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Chapter 54 - Disclaimer People

Thank you to all my readers, friends, and comrade in arms of the writing struggles - at times. For the friends who comment almost every chapter (N.Y.O.B., oddball, PenumbraMINE, and Jo Jo Sprout), thank you.

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“Sit down, son,” Alpha Blaine suggested, well, more of a ‘sit down or else’.

I sat down hard, Kaley dropping right beside me. Kaley and Kendra teleported a shit load of food to us. I grabbed the coke in front of me and downed it one go, noticing Kaley was doing the same. We started downing our food as fast as we could as Maximus watched in amusement.

“Well, that was different,” Maximus commented, making the rest of us laugh. It was different. I didn’t know if it would work or not but I was happy it did. I wanted to know where the rest of his people were. Did he sacrifice them already?

“What’s on your mind, Draco?” Aurora asked as she sat her tray of food on the table.

“Where were the other people? Did he sacrifice them or was he hiding them from us? I asked.

Kaleys POV

“He must have hidden them.” Draco tried to talk, but I put my hand over his mouth. “He would need people to keep us running around in circles. He could sneak in and do a lot of damage to our people and he loves chaos.” I could tell everyone was thinking about what I said. I had a feeling what I said was true. If he did get anywhere close to our dragons he could cause a lot of damage. I was worried about what I was thinking and now I felt faint. I felt liquid splash my panties, soaking Draco.

“What?” Draco tried to ask me, but an ear splitting scream stopped him. My scream was so loud the wolves ducked down.

“What’s happening to me?” I panted out, my voice shaking as well as my breathing.

My mom came over and put her hand on my stomach, but I didn’t want her to touch me. Something was telling me to grab my mates hand and lay it across my belly. I breathed a sigh of relief once Draco’s hand was on me. “So, someone needs to start talking now.”

“You are in labor, Kaley,” my mom announced, my heart immediately going to my throat.

“Isn’t it too early?” Draco asked, shaking his head for a moment. His eyes lit up and a beautiful smile came across his face. “It’s not too early. The children decided it would be the perfect time to show up.”

“You can talk to our children?” I exclaimed loudly.

He shook his head. “No, but something is telling me this is right,” Draco explained. He picked me up and we walked to our room, the rest our bunch trailing behind us. I didn’t know how to not be rude when I told them they couldn’t stay with me. My mom was one thing, but I didn’t want my dads’ with me or my brother-in-law’s.

I figured I couldn’t not help being rude and in pain. “Only mom and my mate in the room with me, please.”

“What? Why can’t we stay?” Both of my dads’ said in unison

I rolled my eyes. “Dads’, you do know I will be naked, right?” They nodded and shrugged their shoulders. “You two are so clueless,” I muttered.

“She’s a grown ass woman now and she doesn’t want her dads’ to see her crotch, right Kaley?” I nodded my head at my mom, a blush on my face.

“Oh, oh, we will wait outside,” they said as they walked out, their ears pink.

My mom and Draco started laughing, but quit when I punched their arms. “It’s not funny. I was embarrassed myself, so ease up on my dads’. But, they will be the first one’s in the room as soon as my child, children, or my army is born.”

“Army? What?” My clueless mate asked me, as I tried hard not to laugh at him. It didn’t take long for my mom to explain everything and the pack doctor to show up. I was surprised to see him here instead of at the house with his mate.

“Hey, doc, don’t be surprised if you see a dragon instead of a wolf, okay?” I asked quietly.

“I’ve already been informed of the chance, but, to be honest, you won’t know for a few months, okay?” He asked softly. I nodded my head and told myself to lay back. I heard Draco growl at the doc, but I pulled his face to me and shook my head no. No, he couldn’t be upset with the doctor. No, he couldn’t be upset when he saw the doctors hands inside of me.

“He’s the pack doctor, Draco. He has to check me to make sure how far into my labor I’m in, okay?” I asked, rolling my eyes at his pouty face. He nodded and took a deep breath. I knew he could keep his cool, but seeing me hurt was a big trigger for any species. I kissed his nose and noticed I had distracted him enough that the exam was over.

“H-ow long have you been in labor, Kaley?” The doctor asked me as I looked at him in confusion. Why does he sound worried about my labor? Was everything okay? I didn’t want to lose and of our children.

“One hour, nineteen minutes and four seconds, why? Draco asoed sharply, feeling what I was feeling at the second.

“Put your feet in the stirrups and let’s get these kid’s out now, okay?” He asked quickly as he suited up and covered his hands in new gloves. I was worried and pissed off from him not answering our questions, but I could tell he was very concerned. I quickly put my feet in the stirrups.

