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Chapter 64 - Yeah, Sucker

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“Do. Not. Come. Out. Of. Your. Safe rooms. Until. We. Give. The. All. Clear,” I ordered them. I knew none of them would step out now. I had used my Luna voice on them. And, according to my mother, it was hard to resist.

Yay me!

I saw Draco whip his head in my direction, his mouth agape. I shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t know why I used my voice as such but if it kept our people safe then I didn’t care.

We all teleported to our areas and readied ourselves. I could hear singing. It was beautiful but I knew exactly what was going on with his song.

“Why do I feel a slight pull, as I need to follow the music?” Ivy asked, her sister, Blaize nodding her head.

Well shit!

“Can you fight it?” I asked her, not wanting her to be spelled again.

She nodded her head and smiled as she pulled her necklace out of her shirt. “I’m safe. These help a lot. Thanks, Kaley.” I nodded my head and watched her hide her necklace again.

“Ready?” My mom asked through our mind-link, linking in the witches, too. Their eyes widened at first, but then they all smiled.

“We’re ready. I’ll count down.” I took a deep breath. “Three. Two. One. Go!” I yelled through our link with all our warriors and our borrowed warriors.

Kaley’s POV

“We’re ready. I’ll count down.” I took a deep breath. “Three. Two. One. Go!” I yelled through our link with all our warriors and our borrowed warriors.

We all moved up a few steps at a time. We wanted to be quiet and quick. I didn't want him to hear us. It was the reason why I had spelled the witch's footsteps. They could walk on bubble wrap and no one would hear them.

We came to a full stop in the woods close to the bastards. We were awaiting my mom's signal to go. And, what a signal. She let loose a war cry so loud I wanted to duck and run. I shook my head a few times and ran out, my dragon sounding out with a loud roar. I was surprised the sound came out of my mouth, but it didn't stop me from running towards the 'false god'.

The warriors, ours, Maximus', and the royals ran from the other directions. They let a roar, his, and a howl for their war cry. It was amazing to hear, plus it didn't hurt to see the 'false god' looking around him nervously.

Yeah, sucker

We're here

Hear us roar

The bastards were quickly outnumbered, but they fought as if their lives depended on it. I knew their lives did depend on who lived and died. And, I was going to make damn sure our men were okay.

I could tell the 'false god' was getting ready to teleport, but my kid's stopped him dead in his tracks. His eyes widened when he saw my children and I wanted to laugh. He thought they wouldn't be powerful.

Was he for real?

The witches threw out every kind of spell imaginable. Some of the bastards were turned into goats, frogs, and lambs? They were having fun with their spells as I made sure they replenished their strength. Some of the witches were trying to break the spell on his men.

"They aren't spelled, ladies. They wanted this with everything in them or I would have broken any spell they were under earlier," I quietly told them through the mind-link. I could tell it bothered them, hell, it bothered me, too. I was heartbroken. Their actions damned them.

I ducked down quickly when I felt someone move behind me, rolling out of the way of their weapon. I looked up and saw a machete. A machete? What the hell was wrong with this idiot?

I stood up and teleported his weapon to my room, dusting off my hands afterward. "Your move, ass-hat," I told him calmly. Yeah, I was trying to piss him off. It was a great fighting technique to have. The person you are fighting will get mad and let go of his training every time.

"Don't worry, little girl, I have a great move next. You are going down," he said, a smirk on his face.

I narrowed my eyes at him. I wasn't going to let him trap me. I wasn't going to let him touch me at all. I waited for his move but he stood in the same spot, a smile on his face. I made sure to check everything and everyone around us. I could tell Hailey was waiting for him to make the first move. She was as confused as I was.

I crossed my arms over my chest and tapped my foot. I was getting impatient and an impatient Kaley was a dangerous Kaley. I rolled my eyes and teleported behind the ass-hat, cutting his throat in seconds. I dusted my hands off and looked around. Hailey had an amused look on her face.

