From Here to Love

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Chapter 55 - Unbelievable

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“You did it, Kaley. You talked our child out. She was scared of this world, but she could hear your thoughts and dreams for our children. She’s the smallest but she has the nerve of a lion,” Draco explained, causing me to break out into a big smile. I was exhausted but happy. I couldn’t believe we had four children. “Do you want to see all of them?”

I nodded enthusiastically and bounced to my feet, Draco looking at me in surprise. “I can heal myself quickly, honey.”

He smirked and laughed. “I forgot. Do you think our children can do the same thing?”

“Let’s find out, Daddy,” our firstborn son sang as he showed himself. He somehow broke Draco’s arm and healed it just as quickly.

Draco blinked his eyes a couple of times, but I beat him on getting on to our son. “What was that, huh? You can’t go around hurting someone because you can, son. We only use our powers to protect ourselves, okay?”

Kaleys POV

I turned to Draco and noticed he was still in shock. I nudged his shoulder and handed him the two children I had in my arms. I wanted to find our other two and make sure our youngest daughter was okay. “Come on, love, we need to go to our other children, one of which I haven’t seen yet.” Draco nodded and followed me out of our room, our oldest boy apologizing profusely to his dad. I knew Draco would accept his apology sooner than later.


We would need to make sure our children didn’t use their powers for evil and here is one of our sons hurting someone - his dad. I would need to make sure Draco knew he couldn’t be lax with them. Yes, we will be loving, but we must be stern with them, too. Our children were hybrids and very powerful.

We walked into our room and I stood in the doorway, my mouth slack in shock, my eyes wide, and my heart beating out of my chest. I could feel the blood drain from my face at what I was staring at, so much so that Draco ran into me. Luckily he caught me. He froze in place, only to shake his head a few times.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing, Kaley?” Draco asked in a whisper, almost making me laugh.

“Uh, yeah,” I answered and stood up straighter, crossing my arms over my chest. “Quit dive bombing each other!” I ordered, my children freezing instantly. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to freeze you.”

Draco started chuckling and ending with full body laughs. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my children. “Hello, babies.” They looked down. “Did you have fun destroying your mommy and daddy’s room?”

“No?” My firstborn son asked or rather was confused. I was being calm with them, too calm, and they were worried they were in trouble.

They were

Big trouble

“Clean up this room now and then sit on the bed, do you all understand?” I questioned as I tapped my foot, waiting for them to move. “Now!” They jumped sky high, but moved to do my bidding. It only took them a second to finish. Our room looked as if it was the same as before.


We are sorry, Mommy and Daddy. We didn’t notice we had been spelled until we started destroying everything,” the second oldest daughter explained.

My heart fell to the pit of my stomach. “What?” I whispered asked, wanting my children to say anything but they were spelled.

My children nodded their heads as I turned to Draco and grabbed him tightly. I was frightened for our children. I was scared they would be turned to black magic without their consent. “Calm down, Kaley, we can figure this out together, okay?”

We can’t be spelled by him or his witches ever again, Mommy. It’s okay, we are safe, Mommy,” my youngest daughter assured me. I gathered all of them in my arms and hugged them tight to me, my oldest boy fidgeting.

“What are we naming them, Kaley?” Draco asked me, my mind completely blanking.

“We know our name, Mommy, but we need to let everyone know about some things, meaning we need to have a meeting with our aunts, uncles, grandparents,” our oldest told us.

What the hell? We should be able to name our children. I was upset at the thought. I truly wanted to name them, but I would hopefully be able to name some of our other children.

I sighed and stood up. ’Come on, honey, let’s go have this meeting. I’ve already contacted our family. They are eagerly awaiting us, or rather our children.” I laughed at him. I knew he was tired. I knew he could fall face forward into our bed and never move again for ten hours, but duty calls, and I wanted to know my children’s names.

We walked out of our room and walked towards the main cavern when a man jumped out of the doorway and stabbed one of my daughters. I screamed so loud I was positive I pierced the eardrums of any supernatural creature around me. I was sobbing uncontrollably as I tried to stop the bleeding. I could see the blade had pierced my daughter’s heart, but I was trying to heal her as fast as I could. I could barely hear any noise around me, but I knew the man had been sent to the dungeons.

I felt Draco drop down beside me. I smelled his tears mixed with mine. My ears popped and I could hear my family crying with us. I could smell the anger, the anguish, the loss. I lost my baby girl. I was angry, so angry. I knew I couldn’t let it consume me, but it was hard to hold back when my baby was gone. I wanted to die with her but I still had my other babies who needed me.

