From Here to Love

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Chapter 56 - Powerful Angels


“And, my name is Anastazia. My name means…” she trailed off and a huge smirk crossed her face. “Reborn or raised from the dead. Ta da!” We all started laughing at her theatrics. I could tell she was going to be a wild child, but I couldn’t find it in me to care.

“Ooh wait!” Alessia yelled, causing all of us to snap our heads towards her. “Oops. Uh, do you want to see what we are?” She nervously asked as she scratched behind her ear. “I’m sorry, okay. I didn’t mean to command you. I still need to get a hold of my powers.

I nodded my head, everyone else following. She looked at her siblings and nodded her head to them. I didn’t even notice Adonis was alert and ready. I’m an awful mom. I let one child be stabbed and didn’t notice my son was awake.

I heard gasps all around me, making me look at each of them. I followed their line of sight and I joined them in their gasps of surprise...

Kaleys POV

I was surprised four times today. I had four babies, one died, then came back to life, and they all surprised me once again with their forms.I didn’t expect to see my babies in their forms. I was told they would be different. That they could lead the dragons, but I was wondering if they could lead the wolves, too.

I shook my head a couple of times, still seeing the same thing as before. My baby’s faces began to fall and I could tell they were sad. They were afraid we were ashamed of their forms. “Look at my beautiful babies -” I tried to say.

“-Our beautiful babies, Kaley They are beautiful in whatever form they choose,” Draco cut in. It was true. Our babies were hybrid’s but unique hybrids. They could change into a dragon or a wolf.

“We are like you, Mommy. You can change into either form. We are like our daddy will b-” our daughter tried to say before her brother covered his sister’s mouth.

“Will be what?” Draco asked as he looked between both of his children - who were trying to figure out what to say without lying.

I heard Draco hit the ground hard from beside me. I knelt down in front of him and was trying to ask him what was going on, but I smelt a beautiful and most wondrous smell. It made my mouth water and my wolf howl. I loved Draco’s smell, but this was ten times more potent.

“What’s going on?” I asked my children, but they kept quiet. I heard a popping noise and looked closer at my mate. I kept hearing the sound and finally my dumb ass self realized Draco was shifting, but shifting into what? I leaned over and whispered to him, making sure to let him know to take deep breaths and go with the flow instead of fighting it. I could tell my words helped him. His breathing was a little better but I could tell he was in tremendous pain.

It took Draco two hours for him to change into the most beautiful wolf I had ever seen, two hours of my heart hurting from his pain. He was out of energy, but he was making sure to let me know he was okay. I was in awe. He was a huge wolf. He was bigger than my dads’ wolves, but I thought it might have been because he was a dragon, too

“How do I change back, Kaley? I need some food,” Draco asked via the mind-link.

“Imagine your human shape, your toes, fingers, hair, and body.” I explained. “But, you--”

“-Shit! I’m naked!”

“Will be naked,” I finished, clothing him as quickly as I could. I rolled my eyes at his theatrics, finally figuring out where our daughter got it from.

“You could have told me I would be naked, Kaley,” Draco complained.

“I tried to, but you were quicker than my thoughts and words. It usually takes someone new to change back longer. I’m proud of you.” I kissed his cheek, sitting back down with my family and making sure I teleported food to everyone.

“We will talk while everyone eats, okay?” Adonis asked, not giving anyone time to agree. “As you know we are powerful. Oops, wait, we are missing a few.” I saw him teleport to one of the walls. He pulled a light fixture off the ceiling and grabbed a bug, freezing and then burning it..


Alessia put her fingers up to her lips as soon as Trace, Chase, and their mate showed up in front of us, all of them in their pajamas. I rolled my eyes and clothed them. Alessia shook her head no and shushed any comments. Our kids were amazing.

“Well, someone’s been trying to listen in. It’s a good thing we were powerful enough to stop anything going out before we were born,” Aleko announced. My jaw dropped completely open. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I wonder what else they were doing before they were born, conversing with the moon?

“Yes,” all four of them answered my unspoken question, causing my mouth to drop open even more.

“Who are you?” Trace questioned, his arms crossed over his chest.

Draco growled at Trace. “Those are my pups you are talking about, so shut it before they do something to you.” I started laughing. Draco didn’t threaten Trace with bodily harm done by him, oh no, he threatened that the kids would.

“Sure you want to mess with someone more powerful than you are?” I taunted, a smile on my face.

“Uh, no thanks,” Trace slowly said as he scratched the back of his neck. I chuckled at his actions. I knew my brother’s scratched the back of their necks when they were uncomfortable or nervous.

