From Here to Love

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Chapter 7 - Speaking To the Elements

Dedicated to N.Y.O.B. oddball, and PenumbraMINE. Thank you for reading and speculating. You are truly great.


“Does this mean you have developed special powers?” Veles asked, taking a sip of his coffee and eying me.

“Yes. We have special powers of my heavenly mother and my earthly mother. The powers from the Moon Goddess are stronger but me being a hybrid” Veles had a confused look on his face. “We are witches and werewolves, so our powers are amplified. Our gifts from the Moon Goddess are usually powers we need at the time, but they last the rest of our lives. You will see what powers we are talking about, right Windy?”

Summers POV

Windy huffed from behind me, startling the dragons. “I still don’t know how you can know where I am.”

“I’m your mother, of course I’m going to know you are in the room. As you can see, one of my daughters gifts is a veil of invisibility. She can hide a multitude of people as well as hide their scents.”

Windy nodded and stopped suddenly “Wait! What? How in the hell did you know I could hide scents?” She asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

I laughed at her pouting, causing her to pout even more. “Mom told me when we talked.”

“Wait! What? You talked to your mother and didn’t tell me?” Blaine huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, pouting with Windy.

I chuckled. “Yes. I was told to keep it to myself and not talk about our conversation, okay?”

“Okay. If she told you not to tell us what she said then she has a good reason. Who am I to go against the Moon Goddess?” A card dropped in front of him, causing him to laugh. “And, she said, ‘damn straight’.”

Draco laughed at my crazy family, shaking his head. “You’re loco, the lot of you, but as I stated before, ‘I kind of like crazy’.”

Blaine laughed and leaned forward, all playfulness gone. “Do you have a map of your territory? We need to figure out where to witches will-”

“-I already know where they are, don’t I Angelica and Constitine?” I asked, knowing they knew where they were. I had no doubt they knew. My newest babies were more intune with nature than I ever was. I could pinpoint where they were at approximately but not exactly. I forgot that I could ask the earth. “Don’t tell me. I want to see if I can use my gift to locate them.”

I sat cross legged on the floor, connecting my hand with the rock of the floor. I couldn’t go outside without alerting the giants, so I would need to clear my mind and listen to the earth, to the wind, to the trees. I knew they would speak to me. I teleported a glass of water to me and opened a small way to the wind, knowing the dragons would be a little panicked. I ignored everyone around me and centered myself.

“What is she doing?” Draco quietly asked my mate.

“She’s centering herself and asking the elements to help her find all the witches. Yes, my youngest children know where they are but Summer doesn’t like to go the easy route. She’s always done things her way and we don’t stop her. She finds the information she needs and plans her attack,” I heard Blaine explain, his voice distant and almost distorted.

The wind spoke to me first, letting me know what direction the witches were. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to take them out but I knew we could do it. The ground spoke to me next, letting me know how many witches were surrounding the caves. The water was next. I could feel the water in the earth, pinpointing the exact location of the witches, the air helping even more. I had never been able to see the aura of a witch without being in front of them but I could now.


I thanked the elements and asked if they knew where the giants were, knowing it wouldn’t be as easy as it was with the witches. The giants weren’t evil, they were spelled by using evil, but they were inherently good. It took longer to the general locations of the giants and by the time I was done I was tired, hungry and in need of energy. It took a lot more out of me than it usually did.

I hung my head and looked at my mates, silently asking for food. It was only a few seconds before Hailey teleported food to everyone - including the dragons. They looked pleased with Hailey’s selection of steaks, potatoes, spinach, and more steak.

“Well, hot damn, I like your food choices, Hailey. Thank you,” Askook commented, nodding his head at her.

“No problem.” She paused and looked at Alec. “Alec will be able to teleport soon, too.” She smirked at Askook but watched Alec’s face lit up. I watched as she walked over to him and laid her palm gently on his face, a smile on her face.

“It’s one of the powers you will receive, but there will be many more. I will walk you through all of them, okay?” Hailey reassured Alec. I knew she was happy with her mate. You could see it in both of their eyes. I was happy for her and him. I always felt a familia sense with him and was glad he was Hailey’s mate.

I clapped my hands. “Do you have a map of your territory and a few beyond? If you do I can show everyone where all the witches are and what general direction the giants are in. Or, I could ask my younger children to pinpoint on the map their exact location.” I looked at my babies and smirked at them, getting a pout back.

We will show you where the giants are after you pinpoint their general direction. We want to see if you have lost your game,” Constantine challenged me, a challenge I gladly accepted.

“Alec, could you go get our maps, please,” Askook asked him. Alec nodded and walked out of the living room. He wasn’t gone but a few minutes when he handed the map over to Askook, helping him to spread it across the big coffee table after Hailey teleported the coffee set to another room.

I walked forward and looked at the map, seeing exactly where we were on the map. I grabbed a marker and looked at the dragons. “May I?” I asked as the dragons nodded. I marked the letter w on the map for the witches location. I moved to the giants and pointed out several areas where the elements had told me.

The marker was yanked out of my hand by an invisible hand, making me turn around and got into my fighting stance, my right foot back, knees loose, and my hands up. I had to roll my eyes at myself when I noticed the smirks on my babies faces. I looked down at the map and almost gasped. I didn’t see them mark the map but the little stinkers marked it faster than I could comprehend.

“Well, okay then,” I commented, causing the dragons to laugh and my family to smirk. “So, for right now we know where everyone is at, but it could change quickly. We need to figure out a…” I cut off, noticing the dragons eyes change. Their eyes glazed over as if they were mind-linking.

A/N: Cliffhanger, I know. I also know this is a shorter chapter but there is a lot of craziness about to happen and I wanted to fit it all in one chapter - the next one, so please bear with me. Thanks for reading The next chapter will be a long one, and I mean long.

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