could tell she was upset with her scale and fur side.

The woman laughed and pulled Kaley into her arms. “It’s okay, Kaley, you know I would have done the same thing.”

Kaley gasped again.

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