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Chapter 53 - Awareness

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King Maximus smiled, showing a bit of fang. He shook my hand and I made sure I didn’t shudder from his cold hand. “Nice to meet you, King Draco. I assume you are little Kaley’s mate?”

I nodded my head and was about to open my mouth to answer. “I’m not so little any more, Maximus. I am also pregnant, so no calling a hormonal woman little, okay?” Kaley commented as she stood up. She walked over and hugged him.

“Wow! You are beautiful, Kaley,” Maximus told her. I held in my growl, making sure I didn’t shoot fire out of my mouth. I could tell Maxiums was testing my patience and control. I wasn’t sure how I knew but when he nodded at me I knew for a fact.

“Wait until you see Angel,” Kaley muttered as she looked at me.

“Did someone call my name?” I heard Angel ask when she walked in. I watched as Maximus spun around quickly, almost making me dizzy. I heard Maximus gasp. I took Kaley back to the couches and we sat down. I wanted to be sitting down when I found out what was going on.

Dracos POV

“Who are you?” Maximus asked as he looked at Angel from her head to toe. “You look like someone I used to know, someone I saved a long time ago.”

“I look like my grandmother, Maximus. I’m Angel or Angeliki. I’m Alpha Summer’s daughter.”

“Wow, you look just like your grandmother.” Maximus shook his head. “Sorry. I had a little crush on her, but I know you are not her. It’s nice to meet you, Angel.

“Likewise,” Angel commented as she walked over to Askook and sat beside him. “This is my mate, prince Askook. He’s the Beta of the Dragons.”

Maximus nodded his head to Askook and smiled at the rest of Alpha Summer’s kids. “Okay, back on track. Yes, I can pied piper the rogues and take them to my cells. They need to be put to death anyway. They have been killing innocents and that is why I contacted you, King Sonny. I have killed a lot of them when I caught them, but this false god has them thinking they will be gods after their sacrifices.” He took in a breath I knew he didn’t need. “And, for that reason I will help you in this war. I have over fifteen-hundred warriors at the edge of this territory. You know they do not drink human blood, so if they are allowed to hunt animals they will keep sated. We always have reserves of blood for them. And, they will not be changing anyone. I have forbidden them.”

“I will allow them to stay, but the first time someone steps out of line they will have to leave,” I told Maximus, a friendly smile on my face.

Maximus nodded his head. “If any one of my men step out of line they will be dead within seconds.”

“Deal.” I shook his hand. “Are they to the East, West, North...Nevermind, they are on the East side of my territory.” Maximus nodded, a surprised look on his face. “Can they hunt in the woods on the East side only? I need to replenish our meat sources too.”

“No problem. Can you save the blood from whatever you hunt?” Maximus questioned as he gracefully sat back down.

I nodded my head and sat beside Kaley. “So, the giants are safe and the rouge vampyres can be taken care of..That leaves the rogue werewolves and the false god. What other supernatural creatures are with him.” I paused. “Shit, I forgot the black witches.”

“It’s all the supernatural creatures he has working with him, or rather, killing for him,” Ethan commented as he grew by the second. I had to look at him twice. I could tell I wasn’t the only one who was flabbergasted. The boy had grown by five years in less than thirty-minutes.

“Do we know if the false god has any magic-” I tried to say, getting cut off by Ethan.

“-he has a lot of magic. He’s been killing white witches for a while now. I wonder if he has spelled his people to be safe or if he spelled them against Sonny’s orders,” Ethan cut in, his head cocked to the side.

I tilted my head and listened to what was going on in my mind. “We can take away his order from here, if you would like to help me,” I recited the words from my mind. I looked up and everyone was looking at me in confusion. “Don’t look at me as if I have lost my everlasting fucking mind. I can’t help what comes out of my mouth when I’m being told to do something.”

“You are told to do something?” Kaley asked slowly, a confused look on her face.

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. “It’s one of my new powers. I have several others I’m not allowed to talk about yet.”

Maximus’s eyes went wide. “You are still receiving powers from the Moon Goddess? I thought it ended with the kids.”

“No, our mates and us kids still get powers. The newest kids get more power than the ones before them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaley’s children protect her from the womb,” Kendra commented. I looked up at her and my jaw dropped open. She was gorgeous with her long blonde hair, her beautiful facial features. She looked as if she was eighteen.

“Uh, Kendra, what did you mean by children? I’m pregnant with one child, right?” Kaley asked, her eyes wide, her face pale.

“I can’t say, Kaley.”

“Why not?” Kaley whined, crossing her arms.

“Our grandmother said I couldn’t, so take it up with her,” Kendra answered, a sly grin on her face. “But, I can tell you there is less than six and more than one.”

Sly wolf

“Are we going after them or waiting on them to come here?” Sonny asked, breaking the stare off Kaley was having with Kendra. I could still see Kaley pouting and I wanted to pout too.

“I think it would be better to lure them on the edge of our territory. I want some wolves in the trees to keep watch. The rest of us can teleport to the field as soon as I feel movement on my land. What does everyone else think? I asked, not wanting to make a mistake of getting us killed.

“We do know he’s coming from all different directions, so we are going to need warrior’s on each side. We have Sonny’s warriors, our warriors, and Maximus’s warriors, so it should be enough. We will need to know which direction the false god is coming from as soon as possible, can you sense him?” Kaley explained, making me smile at her. I nodded my head, letting her know I could sense them. She was right we needed to watch each place Kendra had marked on the map.

“Now we wait,” Sonny commented. “Let’s break the spell he has on the people. He might have spelled them to do his bidding.”

We all stood up and walked to each other, grabbing each other’s hands. “Wait! Maximus, I need you in the middle of the circle,” I exclaimed, turning my head towards where Maximus was sitting.

“Me? I don’t have any magic, Maximus said, a confused look on his face.

“I’m going to make it so you know what your warriors are doing at any minute. It will also allow you to know where the false god is. I don’t like your warrior’s staying outside of my territory, the false god could spell any of them.”

Maximus nodded and got up, gracefully making his way to the center of our circle. After he was in the middle I had everyone close their eyes. I let them know to keep their eyes closed at all times. I didn’t want any of them spelled by the false god. I could only imagine the chaos it would cause if they were spelled.

I sent my awareness out of our territory, finding the false gods people quickly. I knew this was only a few of them. Each one of us took a few and broke the spell that held them. Sonny made sure to order them to the castle and into the cells without incident. We started looking for a few more people but the false god had them hidden and I was starting to get a bad feeling.

I shared some of my awareness with Maximus and I could tell he was surprised when he caught sight of my whole territory without opening his eyes. We all took a huge breath and let go of each other’s hands, breaking my awareness off. We all staggered baack, me the most. I almost went down but Alpha Blaine was there to catch me.

“Sit down, son,” Alpha Blaine suggested, well, more of a 'sit down or else'.

I sat down hard, Kaley dropping right beside me. Kaley and Kendra teleported a shit load of food to us. I grabbed the coke in front of me and downed it one go, noticing Kaley was doing the same. We started downing our food as fast as we could as Macimus watched in amusement.

“Well, that was different,” Maximus commented, making the rest of us laugh. It was different. I didn’t know if it would work or not but I was happy it did. I wanted to know where the rest of his people were. Did he sacrifice them already?

“What’s on your mind, Draco?” Aurora asked as she sat her tray of food on the table.

“Where were the other people? Did he sacrifice them or was he hiding them from us? I asked.

A/N: So where do you think all the false gods people are?

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