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Chapter 9 - Dancing With Wolves

Dedicated to oddball, wild spice, PenumbraMINE, and N.Y. O. B. Y’all have been with me from the very start and thank you doesn’t seem to cover how I feel when I read your comments. But thank you anyway.


I let her go, for now, and teleported back to my family. The dragons’ eyes were wide and their mouths agape. It was the same look they had on their faces before I teleported away. They made me feel a little self-conscious.

“What the hell is their problem?” I asked as I pointed at the dragons and sat down on the couch again.

“Uh,” Blaine said, not finishing his sentence.

Oh, shit. What now? I didn’t understand their melt down. My mates had seen Justice and Athena in my eyes before, so what was the problem. “What?” I yelled, startling the dragons from their pose.

Angel answered. “We can only talk about this through our mind-link. It can’t be known what happened to you, not yet.” I nodded my head. “You borrowed your mothers wolf and she let you, but we can’t tell anyone about it or she will be punished, okay. I don’t why grandma would risk herself, but there must be a good reason.” I nodded my head, not knowing why the Moon Goddess had let me borrow her wolf.

And, I wanted to know why.

Alecs POV

As I watched my mate show herself, I almost dropped to the floor. What was I supposed to do with a teenager as my mate? I didn’t understand why she was my mate, considering I was older than her by almost ten years. What I saw next almost broke my heart. She was in pain, excruciating pain, but she never cried out or made any noise. I could feel her pain as if it were my own.

When she looked up at me I was so shocked by her transformation that I stood there transfixed by her beautiful face. I was sure I was drooling a little. I snapped my mouth shut and pulled her into my arms.

Thank you, Moon Goddess.

I saw another girl show up behind us. She was identical to the women I had in my arms before her transformation. I heard them tease each other about them easily being recognized, something about the other woman’s mate mistaking my mate for her sister and my mate taking care of the idiot wrong-doing. Good. She could take care of herself.

A minute later the Moon Goddess showed up, making me show her my submission, not that I wouldn’t have fallen to my knees on my own, or maybe did all on my own. I was told to rise and not bow to her now that I was Hailey’s mate. Then, she told me because I was her granddaughter’s mate I would never need to bow to her. I almost passed out at those words. I knew words flew from my lips but my dumb ass had no idea what I said. All I saw next was empty air where she was standing. I looked around for her but was told she had a habit of disappearing.

I knew we had a meeting to get to, but I only remembered when Alpha Summer’s wolf reminded us. I led the way to the dragons, letting my mates’ family know the dragons were peculiar and a little antisocial.

Understatement of the year.

Draco had mentioned something about me bringing lunch to them and I was almost fearful of what the Alpha would do. I was honest with them about what Draco had said, but I noticed Alpha Summer already knew. She stalked past me and opened the door quicker than I could get to her.

I watched the conversation with both amusement and horror. Alpha Summer was a force to be reckoned with and she didn’t take any shit the dragons tried to hand her. It was amazing to see her at work. I knew she could back up what she had said, but could she hold her own with a dragon? Something told me she could.

When the dragons were clothed we walked into the living room. We sat one the couches. I made sure to see to Hailey’s comfort before mine. When she smiled at me I almost fell to my knees. I wanted to worship her body with everything in me. She had me wrapped around her finger, and she didn’t even try.. I was in trouble, but I loved her kind of trouble.

Goddess, I loved this woman.

My mate.

I love you too, Alec. I feel as if I have known you forever,” Hailey spoke into my mind. My eyes widened at her power, and mind-reading? “Yes. We can read minds but I try not to. You are telegraphing all your thoughts to us. Build a strong wall in your mind and you will be protected better.

I nodded and did as she said to do. It was slow going at first, but I got the idea once she showed me what she had in mind. I sighed out in relief and kissed Hailey’s head in gratitude.

I heard my name being called by someone and turned my head back to the dragons. I was asked to get a map of the territory and around it. I ran quickly, returning as fast as I could. I didn’t want anyone to get their grubby paws on my mate.

