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Chapter 58 - Foolish Boys

This chapter is dedicated to oddball, N.Y.O.B., and PenumbraMINE. Thank you for following me along on this crazy ride of mine. Thank you for commenting on almost every chapter. How about a longer chapter?


I mind-linked Draco. I wanted rooms for all of them, but I also wanted every witch spelled against the harm of any kind. He must have relayed my plans to the kids because the next thing I knew, the witches had been spelled. The kids explained everything to them, and they were all excited to know they were protected against harm.

Orion showed up out of the blue and startled the witches. Orion turned and looked at every one of the witches. He stopped looking when he saw Ivy. “Mate?”

“I get to have a mate? Oh, thank you, Moon Goddess. I always wanted that kind of love,” Ivy said to the ceiling. “My mom and dad had that. My dad was a wolf and my mom a witch,” she continued as Orion came closer to her.

“I’m thrilled to hear you say you always wanted a mate. Can you accept a hybrid like me?” Orion whispered the last part.

“Yes, if you can accept a hybrid like me,” Ivy said, a big smile on her face. “I need to finish this map and help Kaley. Are you helping, too?” He nodded his head and kissed her cheek, causing her to blush. I was happy for them, and I wondered if they were mates to more of our wolves or dragons.

All of the kids, at the same time, nodded their heads. “Yes,” they all said at the same time, causing me to shudder at their actions.

“Who? What? Where?” I asked, a smile on my face.

Anastazias POV

I knew my death would hit my mommy and daddy hard, but it had to happen that way. I wanted whoever killed me to be able to mind-link with the false god. I wanted him to be able to tell him I was dead. I wanted to be a big surprise to the false god, the one person who is making my parents stress. I could sense the stress in their soul. I could sense their nerves. They were worried they would lose each other, but I wasn't going to let either of them get hurt.

Not on my watch

I knew the exact moment my mommy noticed I was coming back to life. Her heartbeat sped up, and she told the rest of them to shut up, basically. I remember opening my eyes and my mommy crying because I was back. It was nice to feel all the love they had for me. I would soak up as much as I could now. Unless...No! I won't think about that. It's better to keep my course.

I remembered her laughing with my grandparents and siblings. And, my crazy cousin put her two cents into our conversation. It was when Trace came into the main bunker and crossed his arms over his chest, trying his hardest to intimidate me. He should have known better. I stared right back at him, and I could see he wanted to back down, but he didn't want to be the first one to do so. He was only brought back to his senses when my dad told him he would let me take care of him. Trace finally figured out he couldn't make me back down.

Foolish boy

Us kids decided to get the information for the cells anyway we get them. At first, my idiot brother wanted to go to the cells but backtracked when our dad let out a growl. Suddenly my brother could get the information by reading our dad's mind.

Imagine that

I swear he was going to get all of us in trouble one day, one day soon. After he read our dad's mind, he shared the location with us. I knew my mom saw ou, but I knew she wouldn't ask why they were white. I wanted to tell her, I really did, but this was our secret to keep.

We all ended up in the cells, a cross-body bag over our backs. I was ever thankful for Marylyn. I loved her. She was down to earth and make the greatest desserts.

Sonny talked to the witches, a witch calling bullsKhit at his words. I knew they had been used, abused, and hurt beyond recognition. The witches were sleep-deprived and hungry. It made me mad to see one of our kind treated so badly. It was sickening and wrong. I didn't know how anyone could treat any person as they were treated. I couldn't wait to meet this self-proclaimed 'god.'

After hours of unspelling the witcheBs, healing them, and eating, we were back in the main cavern, eating whatever we could eat. I had laughed at our mom's face when she found out we could eat some solid food. She wondered what we could do on the second or third day, but I don't think she really wanted to know. I guess she wouldn't be surprised at anything.

I sensed the witch wake up, but I didn't say anything. I was surprised how fast my mom V rolled out of the way. I didn't know she could move as fast as she did. I saw the hurt on the witches' faces, and so did our mom. She let her know she was jumpy from all the mess going on. I knew she trusted these witches wholeheartedly.

I was, again, surprised when all the witches stood up and requested to join in on the fight. I was grateful but confused until the last witch joined in and told her why she wanted to fight. My heart went out to her. I couldn't imagine what this witch and the other were feeling. I couldn't believe someone would be so cruel as to withhold things from them when they didn't want to mate. I mean, come on, who would want to mate with A, someone who's not your mate? And B; someone who killed your family? I would put them down in a heartbeat, but only with my grandma's permission.

Kendra showed up and ran over to us, talking a mile a minute. I didn't catch half of what she said as she talked. I guess I wasn't supposed to. It wasn't long until Orion showed up. But, he sniffed the air as if he were a dog. His eyes zeroed in on Ivy. Ivy wasn't paying any attention to him at first, but her head snapped up skyward as she thanked the Moon Goddess for her mate, not realizing we all heard her.

I heard Ivy asking if he would help in this war and hearing him agree to help us. I was thankful for his help. He was a tough wolf hybrid. I had read his accomplishments in my grandmother's head. She was proud ofY him.

Ivy was finished with the map quickly. As she handed it to my mom, I took a photogenic snapshot of it and saved it in my mind. I would need to take a look at all these places later. I needed to know where all the entry points and all their exit points were. These people were not getting my mom's and dad's land.

No way!