“On your next contractions push, Kaley, push as much as you can.” I did as the doctor asked, all the while cussing out Draco and men in general. I think he was scared when I told no more babies or I would cut his cock off with a rusty blade, not that I had any rusty blades. My poor mate would be scarred for life by my actions and I was sorry the moment the sentence flew from my mouth. I had a lot of making up to do before Draco and could be intimate again

It must have been two hours of pushing non stop when Draco could sense one of our children’s distress. He pushed the doctor away and bent down to my stomach. I didn’t know what was happening or what he was doing, but I trusted my mate. Draco placed his hands on my stomach and pushed my stomach around, causing whatever pain I had to go away.

“Alright, doc, our pup wanted to come out sideways, so let’s try this again, please,” Draco suggested, but a strong push from my mom made him walk over to me.

“Same thing, Kaley, push when you feel your next contraction.” I nodded my head at the doctor and rested for a few seconds, but then my children wanted to be born right away. The next contraction hit and my words of never doing this again, our first child was born. I had cussed out Draco, my dads’, my sister for not telling me, and my mom for not sharing with us about the pain. I even sceamed and cursed out the doctor, letting him know there should be a disclaimer for all women to read before they got to this stage.

A disclaimer people

“It’s a boy. Come on, Draco, you need to hold your son,” the doc told him. Draco brought our beautiful baby boy over to me and I fell in love for the second time. Draco handed our son to my mom and held my hand when the next construction hit me hard.

I screamed with all my might and pushed. My scream was a battlecry to all the she-dragons, she-wolves, and my dads’. It took two more pushes and our next child was born, a girl. She was beautiful and I couldn’t believe we did it. Two babies meant a lot of hard work but we could do it.

The doctor got up and started taking his gloves off. “Uh, doc, I think there’s another one coming,” I told him,

“Doc!” My mom yelled. “Get your ass back over to Kaley, she’s about to have another child, possibly two.” My mom huffed. “Didn’t you learn anything with me?”

“Yeah, you delivered your own children by yourself,” the doctor bemusedly said as I laid back on the bed and gritted my teeth.

I had enough of him playing around, so I teleported him to the end of my bed. “Get back to work, play later, okay?”

His eyes were huge but he didn’t say anything else except push. The next booger didn’t want to come out as fast as their siblings did, well, not until Draco spoke to the child. It wasn’t two-minutes later and our child was born, but I could tell there was one more after this one.

“Don’t go anywhere, doc, there’s one more coming down ,” I said, joking for the moment. The doc handed off our next son to Draco. I was amazed at how tiny he looked in Draco’s hand.

I heard the doctor say push, so I pushed with everything in me. “Stop, Kaley, stop now!” I stopped but was panting with the pain. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t push, but when the doctor tells you to stop, you stop.

“What’s wrong, doc?” Draco asked as if he read my mind.

He cleared his throat and licked his lips nervously. “This child is trying to come out feet first. It’s extremely rare but it does happen. You are going to get down on the ground and squat. It will make the process quicker and less painful or I can do a c-section,” the doctor explained. Before He cleared his throat and licked his lips nervously. “This child is trying to come out feet first. It’s extremely rare but it does happen. You are going to get down on the ground and squat. It will make the process quicker and less painful or I can do a c-section,” the doctor explained. Before he could finish I was on my feet, startling both my mate and the doctor.

“Set up what you will need. I want this child safely delivered. If it seems as if this child is not doing so well I will have the c-section, okay?”

The doctor nodded and started setting up what was needed, explaining that women of yester-year did this, but most of the Indian squaws did it this way, so I guess I was an Indian now or was it a woman of yester-year?

I was probably both knowing me

I looked at the weird contraption in front of me, wondering how in the hell this was a child-bearing screw up. There was a bar in front of me and a bar that I could set my ass on. It looked to have been made by pvc peices and a childs swimming pool, but I knew it was the only way for me to keep from having a c-section.

I must have been in a squat for hours. My arms were going numb and my thighs were killing me. “Talk to our child one more time, Draco, or I’m going to have to have a c-section, please.” my thoughts and only think about our child being born. I didn’t want any negativity to cross my thoughts, not at all. The next thing I knew my family was cheering. I snapped out of everything and looked at Draco.

“You did it, Kaley. You talked our child out. She was scared of this world, but she could hear your thoughts and dreams for our children. She’s the smallest but she has the nerve of a lion,” Draco explained, causing me to break out into a big smile. I was exhausted but happy. I couldn’t believe we had four children. “Do you want to see all of them?”

I nodded enthusiastically and bounced to my feet, Draco looking at me in surprise. “I can heal myself quickly, honey.”

He smirked and laughed. “I forgot. Do you think our children can do the same thing?”

Let’s find out, Daddy,” our firstborn son sang as he showed himself. He somehow broke Draco’s arm and healed it just as quickly.

Draco blinked his eyes a couple of times, but I beat him on getting on to our son. “What was that, huh? You can’t go around hurting someone because you can, son. We only use our powers to protect ourselves, okay?”

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