From Here to Love

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Chapter 59 - Spells & Fools

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“Wait!” I need you to tell me if you smelled another scent like ours when you were there. I need to know if he really killed our parents or not,” Blaize said as quickly as she could.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and shook my head. My mind was fuzzy, and it would take me some time to think of the other scents. I let them know my train of thought but made sure I let them know I would tell them in the morning. I knew they were not happy, but Ivy talked her sister into letting me sleep for a while.

I quickly exited the room and entered mine. I knew the answer to their question, but I didn’t want to upset the ladies after they had been reunited. I also knew I couldn’t keep it from them for very long.

Kaleys POV

After the witches got into their room I heard them ask Anastazia if she knew what was going on with their parents. I knew something was wrong when she told them she would let them know in the morning and ran to her room.

I needed to know if she was okay, so I followed after her. I tapped on the door and walked in. "Are you okay?"

She shook her head, tears running down her face. "I lied to them, Mom, I couldn't take away their joy of finding each other."

I nodded my head. I knew she had lied. "Your intentions were not for selfish reasons. I understand I do, but you need to let them know as soon as possible."

"They are alive, Mom, but I can't get to them. He has security all-around their door. He's waiting on someone to rescue them so he can snatch the person." I sighed. "How do I tell them he's waiting on one of us to rescue them?"

I rubbed her back in soothing circles. "You just do. They know you would do anything in your power to help if you could." I sighed, knowing my daughter's heart was broken. "Wait! Your daddy can use his power to bring them both here."

She looked up at me, a small smile on her face. "Really?" She asked with so much hope.

"We will ask him in the morning. We all need to sleep before we bring them back, okay?" She nodded her head enthusiastically. "Goodnight, Tazia. Sleep, okay?"

"Goodnight, Mom, and thank you." I kissed her forehead and walked out of the room where Draco was waiting for me.

I walked straight into his arms. "How much did you hear?"

Draco hugged me. "Nothing, but you were projecting your thoughts so I heard all of it." I laughed at my crazy mate, realizing what he said about my mind. I shored up my mind quickly as he whined.

"Come on, honey, we need to get some sleep, too," I told him as I teleported us to our room. We got ready for bed and laid down. As soon as Draco kissed me I fell asleep. I was tired after the two days we had.

I woke up and I was alone. I listened to make sure the shower wasn't running but didn't hear anything. What the hell? Where was my mate? I almost jumped out of my skin when Draco teleported to our bed with a tray of food in his hand. He didn't realize I was awake yet, so I watched him, amusement on my face.

I finally cleared my throat after he set the tray down. He was the one who jumped this time. "How long have you been awake?"

I snickered. "A few minutes before you teleported to our room."

"I brought breakfast," he announced as if I didn't see with the tray moments earlier.

"I see that. Who made this fine food?" I asked. I wasn't putting anything in my mouth if it wasn't made by Marylyn.

"Uh." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I teleported the food from Italy." I nodded and grabbed a pastry. It was delicious. I fed him some of the food and he agreed with me. It made me want to try Italian food from Italy.


We finished the tray and I got up to take a shower after I got a kiss from my mate. I ran through all my normal routines, but I was going faster than I usually did. I knew Tazi would be wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. She didn't like lying to anyone, thank the Goddess.

"Ready?" Draco asked me as he walked over and kissed me again. I nodded my head and threaded my hands with his. We had a lot to do today, but it would all get done if I had to stay awake all night to finish them. We couldn't let our duties to our kingdom suffer. We had to make sure we took care of them, too.

We walked into the main cavern. I could tell Tazia had told Ivy and Blaize about us being able to help. I sure hoped we could do it. I didn't want to leave their parents to rot in the prison the false god had put them in. The girl's prison was bad enough.

"I've already asked the others to help us, Kaley. I don't want to leave them there either," my wolf growled, my dragon growling with her. I hadn't realized my dragon had let out a puff of flame until I saw the curtains on fire.

I quickly put the fire out and fixed the curtains back the way they were. "Oops, my bad." My family laughed. "My wolf and dragon are not happy with the thought of anyone being in the disgusting prison the girls were at." Everyone nodded their head at my statement. I looked around and sighed. "All of you can come out now." Sonny, Windy, Ares, Kaiden, and Griffith showed themselves, making the witches jump and bow.

"Ladies, you do not need to bow to me or my Beta couple. I wished I could have helped more. I told each of the leaders to tell their people where to go to be safe. Did your leaders not tell you?"

Every one of the witches said no. I couldn't believe their leaders wouldn't tell them how to protect themselves. Were their leaders using black magic to start with?

