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Supernatural Xxx (Rise of the demon wolf)

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Chapter 2 The chase

Fin began to continue his walk idling along the way when he spots three big guys. They look tough almost as if they could strangle a cow by blinking. All the three guys have on gang sweaters with a red serpent on the back. The biggest of the three has several tattoos on his arms and a snake tattoed in the center of his forehead. He has a cruked nose that he must have gotten from fighting.

Sadly for Fin one of those guys promised to kill him the next time he saw him. He tries to turn around and get away quickly before they see him but just like forgetting someone's birthday it was too late they had already spotted him.

"Hey bob isn't that the kid" one of the guys said to the others. "what kid"

" The kid who slept with your girl the other day" he whispers to the biggest of the men who was clearly the leader.

When Bob looks closer he remembers Fin's face from when he saw him jumping out of his girlfriends window a couple nights ago.

"Yeah it's him, guys get that Piece of shit!!" Bob yells

"OH crap" Fin cried as he begins to run as fast as he could jumping over trash cans dodging people left and right then sliding under a young ladies dress who he couldn't Dodge.

"Why you little perv get back here" she cursed and runs after him but soon come to a stop as her dress wouldn't allow her the freedom to catch him.

"You got lucky this time you little shit!!! Crap I hope he didn't see anything I wore my granny panties today."

After a while he had gain some distance and was running across the road to find somewhere to hide when a speeding car wasn't driving but flying down the street. With the driver head bopping to "rockstar" by Da baby and Roddy rich hardly paying attention to the road.

Fin was too distracted to look before running into the road and as if time froze his brain went on steroids.

He looks left then right but he couldn't move out the way in time. His hearth beat accelerates and he jumps either out of shock or instinct his leap was so high the speeding car blazes past under him so close it cleans off a piece of gum that was stock to the bottom of his Jordan's. He fell flat on his backside.

"Holy crap I'm alive" said Fin to Him self full of adrenaline panting hard letting out donkey breaths. Without having time to think about what he had done he runs into the clothes store he just left not too long ago dashing pass Sky who was still there and hids himself behind a shelf.

Within seconds the three guys had arrive, out of breath struggling to find words they ask Sky "Hey girl you see.....a little shit head running pass here?"

"Your going to have to give a better description than that" she replies calmly not paying them much attention.

"About six foot had on a blue Gucci sweater he's probably prettier than all my sisters " said Bob

"OH yeah I saw him"

"Where is he?, I'm going to cut something special off that piece of trash"

She pauses and took a glace at Fin behind the shelf. He puts his finger on his lips hinting to her to stay quiet.

"He ran that way" Sky said pointing up the road. the three Follows her finger and runs off.

"Thank you love you probably just save my life, I normally wouldn't run from a fight but I have the flue today. So how can I repay you?" he asked gratefully with a wink.

"No no Its okay , why were they even chasing you in the first place?"

"He saw me jumping out his girlfriend's window and he must have got the wrong idea I was just running from this guy that owns a gym and she helped me escape by letting me stay in her room for a while and I took the window because she didn't want her boyfriend to see a I guy coming out her front door."

"Riiiiiight now I get why he's chasing you. you should probably go before they circle back" she said with a confused look on her face.

"Will do I guess I'll see u around. You can remember this as the day you saved the grate Fin Balor" he said running out the store.

"That guy watches too much movies " she said to herself "and did he just jump over a car, could he be a.... no of course not I would have sensed it."

Fin dashes home where he would be safe. No one would dear attack him with Mrs. Balor around. When he arrives he sees James his life long best friend who lives next to him.

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