I shrugged my shoulders and walked toward the 'false god'. He didn't look like he was someone who had done great things. He looked as if he was a sniveling coward, one who had mommy and daddy issues. He looked and acted like a brat.

I stopped a few feet away from him. I didn't want to be too close to him. I didn't trust him one bit. He was a good-looking man, but his heart was black as night. He had the blood of so many innocents on his hands and I didn't want him to touch me.

"So, you are the infamous, Alpha Summer," the fucker said to my mother, a smirk on his face. He crossed his arms over his chest, arms that looked like tree trunks. I knew he was trying to imitate my mother, but he would need to try a lot harder than he was.

"And, you are the whiney shit who wants to be a god." My mother huffed as she pointed at him. "You don't look like much."

I didn't know why we were posturing. We needed to take him out as soon as possible, not have a conversation with the man. I knew he would have a lot more in his arsenal for us. He came with plans on top of plans. I wanted to break a few of those plans by kicking his ass.

My mom looked him up and down, turning to fake gag at what she saw, but I saw what she saw and almost gagged myself. The souls he had taken were dying and he stunk as if he had bad meat around his neck for a month. I asked the wind to help me change the flow, letting the earth know he would be gone from soon. The earth was crying out.

"Are you going to stand there all day or are we going to fight?" I calmly asked, a touch of boredom in my tone.

His head jerked up at my words. "Am I being spoken to as if I didn't matter, Hailey? Or is it Kaley?" I didn't utter a word. If he could tell us apart then it was his loss. We had different powers but were almost identical.

I shrugged my shoulder as if I didn't care what he had to say to me. He tried to teleport to me but my children were keeping him from going anywhere. "Having a problem, shit-head?" I taunted, a huge smile on my face.

"Having a problem coming to me, beautiful?" He taunted back.

"Don't make a sound, Draco. He doesn't know who I am therefore he doesn't know my powers," I said through the mind-link. My mate stayed quiet as well as Hailey's mate. I was so proud of my mate. He understood the importance of the situation we were in. I didn't want him to know who I was.

I rolled my eyes at myself. I had forgotten that he asked me a question. "One: Don't call me beautiful. Two: You stink. I do mean stink of the souls you have trapped in your body. And, Three: Never look at me. I don't want your disgusting face in my line of sight."

"Ooh, burn," Adonis remarked, his hand up for someone to high-five him. I wanted to laugh at him, but I was more worried about the two souls we had stolen from the dragon, shit head?

I realized right away I was feeling out of place as if I didn't have a tether to the ground. I looked around and noticed I was up in the air. Not only was I airborne I was completely lit up with fire.


I could see the look on everyone's face, the fear on the 'false gods' face, the awe on my mate's face, and the glee on my children's faces. I had to figure how to come back to the ground and put my fire out. I knew I could do both by taking deep breaths and willing away the fire, so I did.

I was finally on the ground and the fire extinguished. I was staring at the 'false god', knowing he was in shock. I raised a brow at my mom as if to say, 'what the hell is wrong with this turd'. I thought she was going to burst out with laughter, but she did no such thing. I knew it was taking too long to get our fight over with and we needed to kick up plans before he called in more reinforcements.

I caught Windy out of the corner of my eye. I didn't follow her actions, not wanting to give her away. I didn't know what she was playing at but if I knew Windy, and I did, she had a nice surprise for the 'false god'. I hoped she brought a gas mask because the man stunk.

"I think you need to stand down and give up," Windy remarked as she held a blade to the idiot's throat. I should have known Windy would have him in a headlock.

"Tut, tut, you should always check your surroundings, Windy," the 'false god' remarked


I felt movement behind me, but before I could turn I was the one with a blade to my throat. I shrugged my shoulders and with the help of my dragon, scales appeared on my neck and arms - much to the surprise of the 'false god'.

"I thought you were a werewolf?" He shakily asked, causing me to roll my eyes and not answer him.

"What the hell?" My mom said as she looked at the man behind me and then the 'false god'. "You are, y-you're...

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