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Rufus & The assistant

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Rufus is a famous sculpture in the Kingdom of Ozwah. The assistant is the assistant of the Queen in the kingdom of Ozwah. The assistant just wanted to ask Rufus to sculpt the Queen but instead sparked a friendship. ( I'm not good at writing summarys, but bare with me )

Fantasy / Action
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Rufus & The assistant

" So you want me to sculpt the Queen? " Rufus began, lifting her hand up to her face just to wipe the paint on her cheek, only causing white paint to smear onto her cheek without noticing.

" Yes, Yes I do. " The Assistant replied nonchalantly, trying not to wince at the white paint on Rufus cheek. Rufus pursed her lips by that offer, debating whether to sculpt the Queen or to send the assistant back with a firm " No. "

That's when Rufus mind came across Money. Rufus could make shit ton of money if she sculpt the Queen in a admirable pose that could make history.

" How much Money would I be getting if I sculpt the Queen? " Rufus asked, a grin forming onto her face by the thought of how much money she could get. She also eyed the assistant up and down with a mischievous glint in her eyes, causing the assistant to gulp under the woman's gaze.

" The Queen told me you could wish how much money you would like, as long as you sculpt her well. " The assistant informed. Rufus grin grew wider by the assistant's words before folding her arms.

" Perfect. I will glady accept the offer. " Rufus grin disappeared, replaced with a lazy smile. The assistant was about to thank her, however Rufus wasn't finished talking.

" What's your name? " Rufus inquired, not even ashamed by the hope in her voice that the Queens assistant would tell her their name. That caught the assistant off guard, resulting them to let lose of their posture.

" You. . want to know. . my. . name.? " The assistant asked carefully. Arching their brows. Rufus nodded hard to show how much she wanted to know their name. They quickly put their hands behind their back as well as raised their head to look straight into the sculptures eyes.

" My name is Berlin. " The assistant uttered. The assistant was touched that a worker asked what's their name, even though they had never met let alone talked to one another other accompanied by noticing each other. Usually when Berlin go up to a worker to do / make something for the Queen they always reply with yes cause it's the Queen and because they wanted money.

After that they dismiss Berlin or ask them to go away even though Berlin has to stay with them to make sure they're doing their work as well as making sure it would be perfect for the Queen.

During those times Berlin and the worker don't talk to each other which leaves uncomfortable silence followed with Berlin not making any friends.

" Berlin Angelou. " Berlin added. The sculpture shaped her lips into a whistle, fascinated by the assistant's name.

" Berlin is a lovely name. " Rufus complemented. Rufus really meant that, she loved the shorter one's name it had a tone of sweetness attached to it. Berlin didn't realised a goofy smile was on their lips until they placed a hand over their mouth, wanting to hide the chuckle that was gonna erupted.

I have a feeling this time would be different.

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