White Wolf

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Haelyn, princess of Krelan, gets captured and learns what it is like to live as a captive and an escapee. Asher, prince of Dachara, is her number one enemy. Asher believes Haelyn is his destined mate and will do anything to her and her kingdom. It is a tale of two kingdoms fighting for power and a triangle of love.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Wood

We start our tale in the Winter Forest. All around are trees and flowers covered in a delicate layer of frost. There we see a wolf as white as fresh fallen snow. Running swiftly and quietly to her hideout. As she is running, she spies a twinkling red apple sitting on a tree stump waiting for her. What you don’t know is that this wolf has a secret. She walks up to the stump and barks once. All at once snow swirls up around her like a tornado. As the show settles, it reveals a fair skinned girl with bright white hair, piercing blue eyes, and gleaming fangs. She is wearing an icy blue ball gown with little snowflakes sprinkled over it. She also has fluffy white ears sticking out above her hair. She bent down, picked up the apple and the note, tucking the apple into her cloak, she unfolded the note. It read, “Haelyn, meet me at our spot, I have a special surprise for you. Love, Asher.” Haelyn grinned and touched the sapphire pendent around her neck. She immediately transformed back into her wolf. She helped for joy and took off into the woods. As she neared the spot she saw Asher sitting on a tree log. Asher was an auburn wolf. In human form he had caramel skin, dark amber eyes, dark shaggy hair, and a soft grin. He was wearing a deep brown long sleeve shirt and fitting blue jeans. Haelyn slowed so she could gaze at him without him noticing. After a bit she walked toward him, barked once and transformed. Asher looked up and grinned. “Hey! Didn’t think you would show up so soon.” He remarked. “Do you really think I would keep you waiting?” Haelyn teased. “Of course not. Just wasn’t sure you’d get my note,” replied Asher. “Where’s my suprise?” Smirked Haelyn. She is thinking that he was just messing with her. “It’s over near the well. You have to crouch to see it.” Said Asher.
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