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Chapter 63 - Duh Moment

Hi. Just wanted to say thank you for reading my book. Thank you for commenting and liking my work. Some of you have been with me from the beginning of my first book and I think you from the bottom of my heart. And, you know who you are.


“I think it’s time to tell these men how you fooled them, followed them, and stalked the women before you took them away to the false god.

The men shook their heads, but Perry opened his mouth and shut it again. “I took them to our god. Our God hasn’t done anything for us. I haven’t found my mate yet and she doesn’t care one bit.”

I felt the Goddess make her way through me. “You don’t have a mate because you are foolish, you cheat with other men’s women. You are going against my teachings, you fool.” All the men fell to their knees. “You don’t get what you want and you throw away all your teachings? Goodbye, Perry, Dante, and Ghost.” She left me but gave me a gift to use on the false warriors. Every one of the traitors was brought to the circle to let their brothers know what they did. I could tell how many wanted to kill them but the Goddess has spoken.

When they were finished confessing fire came from my mouth, killing the traitors in seconds. “If you think I will let you be a traitor to my people you might want to think again. I will be watching you through Alpha Summer’s eyes and her children’s eyes. I’m disappointed in my dragons, but you can change that by being true to me and our cause. Fight for what’s right and I will bless all of you.” She left my body and I collapsed on the ground, not making contact. My mates had picked me up and teleported me to the castle.

Draco and Kaley came running into our room, never once knocking on the door.

Kaley's POV

Draco and I ran into my parent's room, our eyes were huge and I was felt as if I was going to pass out. I panted a few minutes to get my breath back.

"What?" My mom asked as she stood up from the bed, my father's leaping up to assist her.

I held up one finger, standing upright. "The false god and his men are marching to us. They are getting closer to the border and we need to be ready to go." My mother's eyes widened and she nodded her head.

My kid's teleported to their grandparent's room, Adonis touching my mom. My mom's eyes widened again and a huge smile covered her face. "Thank you, Adonis, you gave me enough energy to go for days, but are you okay?"

Adonis smiled and brought his hand from behind his back. He had a bag of glucose and I groaned. He would be bouncing off the walls in no time. My mom laughed as the rest of my siblings, their mates, and the witches showed up in the room.

"Alright, kid's, we are going to break the spell he has on his people first. Can we do it from here?" I asked. They nodded their heads. "Well, let's get this over with. Adonis, I may have to borrow a bag of glucose when we are done."

"Okay, Mommy, I'll have ready for you. Let's go kick some false god butt," Adonis remarked, making us laugh at him.

My whole family stood in a circle around me and my kids. We held hands and cleared our minds, searching outside of our bodies for the first group of spelled people. It was the reason why we had our family at our back. They would protect us with their lives.

We found one of the groups and my wolf growled at what we were seeing. One of the witches in the group was prodding a young girl in a cage some guys were carrying. We quickly threw out our spell to unspell them. And, didn't that sound idiotic, but it was the only way to describe it. We watched the whole group to see what the fall-out was going to be. Some of them staggard, some of them glared at the others, and others fell to their knees. We quickly, and at the same time, threw a spell to stop all communication.

"Incoming, family," my wolf growled, several people showing up in the same room as us. I knew Sonny and my mom put them under a sleep spell until we were done with each group of spelled people. The other people who were not under a spell went to the Royal cells, Sonny ordering them to stay in their minds.

I was about to teleport the child but I hesitated for some reason. I felt as if it were a trap, a trap I didn't want to take chance with. "Don't get the child. She's under a spell or she's his daughter. I'm going with daughter," I told my kids through our family mind-link. "Remember, don't look into any of their eyes."

We went to the next group and did the same as before, moving quickly to the next group and the next. The false god was losing people by the hundreds. I knew Sonny had sent all of them to the cells, blindfolding them before they left.

"False gods group is next. I'm not sure we should work on this group. He's going to have members of his cult that are true to him with him. They won't be spelled," Anastazia commented through the mind-link, a worried look on her face.

We slowly pulled our minds back and came back into body, all of us sinking to the ground. My mate quickly caught me and my siblings caught my children.

"Food," was all Adonis said, all of us nodding our heads.

Our pack doctor was teleported to the main cavern. He never said a thing he started setting up the IVs for us. It didn't take him but a minute to have all of us on a glucose drip. I nodded my head at him and smiled.

"My work here is done, for now," our crazy pack doctor said before my mom teleported back to the pack. I shook my head at her and chuckled.

