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It's the story about a powerful guy with powerful tragic orgin Story.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Nobody knows me

(Kan): Hi everyone!!! This is me, Kan!

(Kan): Today was a fine day and I was preparing to meet up with my girlfriend, Caroline. While getting ready I received a call from Caroline and she was crying. I asked, “What’s wrong?”

(Caroline): “My parents have gone bankrupt and really need money. They know a rich man, Anthony, who will help them but only if I marry him”.

(Kan): She sounded so distraught. It killed me to hear her so upset. I told her, “I will figure something out. It will all be ok”.

(Kan): After our call, I didn’t know what to do.
I already lost a love of my life like that. Her name is nam-ji-hyun and She is my first one side love. The love of my life. People used to call her rogue girl in our college but she isn't rogue . She is brave and good hearted girl. I once thought her as bully but she was nice to me then i realized her good nature . On the last day of our meet, she told me she isn't rogue and she just want to protect innocent people like me. She informed me that she is that only one, who voted for me in college election. She said she is leaving college because of family issues and she said to me she act rogue because that's the way she can survive in this cruel world. I then heard from my friend that she is going to marry a rich guy. At that time, i can't able to do anything and lost her. But I cannot lose Caroline no matter what the cost. I am an intelligent man but sometimes intelligence isn’t enough to get success in this world. I called my friend Ahmed and asked him to meet me. We met at a local café near my home. I told him how I need to find a way to help her. Ahmed suggested something I never thought I’d hear!

(Ahmed): “I suggest you rob a bank.”
(Kan): What the HECK!!?
(Kan): Rob a bank! Is he crazy!?
(Ahmed): He continued, “You are one of the smartest and the talented people I know. If anyone can do it, it’s YOU.”

(Kan): My mind was telling me this could be a trap but my hearty stupidly justified the insane idea. Caroline comes to mind and I cannot loser her. I have to get money somehow and I do have thorough training for this. I’m a technical genius, so hacking the security system was not a task too large for me. I did need a few more people to get through physical security and Ahmed suggested a few of his friends. I was going to rob a bank.

(Kan): The job went really well. I cracked the bank security system easily. “Trust me this is a piece of cake for a genius like me.” One of the guards gave us some trouble and had to be knocked out. Once we got into the vault, I took the amount Caroline parents needed. I’m not sure how much the other guys took but we were in and out in 10 minutes.

(Kan): I went straight to Caroline to give her the money
Caroline was so surprised and happy!
(Caroline): "Kan, I can’t believe you did this! Thank you !"

(Kan): I told her, “I said I would figure it out. No one will ever come between us.”

(Kan): I went back home filled with pride and joy. I had solved all of our problems and was looking forward to some rest.

(Kan): That was not meant to be…

(Kan): Within an hour, the police were banging down my door. They placed me under arrest for the bank robbery that morning. They were tipped off by an informant, none other than my best friend, Ahmed.

(Kan): Down at the station, Ahmed cam to see me. I asked him why he would do this to me.

(Ahmed): He stated, “I felt guilty. I wasn’t right.”

(Kan): Four long days later, I was brought before a judge. There was not enough evidence aside from Ahmed’s accusation, who isn't mentally stable and respective bank deny the theft case . So I was released on bail.

(Kan): I rushed to find Caroline. When I arrived at her home her parents were throwing her an Engagement Party! My girlfriend! ENGAGED! To the rich man, Anthony.

(Kan): I was gutted. Absolutely heartbroken. I waited outside for her and when she came out, I screamed, “How can you do this to me?! I gave everything to you. Risked everything for you.”

(Caroline): She said, “I’m so sorry, Kan. My parents will not allow me to marry a criminal. I know you did all of this for us. But my family will disown my parents if they every knew what you did. I love you and would accept you but my parents will not and I cannot go against them. You will find a good woman one day. But it is not me.”

(Kan): As she walked away, I could do nothing but cry. I stood there filled with shock and sadness for a long time. Finally, I made my way home. When I got there, I was shocked to see my neighbor crying at the door. I asked what happened and she told me.

