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Chapter 65 - Not A Chance

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I caught Windy out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t follow her actions, not wanting to give her away. I didn’t know what she was playing at but if I knew Windy, and I did, she had a nice surprise for the ‘false god’. I hoped she brought a gas mask because the man stunk.

“I think you need to stand down and give up,” Windy remarked as she held a blade to the idiot’s throat. I should have known Windy would have him in a headlock.

“Tut, tut, you should always check your surroundings, Windy,” the ‘false god’ remarked


I felt movement behind me, but before I could turn I was the one with a blade to my throat. I shrugged my shoulders and with the help of my dragon, scales appeared on my neck and arms - much to the surprise of the ‘false god’.

“I thought you were a werewolf?” He shakily asked, causing me to roll my eyes and not answer him.

“What the hell?” My mom said as she looked at the man behind me and then the ‘false god’. “You are, y-you’re...

Kaley’s POV

“What the hell?” My mom said as she looked at the man behind me and then the ‘false god’. “You are, y-you're." She paused and her eyes enlarged. "You are fucking twins?

Well, shit!

"Well, yeah, duh?" The 'false god' in front of me sarcastically said. I had to figure out who was the one pulling strings and I had a bad feeling the one holding me was.

I lit up my body, fire surrounding me but not burning me and the guy behind me cursed, letting me go instantly. I turned to look at him and wish I hadn't. He had more dying souls than his twin did, letting me know he was the true leader.

"Guess we know who is in charge. It's a shame your brother is going to have to pay for your sins. I broke the spell in the mind of his brother. He gasped and went down on one knee, Windy following him down and checking him for weapons. She slipped a bracelet on his hand and hid it under his close.

"Brother?" He looked around and noticed the rest of us. "Why are we here and not at home with our..." His voice trailing off as he gulped and paled to bone white. "You killed our parents and had me help, didn't you?"

"I did," the 'false god' answered, a smirk on his face.

"I hate you. Why are these people here? Are you going to hurt them, too?" He asked, his voice shaking, his hand, he raised and pointed at us, his hand was shaking, too.

"Yes, we are-"

"No!" He yelled as he walked towards his brother, hatred in his eyes. "I will not let you hurt anyone else. You have trapped countless souls and they need to be released or they will die in torment. I will not bow down to your orders anymore!"

I felt the 'false god' try to spell his brother, but I could tell the spell was not penetrating his brother's mind. I felt Draco reinforce the spell on the good brother's mind. I felt when the idiot tried harder to spell his brother, only to give himself a headache.

"Why can't I spell you?" The idiot asked, a confused look on his face as he looked into his brother's eyes.

"We are powerful," I sarcastically told him. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my family.

"May I have a blade please?" The good brother asked me. I wasn't sure I wanted to give him a weapon, but I was going to trust him once.

I froze the bad brother and threw a blade at the good brother, hitting the grass in front of his foot. I would be watching to see if threw it at us. I wanted to trust this man, but I didn't want to be stupid about it.

The good brother picked up the blade and walked closer to his brother. "We both need to die. No one will ever trust me again because of you. You always thought you were entitled to whatever you wanted. Well, you weren't and our parents knew what would happen beforehand. It was the reason I was sent away." He took a huge breath in and we quickly disarmed the spell on the ass. "The devil is waiting on you. I hope you burn for an eternity. Bye, brother." With those words, the good brother stabbed his brother in the heart and twisted the blade.

I quickly trapped the 'false gods' soul, not letting his soul go to another. We would have to deal with this all over again if I hadn't. I was not ready to have a repeat of the ass-hat ever again.

I felt the ground rumble under my feet and looked at Trace and Chase. They had opened a way into hell and were waiting on the shadow demons to take the ass-hat. What I didn't expect was for them to take the ass-hats brother. The brother never screamed out, accepting his fate. He smiled at us and nodded his head. He knew he would be with his brother in whatever hell he would be in.

"Not so fast, demons," a voice ordered from behind me. The shadow demons hissed at the Goddess Timet but listened to her request.

"What's going on?" The brother asked as he looked around. I knew as soon as his eyes landed on the Goddess. He fell to the ground and bowed, tears soaking the ground. I felt for this twin. His heart had to heart. I could tell he was not complicit in his brother's action. I guess we would all find out in a second, considering the Goddess Timet, the dragon's Goddess.

"Walk with me, Liam," she said, crooking her finger to make him listen. They walked to the tree line and talked for about twenty minutes. They came back to the circle of my family and she nodded at him.

"I'm giving my soul to the Goddess. She will find a dragon for me to be reborn into. I apologize to you for everything I did while I was spelled. I've never liked violence. I'm truly sorry," the brother said as he bowed to all of us.

"I'm glad you are getting another chance. You deserve it for everything your brother put you through. I hope to see you again soon but in an entirely different light," I replied, adding a little humor to his farewell. "Don't worry you will be afforded funeral rites. I will make sure of it." He nodded his head and faced the Goddess. It took only a second for his body to hit the ground. I teleported him to the temple and let them know to prepare his body.

"Thank you," the Goddess told us as she bowed to us. I was shocked to my toes. I've never seen one bow down to someone before.

"I'm happy to know we are okay. I've checked in with every warrior and they are safe. Thank you, Goddess Timet, for keeping your hand on our battle." I bowed low to her and hugged my mate.

"It's not the only thing I kept my hand in." She laughed lightly. "You are going to have a lot of people pregnant who couldn't conceive before now. You and your family will be blessed with many more children. I will be following your progress." She disappeared, laughing at all of us.

We heard someone or something coming towards us and we all got into our fighting stance. Aurora came running through the trees, her body bloody from the top of her head to her booted feet. "What did I miss?" She asked.

We started laughing all except for Veles. "Woman, I told you to stay home!" Veles exclaimed, a confused look on his face. "Whose blood to you have you? Are you hurt?"

Aurora crossed her arms over her chest, a stern look on her face. "And, you thought I would listen to you and stay home from a fight? Really? Oh, I know you wanted me barefoot and pregnant. Evidently, you don't know me well enough, Veles." She shook her head. "None of this is my blood. I helped Maximus' warriors take out the second wave of the idiots, right Maximus?"

Maximus walked up with his warriors. "She's right. We killed all of them and she was a big help in taking them down. She fights as if the hounds of hell are chasing her. I've never seen anyone move as fluidly or graceful as she did. I swear she took out over half of them herself." He laughed, a huge smile on his face. "You don't need to worry about Aurora, Veles. Not at all."

"Mate," one of Maximus' warriors stated. I followed the warrior's line of sight and saw his mate was Blaize. This ought to be fun.

Blaize backed up and shook her head no. "I can't be your mate. I don't want to leave my sister and I'm afraid of vampyres. I don't want to live forever."

"Why? Your sister will be living for a very long time, so will all the girls mated to dragons. It was the Goddess Timet's gift to all of you," Maximus explained.

"What?" I asked, my eyes wide and my mouth agape. I looked over at Draco with a 'what the hell? look. I narrowed my eyes at him. Why didn't he tell me? Was he scared I would not accept him? There was no way in hell I would have rejected him.

Not a chance

"Anyone mated to the Royal family will live forever, Kaley," he explained.

"Well, okay," was all I could think to say. I was in shock and confused but it wasn't important right then.

"Will you give me a chance, Blaize?" Her mate asked as tears fell from Blaize's face.

"I cannot," she said as she backed up even more.

"You can visit your family and I won't turn you until you ask me. We can take this as slow as you want," the warrior said softly, Blaize disappearing after his words.

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