I heard a noise behind me and turned around quickly. Too quickly. I grabbed my head and sank to my knees. "I don't want to ride this ride anymore. Can I get off now?" I asked as my mom walked over and healed my vertigo.

"Thanks, Mom." I moved over and sat at the coffee table. I picked up my fork and knife and started cutting up my prime rib, quickly stuffing it in my mouth as fast as I could cut it. I noticed it was quiet. Too quiet.

I looked up and cocked my head at them. "What? We need to hurry and get our energy back. The devil's knocking on our door," I explained my lack of manners. "Plus, I'm starving. It's not easy being out of your body for any length of time."

"Yeah, what mom said," Adonis remarked, making all of us laugh. I shook my head at my crazy family and continued to eat my meal. It wasn't long before my meal was gone and my IV was empty.

My mom got up and removed the IVs out of our hands, throwing away all of the tubing and needles. She made sure weren't bleeding. We didn't want the false god to get any of our blood.

I turned towards the trash can she had put our tubing in and breathed out fire. I hit the trash can and burned any of our blood. I felt a lot better about not letting anyone get our blood. I heard nothing and I quickly whipped my head around to my family. "What?"

"It's a little creepy seeing our werewolf child breathing fire," my dad, Blaine, told me.

I chuckled at him. "You forget I'm a dragon/witch/werewolf hybrid. There's a lot you don't know that I can do." My dad opened his mouth. "And, no, I'm not showing you everything I can't do it it's forbidden by the Moon Goddess." My dad nodded his head and I grabbed a roll and munched on it.

"He's getting closer. He's about two miles out. The warriors are holding back just like your mother said. Are we ready?" Draco asked as he stood up and helped me to my feet.

"Does everyone have their charm on?" I asked as I turned and looked at the witches.

"I forgot to put mine back on after I showered," Ivy commented, her head looking down at her feet.

"Hey, none of that, Ivy, I have your charm in my hand. I made sure I could call all the charms to me in case of an emergency," I told her as I put her necklace on her neck. "All done. Is there anyone else who forgot theirs?"

Poppy, one of the witches, raised her hand. I walked over to her and had her turn around so I could put her necklace on. I turned back around and hugged her. I didn't want any of them to think they had anything to fear from us.

"Alright, guys, y'all know the plan, right?" My mom asked in a loud clear voice. "Good, let's go kill a false god. And, ladies, don't worry about being spelled again. My son-in-law already spelled all of you and believe me it's a tight spell."

My mate's mouth dropped open as he stared at her. He shook his head a few times. "How?" Was all he could say.

"I have my ways, plus a little birdy told me," she cryptically answered. Huh? I was trying to figure out who told her and then my brain caught up. My grandmother had told her.

Duh moment

"Let's go, people. You know the group you are supposed to be with. We will meet you all in the middle," my mom said. She had come up with a sound plan and I was eager to see if it worked. In theory, it sounded great, but I was holding my opinion until we acted on our plan.

I heard Draco give the order for everyone to get into their safe room and not to come out until they heard his order. He told them we were under attack and shelter down. I knew they would stay in their homes, but I was afraid there would be some really stupid people.

"Do. Not. Come. Out. Of. Your. Safe rooms. Until. We. Give. The. All. Clear," I ordered them. I knew none of them would step out now. I had used my Luna voice on them. And, according to my mother, it was hard to resist.

Yay me!

I saw Draco whip his head in my direction, his mouth agape. I shrugged my shoulders. I didn't know why I used my voice as such but if it kept our people safe then I didn't care.

We all teleported to our areas and readied ourselves. I could hear singing. It was beautiful but I knew exactly what was going on with his song.

"Why do I feel a slight pull, as I need to follow the music?" Ivy asked, her sister, Blaize nodding her head.

Well shit!

"Can you fight it?" I asked her, not wanting her to be spelled again.

She nodded her head and smiled as she pulled her necklace out of her shirt. "I'm safe. These help a lot. Thanks, Kaley." I nodded my head and watched her hide her necklace again.

"Ready?" My mom asked through our mind-link, linking in the witches, too. Their eyes widened at first, but then they all smiled.

"We're ready. I'll count down." I took a deep breath. "Three. Two. One. Go!" I yelled through our link with all our warriors and borrowed warriors.

A/N: Getting closer to the end of the book. I can't wait until you read the ending. It's all stuffed up in my head. Now, if I can get on paper to computer. Lol.

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