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Chapter 60 - Moon Bound & Avoidance

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No! You are not fooling me with that again!” The mother cried out again.

“Let’s make sure they aren’t spelled and then they can see you, okay?” I asked the girls, making sure they knew we were helping. I knew they wanted to rip off their parent’s blindfolds and we couldn’t have them do so.

We circled the couple and healed them as much as we could first. “Okay, don’t forget to keep your eyes closed. Don’t open them for any reason,” I told everyone, making sure the witches knew to do so or run the risk of being back with the false god. I knew every one of them would keep their eyes closed.

It took us about an hour and a half to break all the spells in their minds. We had to have Draco and Ares show us where the other spells were, but we were confident we had broken every one of them.

“I’m going to take their blindfolds off but everyone keeps your eyes closed. I can’t be spelled and we don’t need to throw you in the cells until we got enough energy to break them again, got it?” We all voiced our approval and waited on Adonis to take their blindfolds off.

We heard a sharp intake of air and waited, and waited.

Adonis' POV

I pulled their blindfolds off and looked into their eyes. I took a huge breath in when I saw the devastated look on their faces. It saddens my heart to see the pain, the panic, and the confusion on their faces. They were scared.

"Ivy, walk over to my voice, please. Blaize, I'll get you in a few minutes, okay?' I instructed the girls.

" Mom? Dad?' Ivy called out, a huge sob escaping from her lips. Ivy fell to her knees in front of them, her sister right behind her. I knew Blaize wouldn't wait, it's the reason I nodded when she looked at me with pleading eyes.

"No, no, no! You two were supposed to be safe," the girls dad cried.

"Dad, you and mom are safe." Their parents shook their heads no. "I promise you are safe. Alpha Summer's family has helped us."

My grandmother took a step forward, my grandfather following her. *Do you remember me, Jaycee?* My grandmother asked, a kind smile on her face.

"Summer? Oh my goddess it's really you?" My grandmother nodded her head. "Honey, we are safe. He didn't know about my best friend." I watched as they broke down crying. It brought tears to all of our faces.

Marylyn showed up out of the blue making the man jump and growl at her. *Hush, Westly, I'm not a threat and you know it. " Marilyn slapped Westley's arm lightly. "Jaycee," was all Marylyn said. Jaycee jumped in Marylyns arms. The girls hugged their dad and watched her smother Jaycee with her boobs.

I wantedsee the false god to die and soon. He had hurt boo many people. I didn't want to hurt the people he had spelled. There were a lot of them that weren't spelled. I didn't know how he convinced these idiots he could make them a 'god' too, but he had. There were too many gullible people out there. Or, they liked to kill. It saddened me to know they turned against my great-grandmother, the Moon Goddess.

"Let's see about getting you a room and some food in your bellies, okay?" I softly asked, my grandmother helping them up.

"You two can have a bath while I fix your food," Maryln told them.

I walked off, my heart crying out for the innocents. I had to get away quickly before I break down in front of everybody. I didn't want everybody to think I was a cry baby.

I teleported to my room, knowing my family would see to their care. I couldn't be around anyone at the moment. But, when has that stopped my siblings from following me?



We were Moon bound

In the womb or out of the womb we were bound together. My emotions become theirs and theirs mine. It wasn't something I liked but I can't complain about it. I knew my sister was sad last night but I gave her ime to herself.

"What's wrong, brother?" Alessia asked me as she sat down on my bed.

I looked at her incredulously. "What's wrong? Seriously?"

"She's wanting to know why this hit you harder than when we rescued the girls?" Aleko asked.

I sighed and sighed again. "I don't know. I can't stand to see what he's doing to the good and innocent people. I know there is more out there who are trying to fight his commands." I blew out a breath. "There has to be some way we can take away all their spells at one time. It would help us if we could figure out-" We heard a scream this time being our mother.

We ran out of our room as if our butts were on fire and noticed our mother on the floor. Our dad was down on his knees rubbing our mom's back and whispering words to her. We couldn't hear what was being said, but then I heard a whisper in my mind.

"New power to help you with all the spelled people. Your dad will be the next to get his. Hailey will join in right after." I knew it was my great-grandmother letting us know what was going on. She wasn't supposed to help us but we kept getting little painful gifts to help us out. The higher the power the more painful it was. And looking at my mom her power was going to be a strong one.

