FOREVER KNIGHTS: #14 Broken Birds

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TEVERIUS - Serdephe's Pheromones

Northern Netherwood, Netherlands


Teverius was sitting on the deck of his tree hut watching the NetherFey wake for the night. Their neon hearts thudding through their translucent bodies as they fluttered around the tops of shrubbery. Looking for small insects or tiny vermin to eat for the night. Pretty but vicious.

The lights from the moon shining along the NetherRunnel and the magic running through it cast wavering lights in the night sky. Luminescing in paths as though someone had ran across the evening horizon and left flowing trails of color.


Night birds cawed and hooted. Natural wolves moved about. Quillers crept through the dark. Below him a woot moved on its slinking cat like paws. Hunkering to lunge after rodents. Then moving from that endeavor to leap high enough to attempt to catch the NetherFey.

Its favorite snack. Tev knew.

The elven breed like to befriend the strange felines as pet to ensure NetherFey didn’t enter their tunnels. And woots were exceptionally petrified of Nonis and raised loud alerts when they caught scent of them.

Making them perfect guards for elven caverns.

The night was peaceful and gave him time to reflect.

I can’t put off taking her to Deragan much longer. He’ll come looking to see why I’ve delayed. And he won’t be pleased. Tev sighed.

“Sad sound for such an intense man.”

Tev peered over the edge of his deck, through the railing, and glimpsed the purple haired huntress peering up at him. As if conjured by my thoughts of her.

He groaned loudly and leaned from view.

“Don’t pretend you’re not delighted to see me, Lover.”

“Lover?” He squawked and peeked back through the railing to give her a questioning look.

“See you’re more excited by the moment.” She gestured as if his louder voice evidenced excitement rather than surprise.

She knew what I meant.

She was already shimmying up the rope to the deck.

I see I had much choice in the matter.

“Good to see you too.” He still sat with knees drawn up. White hair draping his back to lay along the wood planks of the deck. As he gave her a sarcastic look.

“You’re always happy to seem. Admit it.” She took a seat next to him. “This is my favorite part of the day.”

“It is stunning.”


“How’s Luca faring?” He gave her a look.

“Are you asking because you’re interested or merely because you still suspect him my lover?” She studied him sitting next to her.

No. I no longer worry about that.

“I’m interested.”

“He’s healing well. Nearly recovered actually.”

“Remarkable.” He gave her a shocked glance.

“He’s a tremendous healer. That’s why I have him protect me when I dance.”

“And he’s likely not tempted to touch you.” Teverius said. Now understanding more of their dynamic.”

“Precisely.” She grinned at him. Deep dimples poking holes in her cheeks. “That’s why he’s my friend. My affections were stolen long ago by another.”

He grunted.

“You’re not going to ask?” She lifted a dark brow.

“I’m afraid to.”

“Because you already know.” She drew her knees up to match his posturing.

“Don’t you worry about the NetherFey biting?”

“Nay. They seem to have no taste for me.”

“Why is that?” She gave him a quizzical look.

“I suspect they can smell the elven magic on me.”


“Yes.” He nodded without returning her look. “There is still much about me you don’t know.”

“Oh, is there?” Intrigue brightened her turquoise eyes.

Oh, no.


“There’s still things about me you don’t know!” She countered.

He tossed his head back to scoff skeptically. Blue eyes dancing. “Like what?”

“I’ll show you.” She tipped her head back haughtily and caught his hand. Linking her fingers through his as she held them before her thoughtfully.

What does she intend to show me?

What could there possibly be about her I don’t already know.

She stood and tugged him along with her.

He groaned loudly in objection.

“Stop your grumbling and come!”


She dragged him behind her to the edge of the deck. Gesturing down. “Jump.”

“Who says I can?” He gave her a slow blinking look.

She crossed her arms over her chest and cocked her hip in a manner that told him she wasn’t about to be fooled.

Tipping his head back he sighed exaggeratedly before dropping gracefully to the forest floor.

“Now catch!” She yelled.

Before he’d fully registered what she’d meant she was leaping off the deck, arms outspread as though she were diving in a lake.

Oh, bloody hell! He lined up and managed to catch her. Swinging her in a full circle to temper her momentum.

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