I teleported more food to the table. I didn’t want Trace to start complaining about everything when he was a hungry beast. He tended to be a whiny child when he was hungry - which meant all the time. Someone, Trace, was scanning my thoughts. I growled at him. I was tired of him reading my mind. I blocked off my mind with the tallest and thickest wall I could make. I heard Draco whine, but I needed to have a little peace.

“Anyway,” Adonis started. “My grandma won’t change my name, but enough of that. We know Maximus has joined the fight, but we need more white witches. The false god is taking any white witch he can find and is making them turn to black witches. They have been spelled. We’ve heard their cries of pain every time he makes them hurt or kill someone.We’ve been helping to keep them white witches without him knowing.”

“We are going to teleport the white witches here, but we will need everyone’s help in healing their mind and making sure we take the spell away,” Anastazia explained as she looked around at all of us.

“We will do it,” Sonny said as he showed up. “Nice to meet my nieces and nephews. Do I get to be the favorite uncle?”

“Uh, sure?” Adonis asked as he looked wide eyed at me.

I chuckled at his expression.”You can have all of them as your favorite uncles, Adonis.”

Adonis wiped the imaginary sweat from his brow. “Woo-boy, that could have been a disaster.” We all chuckled at his reaction.

“Back to the problem at hand if you will, Adonis,” Aleko warned.

“We need to see the cells, so we can teleport them there blind-folds on, okay?” Alessia asked as I raised one eyebrow in question. “But, I guess we can read it from your mind instead. Just know we will have to go there sooner than later to unspell them.”

“Okay, let’s get ready, “ Draco said, but stopped as soon as Maryln ran in the room.

Marlyn bent over and caught her breath a few seconds before she stood up and smiled. She brought out twenty crossbody bags filled to the brim with energy bars. “I have a present for your next encounter.”

“Thank you, Maryln. Guys, these are the energy bars I was talking about. They kept my energy up when we had our war and I was pregnant,” my mom explained.

“And, they taste great,” I added.

'Thank you, Marylyn', was chorused by all of us. Marylyn was a special lady by herself but with her children she was unstoppable. I still remember her coming up the hill with Orion on her back, her whole body covered in blood, during the last battle. All she would say was that Orion was special. I never had a doubt about her predictions ever again

“Ooh, babies!” Marylyn exclaimed, throwing the bags to the coffee table. “Who are you, cuties?”

“We are Draco and Kaley’s babies. My name is Adonis, my brother’s name is Aleko, my sister’s names are Anastazia and my other sister is named Alessia. Nice to meet you, Mama Marylyn,” Adonis told her, smiling at Marilyn as if he had known her forever.

“You all will do great things throughout your whole lives. I can’t wait to see all of you in action,” Marylyn told them as she kissed each of them on the cheek, teleporting back to her mate.

“I like her. She doesn’t just love us for our powers. Just like momma and daddy don’t. I know we are going to be tested, bullied even, but all we can do is walk away until we can’t walk away anymore,” Aleko said, not realizing his parents were listening to them talk.

I turned away and sat down on the couch again, a tear escaping my eye at my amazing children. I made sure to wipe my tears away, not wanting my children to know I was trying not to cry. I knew they were going to teleport to the middle of the coffee table. I didn’t know how I knew, but I would take what I could get.

I quickly sucked up my tears and waited on the children to teleport to us. It didn't take them long and by the sly smile on Adonis' face he was up to no good. I waited on his next words to see what he was up to.

“Who wants me to read their mind,” Adonis asked, a sly smile on his face. “I meant to just look at where the cells are,” he added quickly.

“I will, but you are only allowed to look at the cells. I don’t want you getting lost in my mind,” Draco answered, a stern look on his face.

Adonis gulped and nodded his head quickly as I quietly snickered.

Adonis laid his hands on his fathers face and closed his eyes. It only took him a second before he had the location of the cells. He backed out slowly and looked at his siblings. Their eyes turned completely white. You couldn't see see anything but white. Why? I wasn't sure but I had a feeling it was a Moon given gift. They didn't even have to touch Adonis' head.




“Anyone ready to let the white witches know they are still good?” Aleko asked as he looked around at each of us, all of us nodding as his eyes scanned us.

The kids joined hands and closed their eyes. I felt the wind move and realized we were in the cells where the witches were blindfolded and cuffed with witch-proof handcuffs. We didn’t need them to activate and spell us.

“Hello, ladies,” Sonny said. All the ladies heads snapped over in the direction Sonny was. “Oh, and don’t worry about the false god being able to spell you here. We are going to help each of you. We have heard your cries of help. We know you didn’t want to hurt anyone. You are still white witches, each and everyone of you are. You have been protected.”

“I call bull shit,” a witch in the front spat out as she tried to get out of the cuffs.

Wasn't going to happen

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