From Here to Love

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Chapter 6 - Wasn't the First Time

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“One of the dragons asked if Alec had brought him some tasty werewolf morsels for breakfast,” Angel relayed one of the dragons words, using air quotes to emphasize the last words.

“Oh, he didn’t,” I replied as I walked past Alec and opened the door. I turned to my family. “Look Alec brought us here for dinner,” I cockily said as I crossed my arms over my chest, turning towards the dragons, a smirk on my face. I was having a hard time to keep my mouth from gaping, there were at least four huge dragons in front of me, each a different color. They were beautiful with the colors of magenta, sky blue, majestic purple, and a deep forest green.

Summers POV

I was startled out of my musing when one of the dragons blew a gust of wind at us, almost as he was huffing. I stayed on my feet and smiled at him - causing his eyes to widen. I had caught him off-guard and he wasn’t used to people not fearing him. I watched as Alec smiled.

He said, ’he likes you,” Constantine relayed the dragon’s words this time, waiting for Alec to relay his words.

I smiled even wider, stretching my cheeks to bigger heights than before. “I like you, too.”

The dragon’s head snapped up as he eyed my children warily, but Angel’s next words had his mouth drop open. “We may be small but we are very powerful. I can understand your language and relay it to my family.” She smiled. “And, I can speak into your mind.”

The dragon shifted, standing in all his naked glory. And, I do mean glory. He was huge - causing me to snap my eyes to the ceiling, Hailey following my example. I watched as Alec handed the dragon a pair of basketball shorts. As soon as he had his shorts on he turned around and smirked at me and Hailey, grinning as if he was a fool.

I laughed so hard a few snorts slipped out. “Yes. yes, indeed I like you. You’re about crazy as I am.” The dragon snorted and laughed, wiping tears from his eyes, the other dragons mouths agape at him.

“I’m Draco, nice to meet you,” Draco told my mates first, pulling Blaine in and giving him a warriors handshake, then turning to Zane and doing the same.

“My name is Blaine and my brother’s name is Zane,” he introduced, pointing out Zane. He pulled me to him. “And, this woman is our feisty mate, Summer.

“Two mates?” Drago breathed as he looked at me.

“Yes, two mates,” I answered as I smirked at his glazed over eyes, shaking his head a few seconds later.

No he didn’t.

He smiled as he looked up Blaine and Zane. “Now, I can see why she’s feisty.” My dropped open at his words, a furious blush forming on my cheeks. I had forgotten dragons were open about sex.

“Nope, she’s always been feisty. I’ll have to tell you how we met and what she did. She’s a spit-fire all on her own,” Blaine explained as if I wasn’t standing in front of him. I snorted at his claim, shocking them.

“What?” Zane asked me, an eyebrow quirked up in question.

“You should know better than to just label me as a spit-fire.” I fluffed my hair and smiled brightly. “I’m the original spit-fire, a badass mom, a great mate, an awesome fighter with an even more awesome wolf, and positively wicked sense of humor.” The dragons huffed as the rest of us barked out our laughs. I had a feeling we had shown him something different about us.

“I.” He stopped to take a breath. “I think I’m going to enjoy our time together. But, I kind of like a little crazy.” I grinned up at him and cocked my brow. I shook my head a little and put my game face on. We had a lot to discuss before we could figure out any of the problems we face. One being; giants.

Hugly tall mother-fuckers.

Who could grind us to bone.

In one step.

“Shift!” He commanded, using a language we could understand. I realized my youngest children had taught us the dragons language in a blink of an eye. Our whole family looked down at my children, nestled in my arms, with our mouths agape, our eyes revealing our shock as they sniggered.

I shook my head and looked up at Draco. “These our brothers, Dagon, Veles and Askook,” he said as pointed at each brother, introducing us to them. I smiled at them and nodded my head in greeting. “Will you follow me to a more comfortable room?” He asked me.

“Sure.” I followed behind him, my family and the other dragons following us. I could tell he was lost in thought. He had blocked some of his mind to me but I could catch snippets of his thoughts.

‘Messy fighting.’

‘Need to keep us safe.’

I almost laughed at the last one. It would be us keeping them safe from harm, but I would let him have their illusion of ‘keeping us safe’. I was sure the dragons would figure out quickly what we were made up of. None of us were made of sugar or spice, well, not the cooking kind. And, we definitely weren’t nice to our enemies - something the dragons would find out soon. I didn’t want to hurt the giants, they weren’t an enemy of mine, but I couldn’t allow any of them to hurt my family.

When we came to halt, making me almost run into the back of Draco. I looked around the room and sighed in pleasure. The room was a large cavern, a fireplace taking up one wall, the couches arching around the fireplace. It had several armchairs, a large coffee table sat in the middle of the couches and chairs with a coffee service and cups sitting atop of it.

The large dragons sat down on one of the couches, gesturing for us to take a seat. We all sat as Askook poured coffee and handed them out to us, giving the kids sodas. We got comfortable and looked at each other, waiting to see who wanted to speak first. I nodded my head, defurring to Draco.

“Okay, l will start.” I watched as he took a huge breath. “As you know we have a shit-show and we aren’t sure how to take the giants on without hurting them. The giants have always lived in our woods. They were sentinels for us, bellowing when trouble came calling.” He sighed. “But, somethings not right with them.”

“Your giants have been spelled by a witch older than time. She’s strong because of her age and the black magic she wields. The only way to keep your giants free is for us to kill the witch. Let me tell you, it won’t be an easy task but I believe we can do it, and without harming the giants.” I paused and looked him in the eyes “But, if any of them hurt my family or one of you I will end him or her.”

The brothers looked shocked by my revelation. They weren’t expecting me to include them in my protection. “Fair enough,” Askook voiced as he looked at me with a teasing smile. “But, we can take care of yourselves - usually.”

“Everyone needs help at one time or another. We will help anyone in need as long as they don’t have ill intent.” Zane paused. “Every time and any species.”

Askook, once again, was shocked, his mouth hanging open. I watched as he snapped his mouth shut, trying to play as if we didn’t see him. I wanted to laugh but I didn’t want to upset him. “Thank you, all of you. I know you were disrespected by Alec, but it was necessary. We needed to know if you were the real deal or not.”

Wasn't the first time.


We started laughing. I knew it was mostly because they read my mine, but we knew Alec was only messing with me. “We are the real deal. We don’t mind helping as long as our pack is protected. And, boy is it protected. The Royal Queen made sure it was protected as well as other packs. My family, the Royal Alpha King, the Royal Queen, the Royal Beta’s, and two Alpha’s and their mates. We have so much help and all of them, my family, and all the Moon Goddess’ grandchildren.”

The dragon’s mouths dropped open. Again. Draco was the first person to voice his question, "Wow, you are the Moon Goddess’ daughter?” I nodded my head. “Okay, uh, cool.” We all started laughing, the tension leaving everyone’s shoulders.

“Does this mean you have developed special powers?” Veles asked, taking a sip of his coffee and eying me.

“Yes. We have special powers of my heavenly mother and my earthly mother. The powers from the Moon Goddess are stronger but me being a hybrid” Veles had a confused look on his face. “We are witches and werewolves, so our powers are amplified. Our gifts from the Moon Goddess are usually powers we need at the time, but they last the rest of our lives. You will see what powers we are talking about soon, right Windy?” right windy

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