Magic University

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A new game with the title of “Magic University” just hit the shelves! Hiroshi picks up the game after a long day of school. Little does he know, Magic University is not just a game.

Fantasy / Action
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New World

“See you later, Hiroshi!”
I wave as my friends run home in excitement. “Finally! The new MMO just hit the shelves. I walk to a nearby game store that seems to be a little run down. “So, you are buying the new game too?” the employee asks. “Yes, I am,” I answer. After buying the game, I head home to give it a go. “It is finally time! I have been waiting forever for this game to release.” I put the game into the disc drive of my computer. Welcome to Magic University. A title screen emerges. I click the enter key on my keyboard. A bright light begins to shine from the monitor. “W-what is going on!?” Everything fades into black.

“Hey, are you going to get off of me or what?” I hear a voice as I get up. “Where am I?” I look around and I notice that I am in a house. “You must be a new player,” a guy around my age with black hair holds his hand out. “My name is Kaito, how about you?” I give Kaito a handshake. “My name is Hiroshi.” Kaito passes me some tea and sits down on a couch. “In the real world, I bought this game during the morning time. In this world, a year has passed.” I spit out some tea. “Wait, so you have been in this world for a year!?” I ask.

“Yes. Eight hours in the real world is a year in this world.” I continue to stare at Kaito for a while. “So, you have been here for a long time?” Kaito smirks. “Yeah, I managed to build a house and learn some magic.” Kaito opens a menu showing the “Quit Game” button. “As you can see, we are trapped in this game. The only way we can leave is if someone defeats the demon king.” I take a minute to process everything. “Demon king? That is a pretty lazy plot.” Kaito smiles. “You came just in time, I was just about to head out to the Magic University.”

Kaito passes me a spare uniform. “You can use this.” I gaze upon the uniform. “I do not have any magic, will do school except me?” I ask. Kaito looks over at me. “It will be fine. You have to go and see what magic attribute you have before they accept you.” I and Kaito hop on a horse and head out to the Magic University. “Here we are. Welcome to Magic University.” I stand in total awe from the sight of the massive school. “This is incredible!” Kaito pats my shoulder. “Let’s go, we have to see what type of magic you possess.”

“So, you are a new student trying to enroll?” the principal asks. “Yes, my name is Hiroshi.” the principal gets out an orb. “This is a magic orb, it can show what type of magic you have.” I walk closer and place my hand on the orb. After a while of holding my hand on the orb, nothing special happens. “Hmm, that's odd. Everyone here is supposed to have magic, but it seems you possess none.” I begin to frown. “So, does that mean I can't attend this school?” I ask. “You can attend, but you must find out what power you have. If you fail, you may have to leave this school. I will give you three weeks.”

I and Kaito walk down the hallway towards our class. “Hey, that new kid has no powers.” students whisper to each other. “Don’t listen to those fools, Hiroshi. I accidentally bump into a girl with a katana on her back. “How dare a powerless peasant such as yourself bump into me?” She pushed me down to the ground. “People like you piss me off!” I say as I stand up. “What are you going to do about it?” I dust myself off. “I challenge you to a duel!” the girl begins to laugh. “Do you think you can beat me in a duel? Are you looking forward to dying that much?”

Everyone begins to shout “Fight!” the girl draws her weapon. “I won’t show you any mercy!” I smile, “good, I don't plan on receiving mercy from the likes of you. The girl disappears. “Where did she go?” I get kicked from behind and begin to roll on the ground. “Crap...” She holds her sword to my head. “Do you give up now? A menu pops up. “Physical enhancement huh?” I read the menu. I begin to charge up magical power. “What’s going on? I thought you had no magic?” I begin to smile. “This is not magic. It seems I have a skill called “Physical Enhancement”, I can improve my speed, strength, and durability. I punch the air which sends the girl flying into a wall.
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