I wailed over and over again. My heart hurt as if someone had stabbed me. I felt as if I were to look at my heart there would be a mortal wound showing. I was in a daze. I wasn’t sure if I could move from where I was. I didn’t want to move my daughter. I wanted to stay here in the hallway and breathe back life into my child. Why did this happen? My life had always been hard and I didn’t know why. I didn’t remember doing anything to make the Goddess mad at me.

I closed my daughter’s eyes and kissed her cheek. I would never forget her or her scent. I picked her up and held her in my arms, her body snuggling into mine.



A dead child does not snuggle. A dead child doesn’t have a heartbeat, so why does my child - not that I’m complaining. I needed to make sure my mind wasn't telling me something my heart wanted. “Be quiet! Please be quiet,” I ordered, making all their heads snap up to me and their wailing to quit.

I brought my daughter up closer to me and listened. There, a heartbeat. It was slow at first, but then it picked up. I looked at my daughter and could tell her pale face was slowly pinking. “Oh, my Goddess, she’s alive. She’s alive, everyone,” I said, a big smile on my face.

“Honey, she can’t be alive. She has a mortal wound to her heart,” my mother tried to convince me. I knew she thought I was making things up to deal with my grief, but she should know me better. I would never smile at my family’s death and I was smiling.

“Listen and look before you accuse me of going crazy,” I told her, a shocked look on her face. I could tell she was about to lie and tell me she didn’t think I was crazy, but I was shocked by my daughter’s death. “Listen. All of you need to listen and look.”

Everyone went quiet. Not one person moved or breathed deeply. I saw the look on my mom’s face as soon as she heard what I did, but she didn’t want to be hopeful and feel the pain. I watched Draco’s face carefully as he listened. I helped him to amplify the sound so he could hear it better. I cut out the sound of all of our heartbeats save for our daughter. I watched as a huge smile crossed his face.

I heard everyone gasp and I looked down at my child. Her eyes were open and she was smiling. “Surprise!” She chuckled. I was sure my face showed my surprise and my pain. I smiled at her and watched the blade fall out of her chest. “We need to have the meeting. I will explain what’s going on then.”

Everyone stood up and smiled at each other. We all walked to the main caven where Maximus was sitting drinking a glass of blood. I rolled my eyes at his theatrics. I could tell Draco wanted to shudder, hell, it was in his mind - one of which I need to quit reading. Maximus stood up as soon as we rounded the couches as he looked at each of us. I knew he had heard my wailing cry, but he wouldn’t ask. Maximus was good like that. He waited for you to speak first. But, after hearing silence for ten minutes he would finally ask, well, it’s what my mom told me about him.

I walked around the couch and sat down, Draco and our children following. “So?” Maximus asked as he eyed my children.

I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. After everything that had happened I only heard a ‘so’ from him. I figured he would be eaten up with questions. I shook my head and looked around. “Our children would like to tell you their names and the meaning behind their names. I have a feeling this is going to be quite an informative meeting,” I informed my family.

I watched as my family and the Elder’s nodded their heads in unison. I was very quiet and a little nervous. I was about to speak, but my oldest son cut me off.

“We are going to start by telling you our names first. My name is Adonis,” he nodded his head and fell asleep on my lap.

“My name is Aleko. My name means defender of man,” he told us.

“What does Adonis’s name mean?” I asked, noticing Aleko’s shoulders slump.

’His name means handsome and loved by many. He doesn’t like his name and is asking grandma for a new one,” one of my daughter’s whispered.

“Okay, so what are your names?” I asked my daughters, a small smile on my face.

“My name is Alessia and my name means defender,” my smallest child told me. I smiled at her and swept her hair out of her face.

“And, my name is Anastazia. My name means…” she trailed off and a huge smirk crossed her face. “Reborn or raised from the dead. Ta da!” We all started laughing at her theatrics. I could tell she was going to be a wild child, but I couldn’t find it in me to care.

“Ooh wait!” Alessia yelled, causing all of us to snap our heads towards her. “Oops. Uh, do you want to see what we are?” She nervously asked as she scratched behind her ear. “I’m sorry, okay. I didn’t mean to command you. I still need to get a hold of my powers.

I nodded my head, everyone else following. She looked at her siblings and nodded her head to them. I didn’t even notice Adonis was alert and ready. I’m an awful mom. I let one child be stabbed and didn’t notice my son was awake.

I heard gasps all around me, making me look at each of them. I followed their line of sight and I joined them in their gasps of surprise...

A/N: So, what do you think is going on with their freaky kids? You didn't plan on me killing off a child, now did you? Believe me I didn't want to but it will tie into the book.

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