From Here to Love

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Chapter 50 - A New Kind Of Crazy

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It wasn’t a second later and I felt the pain recede into acceptable limits. I didn’t know how much they had taken from us and who had taken it from us, but I nodded at Kaley’s whole family as they parted showing my brothers and their mates. My eyes widened when I noticed a woman standing in front of Veles. She was leaning against him and he was smiling.

Hot damn

A real smile

I walked over to Veles and patted him on the back. “Brother, you found your mate.” I stated. I smiled at her and stuck out my hand. “I’m Draco.” I gasped as she pulled me to her and hugged the hell out of me.

Kaley growled and gasped. “Sorry, sorry.” She bowed her head, a bright red stain on her cheeks. I could tell she was upset with her scale and fur side.

The woman laughed and pulled Kaley into her arms. “It’s okay, Kaley, you know I would have done the same thing.”

Kaley gasped again.

Draco’s POV

Kaley gasped again. “Aurora? I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. You have always been beautiful, but now you are breathtaking. And, your back from you travels to find your mate.” Kaley laughed. “Only to find your mate here.”

Aurora blushed. “Thank you, Kaley.”

“Draco, this is my childhood friend, Aurora. This is my mate King Draco,” I introduced them, Aurora bowing after I introduced Draco as the King.

“Stand up, please. You are my brother’s mate and will be held in high esteem, so no bowing -”

“And, please don’t bow to me either, well, unless we are at court or in front of the Elder’s,” Kaley cut in, rolling her eyes. “Plus, you are a princess and princess’s don’t bow..”

Aurora’s head snapped up, her wide eyes on Veles. “You are a prince and you didn’t tell me?”

Veles’s head dipped low. “I didn’t want to scare you off,” he mumbled as he scuffed his shoes on the ground.

Kaley and I gasped as we fell to our knees. I felt the power go through both of us. I started hearing the words of our Goddess - both the Moon Goddess and the Dragons Goddess. I couldn’t hear what was being said to Kaley and I couldn’t read her mind. I sat still for a few minutes. I had felt a little off today and now I understood why.

I stood up and helped Kaley to her feet. “Are you two okay?” Aurora asked us.

“Yeah, a new power came through,” I answered her, knowing Kaley needed her energy.

“What power did you get, Kaley?” Aurora asked as she bounced on her toes.

“I can’t say. I can’t even tell Draco,” she muttered, but we all heard her.

Aurora turned to me, but I was already shaking my head no. “I can’t say either. I guess you will find out later.”

“Do you have any combat training, Aurora?” Vele asked her, a worried look on his face.

Kaley started laughing, her family following her example. Aurora chuckled with them, a small smirk on her face. “What?” I asked those around me.

“Kaley trained me as well as Alpha Summer. Believe me, you do not want her kind of training. But, I’m a hybrid - a witch and wolf,” Aurora told Veles, a smirk still on her face, her head tilted to the side.

“Uh, okay. This I want to see,” Veles teased Aurora.

“Good you and I will spar. Draco and I will watch you while we are eating,” Kaley informed Veles.

I shook my head at my brother. He was strong but I had a feeling Alpha Summer trained her pack to use every dirty trick in the book. She had to go up against rogues and Alpha’s who wanted my mate.



I don’t know where that came from. How in the hell did I know about some of the Alpha’s wanting my mate? Well, shit! Now thoughts about past events are coming to me. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but I would not complain. No way, no how. The Goddess’ gave us these powers for a reason.

Kaley and I followed behind Veles and Aurora to the training center. It was a huge space for us to train whether it was in dragon form or human. The room was a big circular room with weights on the back side and elliptical equipment on the left of the weights.

“Who’s ready to see me whip up on Veles?” Aurora asked, a smirk on her lips.

“Yeah, right,” one of the warrior dragons sarcastically commented, his big arms crossed over his chest.

