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Psychic Enchantress

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My name is Xayla Maguire and i'm Psychic. Because of that I had to escape sunny Florida to the city in hopes that i'll be far enough from a certain group of people. I was wrong. Now, i'm beyond freaked out and stuck between the bad boy and the good boy of my new school. Oh and there's this evil witch trying to take over my soul. Hopefully she won't and I won't start a bloody massacre.

Fantasy / Romance
Tianna Joelle
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1. New Beginning

"Today is the day Xayla. Your first day as a senior. There is nothing else new besides that in your young adolescent life."

But, there is though.

I spoke to the girl in the mirror with a convinced look.
"All you need to do is get through senior year without being seen.
You're a nobody this year. No one important.
Look at you, weird looking...
With your tanned skin, dark brown hair and of course your eyes...

Your big soon to be green eyes..."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm my erratic heartbeat. What I don't want is heading straight into the lane on panickville today. This will not do me any good.

"Breathe Xayla..." I told myself calmly.

"It's only senior year. The only thing you need not do is slip up this time."

I grabbed my specially made contact lenses and hurriedly put them in. I was already late for school despite waking up on time. Then again, I would be on time only if it weren't for my anxiety.

I looked back at my reflection in the mirror.

I'm nothing but a sun-kissed girl with long chestnut locks who has a special ability and a good sense of fashion... And of course....my now green eyes.

"Xayla, if you're not downstairs in thirty seconds, i'm dragging you down myself!" My much older sister yelled.

I grabbed my messenger bag, my brand new phone and my car keys before heading downstairs.

"You know you don't have to shout. I have perfectly good hearing and it will only be damaged by you shouting all the time." I raised my brows at her motherly demeanor.

"Whatever. Now I don't think I have to remind you-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't slip up. Don't catch any feelings. Avoid drama." I cut her off before she could finish. I'm seriously considering putting duct tape across her mouth because i'm getting a headache from all her talk.

"Don't cut me off when i'm talking. You know i'm just looking out for you and you already know why. We don't want them to-"

"Yes you don't have to remind me 24/7 Kalina. I'm leaving now. School? Remember?" I cut her off once more. It was hard enough having to live my life so I rather not be reminded about it so often.

I walked out the door and got in my car before she could say another word.

"Be careful!" Kalina shouted with a concerned expression stretched across her face.

Without any hesitation I revved the engine and began the short journey ahead to the hell hole they refer to as 'school'.

I know Kalina's worried sick about me because of what happened a couple months ago, but I know what i'm doing now and I sure as hell won't slip up.

Not this time.

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