(Neighbor of kan ): “Your parents were found dead yesterday. They committed suicide. The shame from the community was too much for them, the dishonor of having a son who’s a criminal. They could not bear it. I am sorry, Kan.”

(Kan): I stood there as the world stopped moving. I could not begin to process what has happened to my life. I’ve lost my family. I’ve lost (Caroline). I have nothing and no one.

(Kan): In rage and sadness I call ahmed and told him that the only one i have is him and i have his support now because i have nowhere to go. But Ahmed said his wife will oppose it if he allows me to stay. I walk on street. But i saw ahmed wife on street, who asked me how am i and why don't i come to his home because i have no where to go . I was shocked . Who is lier now . Ahmed or his wife , who is telling lies. I want to meet Ahmed to i tracked his location . I shocked to see that his current location is my ex's home .

(Kan) : Why did he went to that home .

When I arrived at Caroline home . I saw Caroline and ahmed arguing about something. I use my mobile to hack her mobile and hear their conversation through her mobile. I was shocked to know that Caroline made plans with ahmed to make me caught in police but Ahmed ruined it. So she doesn't give him money, which caused the argument between them . I rushed towards them.

They were both shocked to see me. I turned to Ahmed and asked him to explain.

(Ahmed) : its all her plan ask her, she can explain everything in clear .
(Kan): I was stunned and could hardly stand.
(Kan): I turned to (Caroline) and asked, “Is this true?”
(Caroline): She answered, “Yes! There is nothing to hide. Yes, I planned with Ahmed to betray you and inform the police. What else could I do? Marry you and live a poor life with nothing but sadness? I have a better opportunity. I figured you’d leave me when I told you my parents will marry me off. But no still hold on to me. I don’t want you. I want a stable life, Kan, and Anthony can give me that. You could never provide that no matter how hard you work or how many banks you rob!”

(Kan): "Don’t say that! I love you! I did everything for you and lost it all because of you!”

(Caroline): "Sometimes love is not enough, Kan. You did not lose everything because of me. You lost everything because of your stupidity.”

(Kan): I turned and left. Few minutes later, i saw a crew chasing me and i ran away from them but they hit me with car . I saw in several movie that hero out ran the vehicle . I have doubt why can't i out ran the car ? Is that because its impossible to outran vehicle with bare feet or am i not hero to such heroic action? . They attack me with weopens . I heard it somewhere that if you are already in sadness, physical pain won't be much effective . But its all lie 😭😭😭, i am already sad but still i can feel physhical pains .i have nothing to live, so there is only one solution suicide. When I got to my building I climbed to the roof. Walked to the edge with my broken heart and broken leg and fell off.

There is no point for me to live….

(Kan): I see everything flash before my eyes…

(Kan): My stupidity…

(Kan): Caroline was right. I have lost everything because I am stupid…

(Kan): I thought I was a genius…

(Kan): That is all a lie…

(Kan): I am a fool and the pain ends now…

(Kan):. Then there is something strikes on my mind that Does all the pain really ends when i die ? Do death a real solution? I should live Infront of people,who insulted me and treated me like shit. I will work hard and earn more . To make Caroline realize whom she misses and i will become great man to restore the honour of my family and make my neighbor feel shame of accusing me and making my parents die . That's how i can restore the family honour . That's what my parents would have wanted me to do. When i become rich, i will hire the Same crew who attacked me and make them attack Anthony that rich asßhole . But you know when you fully desperate to do something, you don't care about pain . I went to commit suicide and I didn't care about pain. Now i want to live , so the pain is really killing me . I slowly try to move away from edge to building . Oops . My legs slipped and i am going to fall . Seems like even god isn't interested to make me . Ok then forgot about revenge plan and lets continue to suicide plan.

(Kan): But…I did not reach the ground. Nor did I die. I was teleported to the divine world of the Gods.

(Kan): This is where the story of Kan begins!!!

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