The Defier of Everything

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Kate Lance, the MC of this story is just a human without any speciality or any ability in this world of supernatural. His fate was to suffer endless suffering, his destiny was to live a normal human life but it all changed after a major incident which shook his entire life. He lived a happy life along with his family in the village of Denzu, he had happy and 'normal family'(this is what he used to think about before). He had also a best friend named Keli whom he knew since quite a while. But all this changed when he was betrayed by his best friend and thrown into the endless abyss of the forbidden area of his village. But now after 5 years of time he returned back to his world with his memories in fragments and also it was a span of 5 years for that world only!!! He now wishes to defy everything and destroy his own destiny to end his eternal suffering and create a path for his own. To achieve his goals he is ready to defy everything and everyone, even the supreme laws of life, death and time are not able to affect his destiny and he has become a fate less. Now what had happened in his time of 5 years in the abyss? Was it actually a time period of 5 years?? What has he become after all this time and why has he become a Defier? To know more about this continue to read the novel "Defier of Everything".

Fantasy / Thriller
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⊹⊱Cһ-1 A Pʟєѧṡѧṅṭ Bєɢıṅṅıṅɢ⊰⊹

My name is Kate Lance and I live in a normal and happy family(at least that what I thought back then) with my beautiful mother, a handsome father, a cute little sister named Yumi Lance and also have a stupid elder brother named Kelvin Lance. I live in a small and beautiful village named Denzu . Oh yes! I am 11 years old and study in the local school, also I have a best friend named Keli(that’s what she had asked me to call her back then).
As I had woken up for a new day in the small yet spacious house of mine, loud came the scream of a certain idiot I know, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SLEEPING JACKASS.” There entered a dark skinned, yellow haired and sharp teethed figure in front of me barging into my room and I stared in my blurred sight, which occurred due to sudden waking up from my good sleep, without giving any response I kept staring.
“Hey Jackass, how long will ya sleep, you might as well become a panda and sleep and enjoy for your life.” said Kelvin. Then came a cute and shrilly voice from a cute little black haired girl, “Ahhhh! Brother Kelvin please do not disturb brother Kate’s sleep.” Said my little sister Yumi.
Yumi was 2 years younger than me while Kelvin was 1 year older than me but Yumi was always much closer to me than Kelvin, and Kelvin was the type to always do as he pleases and complete air headed but he was also very friendly, even though sometimes he might become a complete hypocrite.
“Hey little idiotic caretaker of my Jackass brother, can you not see today is his birthday and he is still snoring out so loud in the morning 10 am.” Kelvin teased Yumi.
Yumi’s face was red all over. “ How dare you to tease me like that and speak bad of big brother Kate, he is not someone like you and he is always too much caring to other, certainly not like a good for nothing someone named Kelvin here." now, there it came. Yeah, Yumi would always call Kelvin from his real name whenever angry and Kelvin would gonna start teasing her endlessly for that.
“What do ya say? Don’t you know that you are actually the one falling under that category, you stinky and mad cat “ Kelvin started to tease Yumi.
“Hmph, you dirty poop eating street dog, don’t you dare use fowl words against me.” Shouted Yumi.
“Don’t you know how to give me at least a little face you mad kitten?!!”
“Aarrgg, who will give face to a mad doh like you?”
Then as the fight between them became fierce, I had to interrupt, “Hey, both of you, do you not have got any other work to do other than barging into my room early in the morning and starting a fight out of the blue???!!!!”
“Now that you already came in my room without my permissions, then I hope both of you are ready to receive your penalty?” Then I went on to open one of my drawer and took out a super jet water gun.
“Oh dear Kate!! Pls don’t be like this I am your elder brother and I had just come to wish you a Happy Birthday on this special occasion and have a little fun. Hehehehe!” said Kelvin in a frivolous tone.
“Brother Kate, I just came to teach this nasty Kelvin a lesson for he was going to your room with a very very ugly smile and I knew that he was up to no good. So please spare this little sister of yours.” said Yumi in a scared tone.
“Heyyy!!!!” screamed Kelvin.
As I was loading water with chillies, I interrupted, “Oh I see then...” Both of them gave a sigh of relief as of thinking that they were spared. Then I started to fire the gun and shouted, “Regardless for the reasons, none shall be spared today!!! Hahahaha!!!!!!” Both Kelvin and Yumi were drenched and they both screamed as the effect of chilli took place.
Then came the elegant voice of mother, “All right everyone enough of it come down to have your breakfast or else it will get cold and Happy Birthday Kate, come down quick and brush your teeth, I mad your favourite today.” My mother had white, tender and smooth skin with dark yellow hair and young look.
As I heard the word favourite, I rushed down the bathroom and finished my brushing in just the blink of an eye.
Then I rushed to the dining table, as usually there sat a light dark skinned figure with black and smooth hair reading a local newpaper, it was my dad. He said casually, “ Hey don’t rush stinky brat, today’s your birthday, wait for the others, no one’s gonna eat your share.”
“Hmph, says who, the biggest eater of the world?” I said as he had started to tease me.
“Hey kid, is that how should you be talking to your dad?” he said in a casually angry voice.
“Stop it you both, it’s Kate’s Birthday, don’t make too much of a fuss here.” Interrupted mother.
Then the food was served and my brother and sister came to the dining table for breakfast. Everyone started to dig in the breakfast. There was inlet, boiled eggs for my little sister and chicken drumsticks, noodles and rolls with cream cakes. These were my favourite food.

With this came a peaceful end of my breakfast. Eventhough it's my birthday it feels the same as usual and I like it to be this way forever.

Author's note: Hey guys, as this is my first time making my own novel, I would prefer suggestions of my works and ways to improve it if any. also pls note that there isn't going to be any particular date on which this chapters will be released but there will most probably one or even two or more chapters per week unless this certain author who's typing this text faces any major issues.
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