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chapter 57 - Empowered Witches





“Anyone ready to let the white witches know they are still good?” Aleko asked as he looked around at each of us, all of us nodding as his eyes scanned us.

The kids joined hands and closed their eyes. I felt the wind move and realized we were in the cells where the witches were blindfolded and cuffed with witch-proof handcuffs. We didn’t need them to activate and spell us.

“Hello, ladies,” Sonny said. All the ladies ' heads snapped over in the direction Sonny was at. “Oh, and don’t worry about the false god being able to spell you here. We are going to help each of you. We have heard your cries for help. We know you didn’t want to hurt anyone. You are still white witches, each and every one of you are. You have been protected.”

“I call bull shit,” a witch in the front spat out as she tried to get out of the cuffs.

Wasn’t going to happen

Kaleys POV

“Sherrilyn, he is telling the truth. You are still a white witch and we only want to help you. We can take away the spell he had you under and can clear your mind,” Aleko explained.

“Really?” Another witch asked, a silent plea in her expression.

Aleko nodded and slapped his forehead. “Yes. Are you willing to let us help you?”

All of them nodded their heads, but I felt as if three of them were not being honest. Before I opened my mouth my kids teleported them to Sonny’s cells, letting Sonny know via the mind-link. I knew they were in a dark cell, their blindfold still on

“Anyone else wants to try and lie to us?” Anastazia asked, her little arms crossed over her chest. The remaining ladies shook their heads no.

I helped one of the ladies stand and walked her over to the center of all of us. “You need to stand here until we tell you to take off your blindfold, okay? We won’t hurt you, I promise. She nodded her head, taking a deep breath.

We held hands and started chanting. The false god had embedded several spells in this witch’s mind and I had a feeling he did the same to the other ones. The witch started hissing and spitting as if she were possessed - which she kind of was. I froze her quickly to keep her from hurting herself. It took us about forty minutes to break the spell and me to unfreeze her. I took her handcuffs off and she pulled her blindfold off at my command. She sank to the ground and cried. She cried so hard. I knew they would take this hard and I could only heal her mind and soul a little.

“You are okay. We got you,” Alessia told her, helping her to stand and sit in the chairs, using her air element. The kids had teleported chairs to the cells. I was happy to see the chairs make it a make-shift bed. Once she was settled and put under a sleeping spell, we grabbed the next witch and started the process again. We would unspell the witches, eat our energy bars and drink our cokes.

It was six in the morning before we had all the witches laying on their cots. I made sure to teleport them to the main cavern. We would need to keep an eye on them to make sure they didn’t suicide. I knew they were going to have a hard time of it, but with our healing abilities and the kid's abilities, I knew they would finally get back to semi-normal. I was hoping they would want to help us in this war to get rid of the evil staining our lands. I wasn’t going to order them to help, but I would ask. It would give them the power they hadn’t had in a while.

I yawned and looked at everyone else. I teleported more food so we could get our energy back up. I needed more protein and fatty food. I was starving and looking around me I could tell everyone else was, too. I made sure to make the kids a bottle before we ate, wanting them to get their energy back. The kids could eat solid food as long as it was soft. And, let me tell you, it was freaky when they said they wanted potatoes and gravy with their milk. I had them yesterday, barely yesterday, and they were already eating our food. What was next, steak?

Ethen and Kendra teleported over to their cousins and started talking a mile a minute. She looked as if she was sixteen now. I swear these kids make me feel old. I wondered if our babies would grow up quickly but I was afraid to ask. I was afraid my heart couldn’t take it. Yes, I wanted them to grow a little, but not ten years in two days.

“We are going to take turns keeping an eye on the witches, do you want to help us?” I heard Anastazia ask, making my eyes widen. “Oh, hi, Ethen, do you want to help us, too. I want to make sure they are going to be okay. We feel bad that we couldn’t help sooner.”

“Yes. We want to help,” Ethen and Kendra said at the same time.

“Are you hearing our children?” I whispered to Draco, making it look as if I was going to kiss him. He nodded his head and smiled, a proud look on his face. Reading his mind accidentally I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was. Our children acted as if they were thirty. They were kind, compassionate, and powerful. I still didn’t know what their powers were, but I didn’t care. They could have been less powerful and I would still love them.

I heard a rustling movement behind me and rolled out of the way. “Oh, sorry, Miss Kaley,” one of the witches said, a saddened look on her face. “I promise I wasn’t going to hurt you.”

“No problem, Amber, but I’ve been jumpy since all this mess has started.” I stood up and looked at her. “How are you?”

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I’m sad about all the lives I have taken, but forever grateful to still be a white witch. If I could have killed myself I would have, but he ordered us not to do it. Thank you for saving us. I want to help you in this war. I want to be able to whoop some ass but on the right side.”

“Me, too,” another witch commented as she stood up. The other witches standing up and wanting to help, too. There was only one witch who didn’t wake up and say anything, but I wasn’t pushing anyone to join our fight.

“You don’t have to help because we saved you. You can hide out here until the battle is over. Don’t think you have to join us,” I explained as I paced in front of them.

“But, I can help you,” the last lady to wake up said as she stood.

“I don’t want you to think you owe us anything. If you want to fight to feel as if you are stronger now, fine, but don’t do it if you don’t want to,” I explained.

“No. I’m not doing it because of that. That ‘man’ killed my whole family with the exception of my sister." Tears fell freely down her face. "He has hidden her somewhere. He used to let me visit her when he would torture her to be his mate. She has refused every time. I know his plans and backup plans. Let me show you all of them. If you have a map I can mark everything. He thought I was a dumb female and I couldn’t understand maps. Boy was he wrong. My dad was a mapmaker, so he’s an idiot.”

We all laughed at her words. “Okay, let’s get to it. When’s the last time anyone has eaten?” They all held up five fingers. “Five days?” I exclaimed as they nodded. I teleported food everywhere. I made sure they had a lot of choices. They sat around the coffee table as I brought out another copy of a map.

“I can do this while I eat. He’s coming sooner than you think, so let me help now, please,” the witch, Ivy, begged a look of fear in her eyes. I nodded my head and handed her the map pencils. She got to work as she ate. I could tell all of them were still sleepy and I would make sure they got a room when I was done.

I mind-linked Draco. I wanted rooms for all of them, but I also wanted every witch spelled against harm of any kind. He must have relayed my plans to the kids because the next thing I knew the witches had been spelled. The kids explained everything to them and they were all excited to know they were protected against harm.

Orion showed up out of the blue and startled the witches. Orion turned and looked at every one of the witches. He stopped looking when he saw Ivy. “Mate?”

“I get to have a mate? Oh, thank you, Moon Goddess. I always wanted that kind of love,” Ivy said to the ceiling. “My mom and dad had that. My dad was a wolf and my mom a witch,” she continued as Orion came closer to her.

“I’m very happy to hear you say you always wanted a mate. Can you accept a hybrid like me?” Orion whispered the last part.

“Yes, if you can accept a hybrid like me,” Ivy said, a big smile on her face. “I need to finish this map and help Kaley, are you helping, too?” He nodded his head and kissed her cheek, causing her to blush. I was happy for them and I wondered if they were mates to more of our wolves or dragons.

All of the kids, at the same time, nodded their heads. "Yes," they all said at the same time, causing me to shudder at their actions.

"Who? What? Where?" I asked, a smile on my face.

A/N So, the babies have stolen some of his witches, what's next?

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