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Chapter 52 - Pied Piper?

Dedicated to my greatest support team, my greatest jokesters. Thank you, oddball, N.Y.O.B., PenumbraMINE, and Jo Jo Sprout


I heard sniffing and looked around. Alpha Summer, Blaine, and Zane walked into the living room and were sniffing as if they had allergies. “Why do I smell chicken spaghetti and blueberry pies?” Alpha Summer asked.

“Probably because Marylyn’s in the kitchen cooking dinner,” Kaley sang out.

I watched as the trio’s eyes widened and a big smile crossing their faces. You would have thought they were one of those kids cartoon characters. They looked as if they were in a trance and were following a spell. All three of them sniffed and walked into the direction of the kitchen.

“Whelp-” Kaley tried to say.

I heard someone yelp. “Ouch, Marylyn! What the hell?” Alpha Summer yelled.

Dracos POV

Kaley started chuckling at her mom’s words. She grasped my hand and pulled me up, teleporting us to the kitchen. “You were about to eat the kids pie. Yours is in the oven.” Marlyn sniffed the air and a big smile slid across her face. “And, congratulations, Summer. I guess you aren’t done having babies.” I watched as Maryln cut a piece of pie and handed it to her with three forks.

“What? You mean I have to share my pie with my mates? What the fuck, Maryln?”

“Hey, there are children present. No cursing. When your pie comes out in another fifteen minutes then you can have your pie, but you have to share your pie with your mates. Do not argue with me, you know you will lose,” Maryln stated, crossing her arms over her chest, one hand grasping a wooden spoon.

I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. Marlyn had Alpha Summer in a lock down hold and there was no way she was going to win. I pulled myself together and looked at Alpha Summer, my eyes widening. Oh, shit! I forgot she could read minds and I was sure she read everything in mine. Kaley thought her mind was a minefield, she ought to see mine.

“Uh-” I cleared my throat. “Sorry,” I said sheepishly, causing all of us to laugh.

“Hey, has anyone seen Ethan?” Kaley asked. I could tell she was worried about him. I knew I hadn’t seen him in a while, nor had I heard of any pranks being pulled.

I teleported to the room Kaiden was staying in. I knocked and waited for Kaiden to answer the door but Kendra was the one who answered. I couldn’t form any words for a minute. She has grown to the size of a nine-year-old.

I cleared my throat. “Hi, Kendra. Have you seen Ethan around lately?” I asked, feeling as if I fell off the end of the world and came back into the twilight zone. I knew my mate had grown up quickly, but this was unreal.

Kendra smiled, letting me know she was reading my mind. “He should be back any moment. He had something he needed to take care of. Did you need to see him when he gets back?”

I scratched the back of my neck, a nervous habit I picked up. “Yeah. Kaley is worried about him.” Kendra nodded and closed the door without saying anything else. I walked away muttering to myself about crazy powers and growing children. I knew it was possible our children would grow up fast too. I just didn’t imagine it would be as fast as Kendra had done.

I shook my head and walked back into the kitchen. Kaley was stuffing blueberry pie in her mouth faster than anyone I had seen. “Did you save me some?” I asked. I noticed she has eaten half the pie.

Marylyn laughed and shook her head. “’I made one for you, too. I knew she could eat a whole pie by herself.”

“Thank you, Momma Marylyn.” I took my pie and added whip cream and a side of ice cream. I grabbed a spoon and took a bite. I moaned as soon as the pie hit my tongue. Marylyn was a picoso of pie. It was a masterpiece in my mouth. The blueberries were tart but sweet. I didn’t know how to explain it, but I knew I wanted more and no one was going to take my pie.

Kaley leaned over and whispered, “I told you it was orgasmic.”

“Yeah, you did, but I didn’t expect this. My Goddess this is the best pie I have ever eaten,” I agreed, shoveling pie in my mouth as fast as Kaley was.

I ate my pie and when my spoon scraped the bottom of the plate I let out a whine. It was gone too soon. I was mourning the loss of more pie. I heard laughing as soon as I whined. “Hey, you would be whining too if you ate this amazing pie.”

“I know I did,” Askook confessed, a blush staining his cheeks at his words. I nodded my head at his words and took my plate to the sink. I washed my plate and put it in the dishwasher.

I walked over to Marylyn and hugged her. “You are an amazing baker. I have never eaten a pie better than yours. Thank you, Marylyn.”

“You’re quite welcome, King Draco.” Marylyn went to bow, but I stopped her when I lifted her back upright.

I shook my head. “You will never need to bow to me unless we are at court or in front of the Elder’s. You’re family.” I gently smiled at her and gave her a big hug.

My brother, Askook, shoved me over gently. “Move it, Draco, it’s my turn to hug her.” I laughed and noticed a line of people ready to hug Marylyn. I moved out of the way and walked back over to my mate.