I sat the map down as Alpha Summer turned her back and sat in the lotus position. I heard Alpha Blaine explaining what she was doing and waited for her to come back to us. It wasn’t too long before she turned around and started to mark the map, but when Constitine grabbed the marker and marked all the spots before I could blink it made me step back in shock.

Damn, they were fast.

Dangerously fast.

As we were talking I noticed the dragon’s eyes change dramatically. They didn’t look like themselves. Their facial expressions were blank and calculating at the same time. I grabbed my mate’s hand and moved away. I didn’t want her to get hurt, not by my friends especially. Oh, who was I kidding? I didn’t want her hurt at all.

Draco jumped in front of Blaine and threw him against the far wall, as if Alpha Blaine was a feather. I heard a roar from Alpha Blaine but he stopped moving, his chest heaving with the effort to calm down. I noticed Alpha Summer look at him, gauging his movements. He finally nodded before I disappeared with my mate. I could see everything but I felt as if the dragon’s couldn’t locate us. He was sniffing but I guess he couldn’t find us.

It took us a while to get away from the dragons. I knew we were invisible but it didn’t mean that they didn’t look for us - they did. We ducked, weaved, rolled, slid, and cart-wheeled around them. I didn’t know how much longer we could hold on.

I saw a man teleport behind the dragons, ordering them to sit. I was in awe as they sat down and didn’t move. No one had been able to make them do anything they didn’t want to do. It was then I realized he was the Royal Alpha King. I breathed a sigh of relief, but his next words had my breathing catching in my lungs.

“I don’t know how long I can hold them,” he told Alpha Summer, watching as the Alpha looked at him incredulously.

I noticed every family member of my mate held hands and chanted a spell. They didn’t chant out-loud but in my head. It took a long time, at least in my estimation, until the dragon’s eyes weren’t shadowed.

Apha Summer had told them that they weren’t spelled any longer, but she confused Draco and his brothers - almost causing me to let out a bark of laughter. When they finally understood we ate again. I was starving and didn’t care how we ate. I wanted to find out what was the cause of the noise on the roof of the cave.

Alpha Summer jumped up, startling the hell out of me. Then I knew why, there was a hole in the cave roof. Alpha Summer looked up, her eyes changing into something we had never seen. It was eerie and other worldly. She didn’t say anything as we stood up and stared at her, our mouths hanging open, our eyes wide in shock. She disappeared, teleporting to the roof. It wasn’t but a few minutes later that she showed back up in front of us and I heard a ‘what?’ come out of her mouth.

“I was serious. Why are you looking at me as if you haven’t met me before?” She asked, looking between everyone.

Blaine sighed and rubbed a hand down his face. “Uh, well.” He looked around the room as if the answer would show up in front of his face.

“Seriously? Would someone with balls tell me what’s going on?” She asked once again as she sat down on the only couch that wasn’t destroyed.

“Your eyes flashed-” Zane tried to say.

“-I know my eyes flashed. They tend to flash when I call Athena and Justice to me,” She told them, aggravation clear in her eyes.

“No, Summer, your eyes flashed to a color few of know,” Zane slowly cryptically, almost making Alpha Summer snap at him. I could tell she had had enough of all the crap. She ignored him. I could tell she was tired from trying to get away from the dragons.

We heard Alpha Summer’s wolf laugh about dancing with wolves. I wanted to laugh my ass off but I was afraid she wouldn’t take it as if I only laughing at her wolf.

"Dancing with wolves, huh?” my wolf asked, snorting at the thought. I shook my head and clamped my mouth shut. I didn’t want to laugh at the wrong time.

"We can only talk about this through our mind-link. It can’t be known what happened to you, not yet.” Alpha Summer nodded her head, along with everyone of us.

What the fuck?

A/N: Longest chapter of any of them, but I wanted to show Alecs POV. You needed to know how he felt about Hailey. It was will show more through out the book. Enjoy.

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