I heard another scream and teleported to the main cavern. Hailey was on her knees, her back bowed, her body glowing. She was there one moment and gone the next. I could see Kaley's mate start to panic.

"She's here. She's getting a new power and it looks as if she can go invisible. Think how fun she's going to have sneaking up on Kaley." He laughed a little and stretched his arms out until he felt her next to him.

Hailey showed back in his arms. "Glad you had practice with me screaming because you are going to need it. Are you ready to see your baby?" I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Poor Alex was about to panic again until Hailey grabbed his face and told him to take her to their room. She sounded all kinds of 'chucky' evil.

"Mom, head to Hailey's room she's in labort and is going to need you," I mind-linked her and followed Alex and Hailey into their room. I wasn't going to stay through the whole birth but I was going to help her with the pain before I left.

I walked up to the other side of the bed. "Aunt Hailey, I can take your pain away if you want me to?" She nodded her head.

I laid my hands on her back and stomach, asking the baby to come out without giving his mom any problems. I took away all the pain except for the need to push. "All done."

Our mom came into the room and clapped her hands. "Time for all the rugrats to find another place to play. Go to bed, go back to the main cavern, or go bug Marylyn-"

"I heard that, Summer! Send them to me so I can love upon my babies," Marylyn yelled through the link.

I looked at my mom, my eyes huge, and shook my head no. I was going to bed before I got attacked by her boobs and my cheeks were pinched raw. I loved Marylyn, I really did, but I didn't want to be unsupervised with her. My mom or dad would have stopped her but they wouldn't right now.

I fake yawned and threw my arms out, stretching my body. "I'm going to bed. I'm really tired." I got up and teleported out of the room. I went to the main cavern and hid behind my grandfather.

"What?" My grandpa got quiet. "Oh, you are going to bed so you don't lie to your grandmother. You can get up in thirty minutes or when some food is done." My grandpa Blaine told me. I huffed and teleported into my room, laying on my bed.

My bed was shaking as if we were having an earthquake. I bolted out of bed and looked around, noticing Aleko on the ground. "Hey, what are you doing? Did you feel the earth shake. I didn't think we-" I noticed Aleko crying. "What are you crying about? Did something happen?"

"These are laughing tears, you idiot. There are no earthquakes around here. I was shaking you away so you can eat before Marylyn puts everything away," Aleko explained as he laughed and wiped his tears.

I rolled my eyes and helped him off the floor. I teleported us to the main cavern and sat down in front of my mom. Grandma leaned over. "Did you have a nice nap you didn't want?"

My eyes narrowed on my grandfather Blaine. "I told you I was tired, Mom."

"Only so you wouldn't be caught in a lie." I huffed and stared at my grandfather, squinting my eyes.

"Tattletale," I hissed through the link.

"He never said a thing, but you just did," My grandmother said, laughing at my shocked face. Remind me to never lie to anyone but especially my grandmother.

"I wouldn't advise you ever doing it again," my grandmother said through our family link. I looked down in shame. I can't believe I lied. What was next? Was I going to steal stuff? I was embarrassed, but someone came to my rescue.


The person I was avoiding

"You leave the boy alone. He is a little kid. And, before you say he shouldn't lie, I'm sure he won't do it again, right Adonis?" Marylyn asked she walked over to me and pulled my head into her chest.

The one place no man should go

"Marylyn, you are smothering Adonis. Let him come up for air," Maximus joked as I looked at him with thankfulness written all over my face.

"He's fine, Maximus. Behave our I might pull you over to my chest, but you might like it and my Joel would be upset. He would try to kill you if he knew you had your face in my tits," Marylyn told him.

Was I the only one who found this conversation confusing. I looked at my bother and sister's trying to see if they knew what he meant. "Why would Joel be mad if you had your face in her t-" A hand was slapped over my mouth faster than a rooster could signal daylight.

"Stop right there, younger mister," my mom ordered, not that it worked on me, but I had to give her props for trying to order me around as if I wasn't going to be the Alpha one day.

"Why?" Aunt Hailey to7ok the words right out of my mouth.

"It's nothing bad, kids, she was talking about something or someone accidentally." My grandmother said sweetly. I wasn't sure if I believed half of what my grandmother tells us.

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