“What did Kaiden say about Ethan?” Kaley asked as she hugged me.

“Uh.” I stopped to get my bearings. “Kendra looks as if she’s a nine-year-old. But, she said he was busy with something and he would be back soon.”

I felt the air move before I saw Kaley move over to her left and grab someone. “Chill, aunt Kaley, it’s only me,” Ethan quickly said, Kaley releasing him immediately.

“Don’t sneak up on people, Ethan!” Kaley exclaimed.

“We need to talk to everyone in the living room, okay. I have some information to share,” Ethan commented, causing all of us to get up from the table.

We walked into the living room and sat down on the couches, everyone getting comfortable. I saw Kendra walk around the corner and was so surprised I couldn’t talk. I don’t even think I was breathing properly.

“Holy shit! I thought you said she looked as if she were a nine-year-old!” Kaley exclaimed, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open at the sight of Kendra.

“Surprise. It’s just your neighborhood teenager,” Kendra sarcastically said when all eyes turned to her. I made sure to look away. I could tell she was uncomfortable with everyone’’s eyes on her.

Ethan came around the corner and I gasped. I didn’t mean to gasp, but I was looking at a ten-year-old now. Ethan cut his eyes to me and smiled, not at all bothered by my assessment.

Ethan rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. “Okay, if everyone is finished checking out our growth spurt.” He paused and looked at each of us. “Let’s get down to business.” Everyone averted their eyes and we all nodded. “The Giants are no longer under the control of the witches. They are all on Black Blade territory, so one species down.”

I felt someone teleport in the room and grabbed my blade, but I put it back in my sheath at Sonny’s words. “Nice of you to join us , Maximus,” Sonny drawled.

“You should have called me sooner, Royal King Sonny,” Maximus commented, bowing low.

I watched Sonny roll his eyes and huff, causing the vampyre to laugh. “Don’t bow to me, friend,” Sonny muttered.

“Back to business,” Ethan commented, clearing his throat when Maximus looked at him and smiled.

“There’s my partner in pranks,” was all Maximus said. I wasn’t aware he had met the kids, but I didn’t know he was in my castle either.

“Yeah, yeah,” Ethan said. “We have a problem with rogue vampyres siding with the false god, do you know anything about them?”

Maximus growled, a very impressive growl. “Yeah, I still have vampyres who are mad their old King and Queen were killed, but vampyres hold grudges for centuries. They are mad because I wouldn’t take one of the council’s daughters for my mate. I have a mate and she is growing up fast. She knows about us being mates and will be moving in with me this week.” He smiled, a genuine smile, one that made his pale face light up.

“They went rogue and you have been trying to kill them as fast as you can, right?” Sonny asked, a challenging look on his face.

“I have. You know I have, Sonny. Quit reading my mind, damn it!” Maximus answered as he gracefully sat down. I could tell he liked Alpha Summer’s family. I don’t know what she had done for him but I could tell he was in her debt.

He was a good looking man, in a pale kind of way. He was tall and he wore his hair long. He had a classical look, as if he came from the eighteen -hundreds, but it could have been an earlier era.

I shook myself internally and settled my mind back on the conversation. “If we can take these rogue vampyres out before they come here it would give us an advantage. Do you think you can do your pied piper kind of thing again?” I heard Trace ask.

Pied piper kind of thing?

What the hell had I missed. This I would love to see.

“He can order the rogue vampyres to follow him and they have to do it. It’s why I called it the pied piper thing,” Tace answered my unspoken question.

I looked at him incredulously. “Quit reading my mind, Trace.” Trace nodded but I wasn’t sure I believed he wouldn’t read my mind. I could feel Maximus staring at me.

I looked up and he was staring at me. I stood up and walked over to him. I stuck my hand out to him. “Hi, King Maximus, my name is Draco. I’m the King of the Dragons.”

King Maximus smiled, showing a bit of fang. He shook my hand and made sure I didn’t shudder from his cold hand. “Nice to meet you, King Draco. I assume you are little Kaley’s mate?”

I nodded my head and was about to open my mouth to answer. “I’m not so little any more, Maximus. I am also pregnant, so no calling a hormonal woman little, okay?” Kaley commented as she stood up. She walked over and hugged him.

“Wow! You are beautiful, Kaley,” Maximus told her. I held in my growl, making sure I didn’t shoot fire out of my mouth. I could tell Maxiums was testing my patience and control. I wasn’t sure how I knew but when he nodded at me I knew for a fact.

“Wait until you see Angel,” Kaley muttered as she looked at me.

“Did someone call my name?” I heard Angel ask when she walked in. I watched as Maximus spun around quickly, almost making me dizzy. I heard Maximus gasp. I took Kaley back to the couches and we sat down. I wanted to be sitting down when I found out what was going on.

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