"Who are your leaders?" Sonny asked, trying to not sound as if he was demanding them. Every one of the witches, with the exception of two of them, told Sonny who was their leaders. I was astounded. All of these leaders didn't care to protect their own people.

"Close your eyes, ladies, I have a call I have to make," Sonny informed them as I looked on confused. Why would they need to close their eyes if he's making a call? I felt the air crackle and the leaders showed up. Sonny blindfolded them quickly.

The kids were up next. They separated the good ones from the bad ones, but they missed one. I walked over to the last one. She came up with a blade and was about to shove it into my heart, but her arm froze. I looked to my kids, but they all shook their heads no, Adonis pointing at Draco.

"Thanks, honey," I shakily said. I knew the blade wouldn't have hurt me, but it didn't mean I wanted to see if one of the witches had taken away my safe spell.

I heard the witches hiss at their leaders, one going as far as calling hers a bitch. I understood where they were coming from. I didn't know how they were staying still and not hurting them. I was glad they weren't.

"Ares, would you please take these 'witches'," he sneered. "To my cells?" Sonny looked at the leaders. "You will not try to break my orders. You will go into the cells. You will not take off your blindfolds. You will never raise your head to look up. You will stay quiet and you won't teleport out of the cell or teleport anyone in. Do you understand my orders?" No one said a word. "You will answer me." They all said yes and Ares took them off.

"Well, let's..." Sonny trailed off. "Well, shit! We need to do something quickly. My wolves have found their mates in the leaders and are about to wage war on my cells and my guards. Ladies, would you like to help?" They all nodded their heads and we teleported to the cells.

I stood there with my mouth hanging open for a second, snapping back into the here. The guards were trying to hold back the men from entering the cells but were losing the battle.

"Stop!" Sonny commanded, freezing the wolves in their tracks. "I know you have mates in some of these women, but you cannot have them. Yet. Some of them have been spelled. They will spell you and everyone you come into contact with will be in danger. We are fighting another war and I can't have you acting as if you are idiots," Sonny explained as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"But we want our mates. Some of us have been waiting for years to meet our," one brave, or stupid, soul stated.

Sonny growled. "You can wait for a few hours more. I promised these ladies to help them find their parents first. I understand you want your mates, but at what cost your deaths?"

"They wouldn't hurt us," another stupid soul said.

"Stop! You are being selfish! You will stay away from the cells until I tell you it's okay to come in here! You will not come near my guards or you will die, do you understand?

"Yes, sir, Royal King Sonny," the men said as they turned and walked away.

"Let me know if they come back for some reason." Sonny looked around. "Are any of these women your mates?"

Two guards raised their hands. "Yes, sir."

Sonny nodded. "Good, you two will not come back to the cells until you are cleared, got it?" They nodded and left, Sonny calling his Gamma to the cells. It wasn't long before we were back in the main cavern.

"Let's try this again," Draco suggested, a small laugh sounding from the witches. "Ivy and Blaize, you are going to need to stand in the middle of our circle. Ivy, you think only about your father. Blaize, you think only of your mother. I will need to look at them in your mind quickly. I promise not to look at any other memory except what you show me."

"Okay," they both agreed. Draco looked into Ivy's mind first and then to Blaize's mind. He nodded his head and we all joined hands. It didn't take long until Draco had them located. We made sure they were blindfolded and brought them to us.

"No! No more torture. You've already told us you killed our daughters, what more do you want from us?" The girl's mother cried out, sinking to her knees. "Please, please, kill us already."

"And, why should they, Mom, when we are alive?" Ivy softly asked.

"No! You are not fooling me with that again!" Their mother cried out again.

"Let's make sure they aren't spelled and then they can see you, okay?" I asked the girls, making sure they knew we were helping. I knew they wanted to rip off their parent's blindfolds and we couldn't have them do so.

We circled the couple and healed them as much as we could first. "Okay, don't forget to keep your eyes closed. Don't open them for any reason," I told everyone, making sure the witches knew to do so or run the risk of being back with the false god. I knew every one of them would keep their eyes closed.

It took us about an hour and a half to break all the spells in their minds. We had to have Draco and Ares show us where the other spells were, but we were confident we had broken every one of them.

"I'm going to take their blindfolds off but everyone keeps your eyes closed. I can't be spelled and we don't need to throw you in the cells until we got enough energy to break them again, got it?" We all voiced our approval and waited on Adonis to take their blindfolds off.

We heard a sharp intake of air and waited, and waited.

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