Supernatural Xxx (Rise of the demon wolf)

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Welcome to Lunar Falls a not so ordinary town filled with Supernatural forces fighting for the status of King. The werewolves witches and vampires never ending rivalry continue. And the "Seven Deadly Cards" are waiting. This novel has action mystery drama romance and a whole truck load of comedy which comes together to make the perfect sandwich I mean story. Join Fin and Sky as they rise above plus ultra and take over Lunar falls.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 Enter the great Fin Ballor

::Seven months from now ::

"My my who would have thought it would have come to this."
Fin looks around the vast well decorated church building that had been mostly destroyed with a hole in the ceiling that was letting in the potent lunar moon light then placed his sights on the three individuals before him Sky his alpha James his best friends since childhood and Ace his bitter rival. He steps over a cluster of dead bodies and walks closer as the three stepped back keeping their distance.

"Why are you guys looking at me like I'm a monster the seven cards are no more ".

"look!!" He yelled with anger and dominance gesturing to the five bodies bodies stepping on one of the heads which belong to Damon who was known as the Crimson vampire his red hair made even redder by the blood.

"Only two more left' He said setting his hybrid eyes onto the three "Now I made her a promise that I would kill every last one of the seven Cards no matter who they are."

"Fin you dont need to do this, it wont bring her back" Said Sky not being her usual confident and bold self this time she was frightened the figure before her who was drench in blood and his hands black from the mutation of being an hybrid along with his dagger length theet and sparking purple eyes terrified her.

"yeah Fin were your Pack we took over this city together dont let it go to waste just calm down mate, Let's get out of this place before the Hunters see this."

Said James stepping farword trying to calm his friend down who was out off his mind and fueld by rage.

"Stop trying to calm him down if he wants a fight then bring it you little bastard I'll gladly kick your teeth in again" said Ace getting furious as well his abilities Awakening and the aura around him getting red.

"Shut up ace he's to far gone look at his eyes" intervened sky

"I'm sorry guys but you wont leave here alive"

::Present day::

Growing up Fin Balor had always been an aggressive kid, getting into fights was the norm for him. Luckily for him he was always quicker than the other kids so he would always win or at the very least get his ass out of there.

Today was like most days for Fin he was taking a walk through the suare as there was not much to do in a small town when he saw a girl through the window of a clothes store.

Her stunning hazel brown eyes with glorious long eyelashes and tall dark hair instantly drew his attention.

Not to mention her seemingly perfect figure which held several delicate curves. Her dressing is simple she had on a white slack T shirt and black shorts just the right length as to not show too much but still compliment her fine ass.

He thinking him self a ladies man ::(he wasn't :):: walk into the store to try and woo her with his charms.

First he checks his breath and fix his eyebrows with his fingers. Then walk straight towards her doing everything in his power to walk with a little style even leaning his head to one side which he thought look cool.

Then he reaches her.

He gave her a kilowatt smile that did not affect her in the slightest. The girl had a white shirt in her hand, admiring the intricate wolf design.

"I'm pretty sure anything you wear would look sexy on you love"

"Clearly unmoved by Fin's presence, she replied. "You think so?"

"Yes especially that" He said gesturing to what was in her hand.

" I like wolves they're beautiful and not only that they're feisty" he said smoothly with his eyebrows dancing along with his words. A trick he picked up watching Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries.

She hesitates then said "Well I guess it does suit me perfectly then. "

She turns around and walks to a different section of the store seeking to end the conversation. Fin not wanting it to end walk along with her

"So your new here I haven't seen you before and believe me I know all the pretty faces in luner Falls.

" I'm sure you do" she replied sarcastically

"Trust me love I know them all", he looks around and pointed out the following

"That cashier over there her name is Jenna she's been working here since game of thrones first began showing. That girl standing over there in the pink dress her name is Mary she comes here every day to take pictures but never actually buys anything and lastly that girl at the door she is bekah she's probably going to the gym now like every Tuesday.

You see I know them all except you" he said getting closer.

"Wow that's impressive seems like your proud of your self" she stated With sarcasm Lassing her voice

"look who ever you are your charming but its best you don't know me" she responded then turns around to walk away

"That's cold" he said but still maintain a smile, at least tell me your name"

She sighes and shuffles her shoulders realizing he was too persistent

" Fine Why not, my name's Sky parker and I came to luner fall to go to their dumb University."

She said this hoping he wouldn't carry on.

"Please say Rossings ?" He asked his face lighting up even more

"Yeah that's the one" she replied as if she already hated there.

"Well I guess I'll see more of you then, I'm going there too, I heard it's beautiful on the inside I was banned from stepping foot inside untill recently.

Let's just say I got into some trouble with the Dean's daughter. but the point is they wouldn't let me in no matter how much I begged or flirted with the female guards."

Sky made no reply so he continues knowing that he would have more chances with her since they were to attend the same school for four years.

After some more bad flirting and more one sided conversations he gives up for now.

"I'll see you at orientation" he said turning to leave the store then he turns around and gave her a friendly smile which she made no significant reaction to

"I hope everyone here isn't like him" she said to her self.

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