White Wolf

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The Trick

Asher has a secret too. He is hoping that she falls into the pit he made. Haelyn walks near the well and feels something push her into the hidden pit. She cries out as she falls through the air. She hits the ground with a thud, then slowly picks herself up and looks around. She is in a pit the size of a human house. It’s pitch black with one lit torch. She looks up and sees Asher staring down at her with a grin. “What’s going on?” She cries. Asher smirks and replies, “You have been taken captive, Your Highness.” She glances up at him bewildered. “How did you find out?” “My father told me. He is the king of Dachara. And I am the Crown Prince.” He replied. “I’ll have the guards down in a minute to bring you up. But don’t try anything funny.” He explained. Out of the shadows, three black wolves appeared and transformed. They quickly tdecended the pit walls and bonded her. Haelyn screamed as loud as she could but one of the guards covered her mouth with a piece of cloth. They dragged her out of the pit and threw her onto the ground in front of Asher. He bent down, took her chin into his hand and lifts her head till he reached her pendant. He roped the precious gem from her neck and shoved it into his pocket. “You don’t need that where your going,” he cackled. The guards grabbed her and began to tow her through the forest. After many hours, the cake upon the gates of Dachara.
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