The Evil Eye

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Lexana Rivera, a 24 year old independent woman was the only guardian of her nephew Travis Rivera. Also he was the only she had left in her family. Luckily being promoted aiming a good pay to take care of her nephew, Lexana moved to a big city happily having no idea how that job was going to turn into her biggest nightmare. Master Xavier Aiden was a man of heavy arrogance and perfection, seemingly unknown to the knowledge of his son's existence master Xavier finds Lexana as a woman of a lot of secrets working as his secretary. What will happen if he finds out about his long lost son to be with his secretary?

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She shouted as she cried two tears in clear panic, Lexana's desperate steps were lost in the huge hallways of the mansion as she kept yelling the name of her 8 year old little nephew.

Maids on the way only whispered while looking at her. Not knowing the real cause of her sudden attitude, they dared not to match their eyes up with her.

"Where is my nephew?"
Lexana very soon reached near one of the maid and held her arms aggressively in a tight and desperate grip before shaking her body.

But instead of answering, the maid only looked down not knowing what to reply to her.

Out of nowhere waking up from her slumber the first words from the woman wasn't any delightful greeting but her aggressive and desperate yelps to find her nephew who just disappeared out of nowhere.

Everything happening with her confused the maids who still didn't know what else to say to the lady, she was panting, she was crying.

Lexana's eyes were red and she was anxious.

"We didn't see him around madam!"
The maid replied little hesitantly as Lexana let go of her while sobbing a bit, diverting her desperate and saddened eyes elsewhere, she again started walking ahead wherever the huge hallways led her way to search her nephew.

All she could think about was him at the moment!

"Travis, my child where are you?"
Lexana's raised her voice as she kept on looking for her nephew more ahead on the hallways, still finding no signs of him she was about to exit the mansion and look for him outside but just then she heard some voice coming from a huge inbuilt cabin like room.

Halting her moves, she didn't think for even once before barging inside the cabin.

"And, you are dead!"
A deep husky manly tone rang around the cabin joyfully as the tall man smiled to the little kid who had a look of displeasure on his features.

Lexana's widened her eyes at the view.

"Why did you kill me, father?"
Travis pouted, dropping his shoulders down he was sulking.

Lexana's heart dropped hearing those words even though those words weren't so serious for them. Her eyes coldly looked at the man sitting just beside him who then started chuckling before ruffling her nephew's hair in awe.

"Because if not, how would I have won the game?"
Master Xavier uttered as Lexana's blood boiled at how easy his words sounded.

Not thinking about anything, she then marched inside the space and interrupted both of their conversation.

"Let's battle again, father-"
The kid was cut in the middle when Lexana spoke with her voice sounding strict earning both the kid and the man's attention on her.

"What are you doing here?"
Lexana questioned her nephew who soon stood up from the couch and smiled happily to see her.

"Aunt Lexa, look what father bought me-"
Travis exclaimed excitedly when again Lexana cut him off holding his arm tightly and pulling him towards her aggressively.

"I am asking you something!"
Strictly questioning again, her eyes were still red which scared the child a little. Obviously taking him off guard there.

"I-I was lost, then I entered inside this room and found father working. He offered me to play games and I-I stayed.
Answering with his slow and scared tone the kid replied her making her clench her jaw.

"How many times did I tell you to not go anywhere without my permission? Why do you always cause troubles for me?"
Uttering angrily, she tightened her hold on the child's arm who seemingly got more scared at his aunt's sudden desperate behaviour.

"Aunt L-Lexa!"
Shuttering in pain and hurt, the child cried while Lexana cried with him at the very same time.

She feared to lose him!

"I have been dead worried for you and here you are-"
She scolded the kid when soon the same manly husky dark voice interrupted her words.

The whole scene was watched closely by the man who chose to observe the woman who interrupted his lone time with his son.

It was not his surprise to see her acting that way but master Xavier got angry at her way of handling a child... his child.

"You are hurting my son!"
Master Xavier spoke firmly as Lexana's senses attacked her soon then.

Gaining her sanity back she realised that she was scaring the child so taking her hands off him, her eyes became blank.

Combing his hair with her long and skinny fingers, she uttered blankly.
"We are going to our room and you dare not step outside without my permission!"

Saying that she took the controller from her nephew's hand and threw it on the couch carelessly before taking his hand on hers and walking out of master Xavier's cabin without even looking back to him for a second.

Minutes later she again walked inside the same previous space as she glared at the man angrily, with fire in her fire and tongue bold... she soon gained the attention of master Xavier in no time.

"What is the meaning of all this?"
Lexana questioned angrily as master Xavier only scoffed at the tone she just used for him.

"All what this?"
Master Xavier questioned back as Lexana then gritted her teeth angrily at the sound of his firm tone.

His acts of showcasing his dominance has always pissed her off. He was one rude man!

"You know correct what I mean. Why are you messing up with my nephew?"
Lexana spat out being angry to which the man suddenly aggressively reacted, his jaw clenched and eyes hardened on her before he approached her with his wrathful steps.

Strangely she wasn't giving up to her fear either nor was she feeling weak anymore, she was holding herself to break down in front of him even though he affected her so much deep down.

She feared his extends but still she refused to show him her vulnerability.

"He is my son, my blood he is first!"
Master Xavier exclaimed in anger as the raging Lexana still matched his eyes with him in absolute dare.

"But I have his custody, I raised him 8 long years while you didn't even knew about his existence. I have all the legal rights over him provided by my sister and his mother!"
Her come back was very confident as she intended to push master Xavier back with her hands but her actions not having much impact on him, he then became more mad at her audacity.

Scoffing at her ill behaviour towards him, master Xavier's eyes reddened.

"You are one brave meat to claim that in front of me with so much dare, knowing well what I am capable of doing to you Lexana!"
Angrily grabbing her arm, master Xavier's eyes where yelling anger as he tightened his grip on her making her hiss in clear pain.

"Leave me!"
Lexana shouted intending to push his hands away from her but she knew he won't budge a single bit there.

He owned one aggressive attitude but she was stubborn too to give up to him. She kept struggling while he only tightened his grip more on her.

"You both sisters are fraud, first that witch took my son away from me without even telling me about giving him birth then you kept him hidden all this years!"
His eyes had multiple emotions hidden as he stated this words, while crying to tears of pain Lexana still looked at him in the eyes without even breaking her eye contact with him.

"I will ruin you..."
He whispered in his husky tone at first.

Master Xavier shouted at her face as she didn't even flinch at the tone of his for once.

Soon letting her go, he angrily snorted at her tears before turning back to leave his cabin but as he was about to do that he heard her talking again, which caused him to pause his steps in the mid way.

"You are a monster and I will never let Travis be the same monster like you, I will never give him up to you!"
She uttered to which master Xavier scoffed at her choice of words.

"Then watch this monster acting up, miss.Lexana. Be ready for the thrill!"
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