FOREVER KNIGHTS: #14 Broken Birds

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CHAVIAS - Her Teasing

Night Manor, Mane Country


After dinner Sabine retired to her chambers. She had much to take in. Unable to resist the longing to see him again she returned downstairs. Seeking him out. Pleasantly surprised to find him there so late into the evening.

She found him in the Dining Room. Sitting near the fire, hunkered over his task.

“What are you doing?” She asked in her soft voice.

He jerked at her words. Startled he had not sensed her coming. But despite his surprise he smiled brightly at her. Genuinely happy to see her.

“What are you thinking of, down here alone?”

He had not expected her to return from her chambers. Afraid he had frightened her into hiding. But the way she was looking at him now made him sure it was not fear she felt. He met her long stare. She approached him and peered at the journal resting in his lap, ink feather poised over the book. A single blot slipped from the feather to the book. She noticed the inkwell resting on a stained cloth at his feet.

“You were writing?” She flipped her skirt from her path to crouch next to him, putting a small hand to his knee to lean close. “Were you writing of me?”

He felt the guilty heat fill his face. “In this light your eyes are nearly green.” He murmured thoughtfully as he reached out and moved a lock from in-front of one eye. Studying how the bits of gold refracted in the light. Turning her halo of blonde hair dusky pink.

“You blush?” Looking up at him, she blinked dark lashes. Impulsively, reaching to caress her small hand along his hard, whiskered jaw.

“They’re rough!” She pulled her hand back. Grinning a little.

My whiskers? She thought they’d be soft?

“I don’t have to have them.” He leaned forward to tell her, catching her small hand in his bigger one. Longing for the return of that touch.

“What do you mean?”

I’m only a projection of myself.

“I can appear to you however I wish.” He unconsciously began stroking her soft palm with his rough thumb.

“So you could come to me shaven?”


“I could.”

She paused. Eying him thoughtfully before saying with touching sincerity. “I want you to be comfortable when you’re here, Chavias Derenoe. Come to me as you’d have me see you.”

“Do you mean that?” He caught that little hand still hovering before her.

She nodded.

Where have you been hiding pretty treasure? I’ve spent lifetimes longing for you…

“Don’t tease me, Sabine.” He warned.

“’Tis no teasing.” She frowned. “I’m enthralled. I’m drawn to you. Like some rope connects us…”

Fate? Destiny?

She’s right. There’s something. His eyes roved her face, but found no hint of womanly guile.

She’s wrapping me about her lovely little finger.

So much for the dark stallion. He thought wryly.

Her eyes slid back to the pages of the book in his lap.

Not right now, little snoop. I want your attention. He slapped the book shut, risking ruining what he’d just written.

“Surely the ink isn’t dry!” She objected. “It’ll leave a nasty mark.” She looked at his face.

Still warm from her touch. He found himself looking everywhere but at her.

“Do you know my thoughts?” She queried perceptively.

Why is she asking that, now?

His eyes slid guiltily back to hers. “I can hear them, sense them if I wish. But I talk to you instead.”

“How’s that possible?” She demanded.

Hearing thoughts is one of our gifts.

“There’s much in this world that people are reluctant to believe is plausible...” With that cryptic remark he said nothing further.

Her eyes lifted, and he was astounded by the beauty of dancing firelight sparkling in impossibly huge eyes. Blatant mischief written through them.

“What are you up to?” He asked warily.

“Do you think I’m lovely, in truth?”

Is she jesting? He was shocked at the question. Who wouldn’t think she was gorgeous? Her beauty could make a dead man rise.

She linked her hands behind her back and looked at him from under lowered lids.

His gave her a sideways look. “Yes. Where does this come from?”

With a quick smile she lurched up to put her cheek to his. Before rolling it to press a quick kiss next to his ear.

He stiffened as their faces brushed and a wisp of her hair caressed his ear. Smelling like wild honey.

“Tell me then, Knight, would you find my nearness unnerving?”

She’s no idea how much.

Is she teasing me? He choked slightly.

“Pleasantly so.” He was horrified to hear his voice crack. “Very.” He cleared his throat.

Her body so close, made him begin generating great heat.

An unnatural temperature echoed by a sudden warm wind blowing through the Dining Hall as the room vibrated with energy.

My energy. He knew.

Her broad smile spoke volumes.

“You’re amused by my senseless words and cracking voice.” He noted.

So much for the stallion now. His male pride was wounded at his lack of suavity.

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