From Here to Love

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Chapter 62 - Baubles & Bastards

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“What are we waiting for? He’s getting closer and closer to us,” my mom asked, reminding me we didn’t have time to waste.

I looked up at Draco, an apology on my lips. “Go fix us up for this fight. I love you and I will see you soon, okay?” I nodded and kissed his lips.

I teleported to the main cavern, my family following me. I teleported all the bracelets I had made and my jewelry kit. “These are the bracelets I have made so far. I-”

“-Shit!” My mom yelled, dropping the bracelets. “These have a lot of power in them.” She looked at me. “Is this part of your new power?”

I nodded my head and sat on the floor to set everything up. “Yes. I will be infusing my power with all the bracelets and necklaces we make.”

“Good. I can’t wait to see the false ‘god’s face’. I’m ready to tear him a new asshole,” My mom stated as she sat down.

“Me, too. I’m going to spell the baubles before you all make them. It will be easier than spelling every bracelet or necklace,” I told them. I grabbed all my baubles, beads, and chains.

I closed my eyes and cleared my mind. I thought about the jewelry-making kit and commanded the beads, baubles, and chains to protect our people by not letting them get spelled. I could feel my power infuse with the kit, but what I didn’t expect was the gasps of surprise.

Summers POV

I watched as Kaley closed her eyes and cleared her mind. I could her power from where I sitting and it shocked me. I knew my children would be powerful, but this was off the chain.

I kept my eyes on the jewelry. When her power was at its highest the kit glowed as did Kaley's eyes. I don't think she realized she had opened her eyes for a few seconds. I knew my grandkid's eyes could glow white, but I didn't know Haley's could, too.

I watched as the jewelry lifted up off the table. My heart was beating as if I had run a race watching the jewelry making its self. I had never seen anything like it. As soon as the necklaces were finished we all gasped as the power left the room. Her power took our breath away, made us quit breathing for a few minutes.

Kaley opened her eyes and gasped herself. "What the fuck?"

I started chuckling, the other ladies joining me. "Great job, Kaley."

"Your power was crazy. It froze us in our seats. It made our hearts race and breath to shorten. I have never felt anything like it, Kaley," Hailey commented, the same comment we all wanted to make.

"Sorry. I didn't know it would affect all of you. And, I definitely didn't know I could make the bracelets by myself," Kaley quietly said.

I could tell she was embarrassed and upset that she had hurt us. I knew she didn't do it on purpose but this was Kaley. She could be the toughest chick or the most sensitive. She was a great Queen.

"No need to be sorry, Kaley. You didn't know. We also need to get used to it. I have a feeling you will be using some if not more of your power when we are on the battlefield, correct?" I moved over and sat next to her.

"I know. I could have hurt you, Mom." Kaley played with the end of her shirt, fighting the tears that wanted to fall down her face.

I shook my head no. "You would have pulled it back if we had made a sound of distress. Didn't you wonder why you stopped when we gasped? See, you didn't hurt us." I chuckled. "You surprised more than anything."

"Okay. Thanks, Mom." She smiled at me and I knew all was alright.

"We need to deliver this to everyone and tell them why they need to keep it on. It's going to take us forever," Hailey commented, a tired sigh leaving her mouth.

"I can do it without leaving the castle, but I will need to use my power and I will need food as soon as I'm done," Kaley said as she ate an energy bar.

"Do it, and I'll make sure you have food right after. Please don't use all of your energy. I'm going around the corner when you do though." I laughed and walked around the cavern wall, the ladies following me.

I felt someone pushing through a link we didn't have. "All our fighters will be wearing the bracelets or necklaces I send to you. You are not to take them off. They will protect you as long as you have them on," Kaley ordered the dragons. I gasped, knowing the dragons didn't have a mind-link unless they were mated to one of my children or grandchildren.

I heard a phone ring from the main cavern and couldn't tell if it was mine or the other lady's phone. I decided I was going to chance it by going back to Kaley.

"I'm fine, Draco." She paused. "Yes, I know they are confused, but this is to protect them. I will explain everything after our battle." She paused again and sighed. "Please tell them I didn't mean to order them as if I was the Moon Goddess herself, but they need to wear these fucking bracelets unless they want to die Draco." She paused again. "Sorry. Please let them know I didn't mean to scare them. Okay." She hung up the phone as I teleported food to the table.

"Are you okay, Kaley?" I asked her. I could tell she was pissed off, but trying to blow it off.

"Yes. No. I don't know. Why do our warriors have to question everything they don't understand? I haven't hurt them. I'm only trying to help them, but we've got idiots who want to argue. If they don't want to wear the jewelry then fuck them!" Kaley told us, her words rushed.

I chuckled. "I'll be right back. It seems I need to make an appearance to scare these warriors into listening. Keep your link up and I'll show you everything." I disappeared and showed up in front of the warriors as some of them complained about the jewelry.

"We don't have to wear these. We are warriors and can take care of ourselves," a warrior said to his little minion's groupies.