Aurora cocked an eyebrow and smirked. She didn’t come back with anything. Not one word. I hoped she could back up what she was saying. She would need to be strong to take out Veles. I would have to make sure they didn’t use their other forms to fight. I was excited to see what she could do.

I noticed the room filling up. The dragons lined the wall all the way around in their human form. Someone must have called the others to the room. I noticed Kaley’s family walk in and stand in the doorway, a huge smirk on their faces. I wanted to rub my hands together, as if I were a cartoon villain. If Kaley’s family were smirking then they had complete confidence in Aurora.

I walked to the middle of the room. “Alright, folks, calm down.” The room went eerily quiet. “This is a fight to submission or exhaustion. No changing into your wolf or dragon forms, got it?” I received a nod from both of them.

I noticed Aurora pulling off her shirt. I wanted to duck my head but I knew she wouldn’t strip nude in front of everyone. I had to believe Alpha Summer wouldn’t like the women to be nude in front of any other male and I was right. The whole room gasped when they noticed her ripped abdomen. The girl was all muscle. Her legs were very muscular along with her arms. Holy, shit! I knew Kaley had a great figure and could take care of herself, but this was beyond what I thought Aurora would look like.

“Are we ready?” Aurora asked, pulling my mind from how she got her muscles.

“Fight!” I yelled, running over to Kaley who was eating a hamburger and fries. I shook my head and watched the fight, not caring that my mate could eat her weight in food. It was good for her to keep her energy up.

“Come on, big boy, show me what you got,” Aurora taunted Veles. Veles didn’t move a muscle and Aurora decided to come to him. “Don’t worry about hurting me. I’m protected,” she added as she ran up his body and circled her legs around his neck, pulling him backwards.

Veles caught himself from falling all the way down. “Good to know, mate.” He grabbed her legs and used them to throw her into the crowd, but before Aurora could get to the crowd she flipped around and landed on one hand, stopping herself from moving.

“Not very nice, but good move,” she told him as she stood up and gestured for him to go next. It didn’t take Veles anytime to run at her. At the last second Veles feigned right, throwing a punch with his left hand, but Aurora wasn’t where he thought she would be. Aurora ended up behind him, throwing a punch to his kidneys. It was a hard hit and I thought Veles was going to go down, but he reached around to grab her - only she wasn’t there. I was surprised again and couldn’t figure out how she was moving.

I heard her laugh before I saw her on the other side of the circle. She moved quickly and it was hard to track her. I wondered if she had a little bit of vampyre in her D.N.A. She was smooth in her movements. Every move she made was as if she had a dance move made up in her hand. She was quick but everything flowed together before she attacked.

"You are an idiot," my dragon told me. Wait my dragon told me. Dragons can't speak to their dragons, it was impossible. So, what the hell was going on with the voice in my head?

"Don't get your panties in a twist trying to think of an answer. I'm your wolf, Stryker. The Moon Goddess paired me with you, so Kaley could have werewolf children too. I didn't think I would get an idiot for a human."

"Shut it, Stryker, I will talk to you later - much later,"

I was pulled out of my head by Aurora's voice. “Are you going to land a punch on me, mate?” Aurora taunted, once again from the other side of the circle he had been reaching for her at.

It was funny to see the face Veles was sporting. I could tell he was confused and couldn’t understand how he was not getting a hit in on her. He was used to being the victor in all the matches he had, well, except against me.

“Give up, Veles, she’s a witch and she can teleport all the way around you and never get tired, plus, she can give a punch to your throat and knock you out in one go,” Alpha Summer commented, clearing up the confusion of how Aurora was moving quickly.

“Come on, Alpha Summer, you know I like to spar,” Aurora whined, causing all of us to laugh. She turned to Veles and stuck out her hand. “Draw?”

“Draw.” He shook her hand. “I have a feeling you would have had me on my ass on your next move, right?” Veles asked her.

“Damn straight, but I’m happy I didn’t have to hurt you,” she confessed as she pulled him down for a kiss, but she was interrupted by an idiot.

“I can take you down...”

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