From Here to Love

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Chapter 5 - Lunch?

A/N: Dedicated to oddball and N.Y.O.B. Thanks y'all


Thanks for breakfast.” He smiled as he looked us in the eye. “I haven’t had bacon and eggs in a long time. The last time I tried to make my own food I almost burned the kitchen down.” He chucked as we joined him. “Needless to say, I’m not allowed to cook anymore, but hey, at least I’m not on kitchen duty any longer.”

“I sometimes burn everything I cook, too. My mates have decided they would be the ones cooking if Marylyn wasn’t around,” I told Alec as I widened my eyes innocently, causing everyone to break out in laughs. I shrugged my shoulders, a small smile on my face.

“On another note, did any of you have a weird dream about witches, giants and dragons?” Alec asked as my face paled and my breath hitched.

Summers POV

“Sorry, I must have shared my premonition with you, too. I can’t usually do it unless it’s my family, but it looks as if my brain is telling me you are family to me. I guess-” I tried to say.

“-or he’s my mate,” Haily breathed out as she stared at Alec in awe.

“Welcome to the family, Alec. But, word of advice, don’t mix up her twin sister with her.” I smiled at him. “Also, she’s as tough as they come. You won’t need to worry if she can protect herself, she can, and with ease.”

“Wow, my mate is beautiful,” he breathed. “But, I know I will need to wait until your of age, but no worries.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” I muttered as Hailey fell to her knees and cried out, snapping her jaws together after the first sound fell from her lips. I could hear Hailey’s cries of pain echoing in my mind, noticing Zane had disappeared as soon as he heard her.

All too soon, Hailey took a huge breath in and got up from the floor, she noticed our looks of shock and awe. She is absolutely beautiful. She looked as if someone had taken a picture of me when I was younger and painted the same features on her, but with a little something extra.

I opened and closed my mouth several times, not finding any words to describe my daughter.

“Your welcome,” came a voice from behind me, one I knew all too well, sending Alec to his knees.

“Grandson, you do not need to bow to me for you’re mated to my granddaughter,” the Moon Goddess told him gently as he looked at her wide eyed.

“Gr-granddaugher?” He questioned, his eyes huge and his mouth agape as he looked at my mom, causing Hailey to chuckle.

“The Moon Goddess, my grandmother, is my mom’s mom, so it would make me her granddaughter,” Hailey spoke slowly as if her words weren’t getting through to Alec. “Wait until you get some of your powers. Talk about freaky.”

“Powers?” He asked as he looked at all of us, asking with his eyes ‘that the hell?’” I started laughing huge rolling belly laughs, tears poured down my cheeks, wetting the top of my shirt. I was sure I snorted a few times as I laughed but I wasn’t worried about it.

“Yes, powers. You will have complimentary powers, some the same, some not. Sometimes it hurts to receive powers, while other times they seem to come to you quickly. You’ll get the gist of it when they come to you right about now,” I explained as he hit knees, Hailey running to him, making sure to talk him through the pain. Not once did he make a sound. I could hear Hailey telling him to relax and let the power through his body, that tensing would only make it hurt more. I looked on amazed as my daughter took him through his trial, not once did she stop talking to him through it. A few moments later he stood up and kissed Hailey’s head, grabbing her hand in his.

“Wow. I need to listen to what you say as soon as you say it, huh?” He turned and lifted Hailey’s hand, kissing her knuckles. “Thank you for walking me through the pain. You don’t know how much it helped me.”

“Well, I need to get back, so…” She looked Alec in the eyes. “You better treat my granddaughter as if she were a princess. Don’t hold her back from fighting beside you. She may look as if she’s a girly-girl but she could kick a grown werewolf ass without needing to shift. I’ve watched her do it countless times.” She disappeared as soon as she finished, Alec was looking around the room as if he could find her.

“She loves to disappear when she’s finished talking. Her words are final and she takes them as such,” I answered his unanswered question, my mates nodding their heads as well as the rest of the kids.

He chuckled, turning to Hailey. “My name is Alec. What is yours, beautiful?”

Hailey looked at Alec as if he was a fine treasure. “My name is Hailey.”

I felt the air displace and turned to face the person who moved, noticing it was Kaley. “And, my name is Haley. I’m so happy to meet you. And, to notice Kalley looks different than me now. Maybe no one will mix us up again. It was definitely a learning experience for my mate when he did, right Kaley?”

She chuckled at the memory, sharing with all of us. “Yeah. He won’t ever make that mistake again. He almost lost a part of himself and then some.” I noticed the men grabbing their junk, hunched over as if Hailey would remove their body parts, us girl’s chuckling darkly.

Don’t we need to be somewhere? I mean, we can tease our mates later,” Athena scolded me as I rolled my eyes at her. I noticed she sent the message to all of us, including Alec who looked shocked.

“Okay, then.” He cleared his throat. “I see why your family is so powerful. We do need to go see the dragons and speak with them. I wanted to ask if they can stay in dragon form?”

“No problem.” I looked at my babies. “My youngest can relay what they are saying.” Alec nodded his head, his eyes still showed a little shock and awe. I watched as he grabbed Hailey’s hand and gave it a squeeze.

Let the shit show start.

Her powers would rock his world.

To his core.

“Mom, behave,” Hailey whined, causing all of us to chuckle and Alec to look confused.

I nodded my head and followed Alec out of our temporary home. My mind was whirling, not unlike a dancer with their partner, twirling around the dance floor. I hadn’t seen a dragon in his form except the one who tried to kill my son, but I didn’t stay around and study the bastard. My only thoughts were on my son and healing him. Just as the dance started spinning wilder we all came to abrupt halt.

“They haven’t really had any company of others other than myself. It will be safe to say they might be a little rough around the edges, okay/” Alec explained as we all thought about what he could mean.

“Alec?” I watch as Alec paused. “Did you bring us some tasty werewolf morsels for breakfast?” I watched gape and his ears turn pink.

Well, shit!

We are lunch.

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