I really hated to do this to him but he asked for it. I switched bodies with him. It was not something I liked to do and I knew the fucker was going to play with my boobs first.

"What the hell?" The warrior exclaimed in my voice, his hands patting down his body.

"I wouldn't put your hands on my boobs, dude, or I will cut your dick off. Now if you had your bracelet on this wouldn't have happened to you. They will do anything in their power to kill you or take you over," I explained, changing bodies back to my own and hearing the idiot say thank the Goddess.

The other guys put their bracelets or necklaces on as quickly as they could. "Now watch." I tried to switch places with the warrior next to me. "Now do you understand. I couldn't change bodies with Tim and I tried hard. This will also protect you from being killed. It will stay on whether you are in your human side or your dragon. Queen Kaley would never harm you and you should be ashamed of yourselves."

"I'm so sorry. Please tell our Queen we were being foolish and stupid," the first warrior said, his head down.

I lifted up his chin. "It's okay. She was only wanting to protect you. I'm sure hearing her in your mind was freaky, but get used to it. She's powerful. More powerful than you will ever know. She only uses her power for good, the good of her people." He nodded his head. "Time for me to go and make sure she's alright. It takes a lot out of her to protect everyone." I disappeared into the trees. I wanted to listen to make sure they were true warriors.

"Mom, Tim is not true to our fight. He's helping the false god on his own," Kaley informed me through the mind-link.


We couldn't have him telling the false god about our plans. I couldn't sit here and let him disappear from my sight. I teleported behind him and took him in a chokehold. "Well, well, well, little spy. I knew you were no good and so did your Queen. What can I do to you?" I heard Kaley whisper, letting me know he wasn't protected now. "Oh, cool. My daughter, your Queen has taken away all your spells to keep you safe. Would you like to tell your fellow warriors what have been doing to their mates, sisters, and mothers?" I truth spelled him quickly.

"What is Alpha Summer talking about?" He asked the man in my chokehold.

"I'm working with the false god!" He tried to slap his hands to his mouth to stop talking, but I had frozen him. "I took your sisters, your mothers, your daughters, your mates, and your friends to the false god. Some of them have been sacrificed and some of them are working with our god. Some of them are his whores."

"Mates?" Ten of the warriors asked as they advanced on the man. I nodded my head and stepped back. I hated to kill these men, but he wasn't spelled. He did everything by himself. I couldn't stand weak people. And, he was very weak.

I brought myself back to the mini-battle in front of me, but the battle was over and the man was dead.

"Thank you, Alpha Summer. We had no idea of what he was doing," twin warriors told me. I bowed my head and disappeared with the warrior's body, making sure I dropped him far away for now.

I went back to the warriors and opened my link with Kaley. She could spot the ones who were against us. I needed to make sure none of them got back to the idiot.

Kaley teleported to me. She had nine warriors following her, nine warriors who were trying to get out of her hold. Kaley was eating energy bars as quickly as she could. "Well, I found these jackasses by the border." I laughed as Kaley rolled her eyes.

"Do feel any more around us?" I asked her. She nodded her head and teleported us to another group of warriors, the nine warriors following her.

"Hey, guys, can I talk to Dante, Ghost, and Perry?" Kaley asked nicely, a smile on her face. She wasn't giving anything away. I was so proud of her.

"Sure, Queen Kaley," a warrior answered, stepping back from the men in front of us.

Kaley's face went ice cold, me following her example. "It's pretty funny how you think you can fool me with your 'I'm a warrior for the dragons' shit." She chuckled darkly. "Now, you are going to have to spend time in the Royal jail." She tilted her head. "Or, better yet your brothers can kill you for taking their sisters and mates to the false god.

"What?"A warrior asked, his eyes clouded by tears. "I trusted you guys!" He yelled.

"I think it's time to tell these men how you fooled them, followed them, and stalked the women before you took them away to the false god.

The men shook their heads, but Perry opened his mouth and shut it again. "I took them to our god. Our God hasn't done anything for us. I haven't found my mate yet and she doesn't care one bit."

I felt the Goddess make her way through me. "You don't have a mate because you are foolish, you cheat with other men's women. You are going against my teachings, you fool." All the men fell to their knees. "You don't get what you want and you throw away all your teachings? Goodbye, Perry, Dante, and Ghost." She left me but gave me a gift to use on the false warriors. Every one of the traitors was brought to the circle to let their brothers know what they did. I could tell how many wanted to kill them but the Goddess has spoken.

When they were finished confessing fire came from my mouth, killing the traitors in seconds. "If you think I will let you be a traitor to my people you might want to think again. I will be watching you through Alpha Summer's eyes and her children's eyes. I'm disappointed in my dragons, but you can change that by being true to me and our cause. Fight for what's right and I will bless all of you." She left my body and I collapsed on the ground, not making contact. My mates had picked me up and teleported me to the castle.

Draco came running into our room, never once knocking on the door.

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