I wouldn't stand for anyone hurting them. I was the only one who could back after dying; well, my brother could too, only Adonis didn't know he could, and I wasn't going to tell him. My idiot brother would stand in front of a hurricane to save someone. And, yes, I know it sounds as if I'm doing the same thing.

I heard my mom tell my dad about wanting to spell the witches against all harm. I was all for it, and I could tell my siblings were, too.

Our eyes flashed white as we spelled them. I knew we surprised our mom and dad, but we felt we needed to do the same thing. I was surprised they didn't get onto us for reading their minds. It wasn't something we consciously did.

"Come on, ladies, I will show you to your rooms. I will have clothes waiting on you in your ensuite. Are you okay sleeping in your own rooms, or would you rather room together?" My mom asked the witches, a serene look on her face. I knew she liked helping people. She told our dad she felt as if she was contributing to their relationship. And, before you say something, we could hear everything invitro.

Cool huh?

One of the witches rubbed her neck. "Uh." She looked around at the other witches. "Can we room together?"

"Of course," I answered for my mother as I let her know I have a room already set up. "If you will follow me, I'll show you to your room." I floated to a room close to ours. I wanted them to be comfortable and know they could come to me at any time. "This is your door and." I pointed. "Is ours, well, us kids. If you need anything at all, think it really hard, and it will be yours even if it's to talk, okay?" They all nodded their heads and opened the door to their room, their eyes huge.

"T-this is o-ours?" A witch asked. I nodded my head and smiled at her. I knew they didn't have anything of their own and hadn't in a long time. I walked over and opened the door to the washroom, pointing out their clothes on the counter. I made sure they had toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hair ties, deodorant, and whatever else their hearts wanted.

"Thank you," another witch said, tears in her eyes.

"No, thank you needed. We will give you time to yourself, but anytime you need one of us, all you have to do is ask. You won't be a burden to us - not at all," our mom told the ladies.

We quietly left the room and made sure these were going to be okay. We listened in on the conversations and thoughts unapologetically. I heard a squeal and almost laughed. The ladies had found the bathing pool. My mom had told me about it, but I had yet to see one.

I walked over to my room and laid down on my bed. I knew some witches had dragon or wolf mates. I couldn't wait until the rest of them found their mates. I hoped none of the knuckleheads would reject them. But, if they did, they would get a visit from me, one they wouldn't like very much. I was worried about the other witches. I didn't want them to feel left out. I would have to ask my grandmother about what could be done with them.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep quickly - only I wasn't really asleep. I opened my eyes and looked around. I wasn't sure where I was, and it was making me antsy not to know. I stood up and went completely dark. I looked as if I were a shadow. I needed more information, and I was going to get it.

I could hear cries of pain, of horror, of loss. I had a feeling I knew where I was at, and I didn't like it one bit. I looked in each cell as I walked past. I stopped in front of one cell. I could smell a familiar scent. It smelled like Ivy's scent.

"Someone, please help us," the woman cried out, hoping to get someone to help by going against the false god, but I knew they wouldn't. They were afraid to anger him.

I moved slowly to the edge of the window and looked in quickly, ducking back down as fast as I could. I wasn't sure she saw me, but I didn't want her to give me away. I soundproofed the cell as soon as I showed up in front of her. She snapped her head in my direction, but I put my finger to my lips.H

"Ivy's sister?" I mind-linked her, a look of surprise crossing her face. "Ivy's safe. I promise she's safe. I can take you to her, but we need to hurry." She nodded, and I grabbed her as quickly as I could.

When I came back to my senses, Ivy's sister was shaking me. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, my visions are a little different than anyone else's. Here, let me take you to your sister. My name is Anastazia. What's yours?"

"My name is Blaize," she told me as she shook my hand.

"Cool name, Blaize," I told her as I walked us to the room next door. I wanted her to feel safe, and the only good way was to take her to her sister. I was afraid she wouldn't believe me if she stayed with me.

I knocked on the lady's door and waited for someone to open the door. "It's me, Anastazia. Is Ivy with you?"

"Yeah, she's in the bathing pool. She wanted to go last. Do you need to talk to her?"

I was about to replay when the door was almost pulled off the inches. Ivy stood in front of me, completely naked and dripping with water.

"Put some clothes on, sister," Ivy's sister commented. I watched as tears fell down her cheeks. I was waiting on them to make a move to each other, but they didn't. Ivy threw her naked self into my arms.

"You found her. Thank you, Anastazia, thank you," she cried over and over again. I didn't know what to do with a crying woman. I was still a child, a child who didn't like others throwing themselves into my arms. My wolf growled at me, my dragon shushing her a few minutes later.

I turned around and looked at my family's shocked face. I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head at Ivy's sister. She immediately turned toward her sister and squealed. My ears were still ringing after two hours.

"I'll let you get back to your business," I bowed my head and went to walk out of the room.

"Wait! I need you to tell me if you spelled another scent like ours when you were there. I need to know if he really killed our parents or not," Blaize said as quickly as she could.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and shook my head. My mind was fuzzy, and it would take me some time to think about the other scents. I let them know my train of thought but made sure I would let them know in the morning of my findings. I knew they were not happy, but Ivy talked her sister into letting me sleep for a while.

I quickly excited and entered our room. I knew the answer to their question, but I didn't want to upset the ladies after they had been reunited. I also knew I couldn't keep it from them for very long.

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